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April, 2003

----- 04.30.2003 --------
Well, it's that time again. But this time it's the last time. What time is it you ask? Time to quit smoking. My previous Zyban attempts didn't seem to cut it, maybe it's time for something new. So, this morning I started wearing the patch (Nicoderm CQ... the clear one). It's working great so far! Unlike with Zyban where I had urges, I've had none. The urges would often go away after a couple minutes with Zyban, but my body would keep bugging me until I finally broke down. So far, not with the patch. Since I'm still getting the nicotine, all that's left is the mental part. I think I can handle that. It's my belief that it was the physical part before that was causing me to cave in. Wish me luck! Well, I'm just sitting here waiting for my groceries from GroceryGateway.com. It's so convenient, there's a great selection, AND it's cheaper then the closest grocery store to me. Works for me! I was hoping on going out for another blade tonight, but the weather's kind of ugly. Skates and water just don't mix... Oh well... there's a lot more nice days ahead now that winter seems to have finally lost its grip on us. I just got the weirest story from a friend of mine. You won't believe it! It's worth checking out! Can you believe that?!?! I wonder what would have happened if it were left alone? They stated that the "thing" inside was feeding off his blood supply. Caccoon for a Zombie? Weird! Well, that's it for now. I might be back to update again. In fact, if I get the urge for a smoke at home, maybe I'll keep my hands busy at the keyboard... It's usually at home where quitting is the toughest since I usually have a smoke when I'm bored. Anywho, take care folks.

----- 04.27.2003 --------
Well, I finally sat down and took the time to redo my links page. I've been putting this off for I don't know how long, but it's finally been updated and revamped. I broke my links up into a few more categories, as well as changed the order. The links are now in order (within each category) from newest to oldest from my time of finding them. There are tons of great links on this page ranging from all kinds of things. Be sure to check it out often. As I come across sites that are worth sharing with you all, you'll find them there. If you've got a site and want to be listed, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to post it. Anyway, onto a new topic. What a lovely weekend! Thursday night I went out and got some new inline skates. I picked up a pair of K2 Cadence LS's and I love 'em! I've been out on them 3 times already. They are just what I need for some exercise. Since I injured my shoulder, I haven't been doing much. Fortunately, you don't need to use a shoulder for blading. Speaking of which, it's feeling quite a bit better and I hope to play squash again in a couple weeks. I've been out of it for over a month now and I'm really starting to miss it! And climbing too... but I think it'll be more then 2 weeks (maybe a month) before my arm's got the strength for it. So, in the meantime, it's blading time! And the weather's being kind (for a change!!!). Today was nice... my buddy Jim & I drove down to the Leslie St. spit and bladed it. It's a large chuck of landfill that stretch way out into Lake Ontario. It's used as a bird sanctuary and has a great stretch of pavement the whole way. The wind was really whipping against us on our way out to the end of it. But on the way back... Man! We flew! So, if you've got blades and want to go sometime, lemme know and I'm in! It's just after 7 on sunday evening and I think I'll hit my XBox for a while, watch a movie, then call it a night. Take it easy....

----- 04.22.2003 --------
Well, it's a sad night in Toronto. SARS has overtaken.... backup a sec. Who really cares about SARS right now?!?!? The Leafs just lost! Well... I guess they had it coming, especially after they played tonight. You get good games and bad games... they just picked the worst time to have one of their bad ones. Fair and square, they got rocked tonight. Oh well, I'm over it. Onto some new Cheese. New Cheese?!?!? What's he talking about? I read a great book on my train ride to Windsor this weekend... "Who Moved My Cheese". If you haven't read it, it's a good one. It'll take you about an hour or so to read, but it's worth it. It's one of those stories that you can apply to just about anything. Since life is full of constant change, it's funny how such a simple story can really help you make sure you've got a positive outlook on everything. And the train to Windsor? Well, it was Easter weekend. Oops, almost forgot... Happy belated Easter everyone! It was great to go back home to see the family. It was a relavitely short visit, but a lot of fun. If you've never been to Windsor, you should take a trip down on a weekend to check out the bars on Oulette... the main drag. There are tons of bars, and it's crazy! Toronto can't touch the craziness of it all. Whether that's a good thing or not, I'm not sure. Either way, a weekend of it is great! If you want to go sometime, let me know... I'll gladly go with you. If you're already there... correct me if I'm wrong, but downtown is getting nuttier and nuttier every year with more and more bars. It really comes down to the Americans that come over from Detroit. There's a few reasons they do: Dollar goes further, the drinking age is 19 instead of 21, and there are tons of bars all right next to each other. The population of Windsor alone just wouldn't be able to uphold the number of restaurants and bars. In fact, 911 took a serious toll on Windsor for a while with the line-ups at the border. I heard these numbers, so I don't know how true they really are, but the revenues went down to about half of what they were. I think it's coming back now though.... atleast until the next nutjobs attack. Well... I'm in full out ramble mode, but I'm not all that tired. Normally that would be how I end it. I'm tired, going to bed. Not tonight... I'll end it by choice, simply because I know you don't have all day to read this. That and the fact that most people already stopped reading :) You could learn something from them. Well, I hop all is well with everyone. Take care, Me.

----- 04.16.2003 --------
I'm just taking a time out from the Leafs vs Flyers game for an update. Waiting for 3rd overtime to start. I haven't updated in a while since I've been out with an injury. I got jumped at a party a couple weeks back and seperated my shoulder. I just got out of the sling on friday and I'm still really sore. Saw my doc on monday for a follow up and he told me it'd take 2 - 3 months for a full recovery. Yep, you may have guessed it. No climbing, no squash. There was no computer or no pool for a while either. It was sooo frustrating at work! I'm trying to do things and I can't use my right arm. Left-handed mousing? 1 handed, left handed keyboarding? It was crap! Mostly though, like I mentioned, frustrating not being able to do something I rarely have to think about, while I'm doing it. Anyway, I'm back to 2 hands now and you're getting your update :). What else has happened in the last while? We had our pool banquet for the league. A bunch of killer games and a buffet of food. It was cool seeing everyone you played against all season long (since Oct.) out for a fun night. Well, this past monday the fun stopped. We played our first round of playoffs... and our last. It was ironic... it's my old team, the Dodger. Although the fun stopped because the season's over, it was a lot of fun that night. Well, I guess it's golfing time... and the same for the Leafs if they can't pull it together. Well, like I end most posts, I'm tired. Going to bed. I hope all is well with everyone. Cheers!


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