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ARCHIVE: April, 2006

----- 04.23.2006 --------
As promised, my pics are up. I wanted to get them up as soon as possible and I guess that means now. Click here to view them. If there are any you like and want a full size copy, let me know and I can email you the original.... all I need to know is which pic(s).As far as a first day back to work, I must say, today was a pretty good one. I got it nice and early... a little after 7 and used the peace & quiet to get my sh!t together and focus on what's coming down the road. A much needed break and it's time to rock & roll. Anyway, I'm getting tired so it's off to bed. Enjoy the pics and see you back here soon enough. Cheers!

----- 04.23.2006 --------

Hola! Jen & I came back from Cuba very late Friday night... actually, it was very early Saturday morning... 3:30 AM early. We're back, unpacked, relaxed, and ready to rock :) Our trip was awesome! We stayed 1 week at the Sandals Royal Hicacos in Varadero, Cuba. I have a TON of pictures and am working on getting a gallery together to post. I was hoping to have it posted this weekend and may even get it posted tonight, but if not, I just wanted to let everyone know we're back and everything was great. Except maybe the flight back... Jen got quite sick around takeoff time and ended up spending the whole flight (3.5 hours) in the washroom on the plane. And me? I spent it outside the washroom door, checking up, making water trips, and even found a doc that gave her a shot of gravel since nothing would stay down. Fortunately she was feeling better on Saturday and is 100% today. Anyway, I think the best way to describe our trip is through our pictures. So, once they're up, be sure to read the captions. I would have loved to posted from Cuba but the resort had one computer and the only times it was convenient for me it was busy. And when it was free? I was enjoying a drink in the pool or by the ocean.

What you won't find in my pics are ones of me scuba diving. I have an underwater case for my digital camera but it's only good for 30 feet. My dives were both around 60 feet... the deepest being 66. So, I wasn't going to risk it. I did however take it snorkelling and have some underwater pics. Sure, they don't have a barracuda or moray eel like I saw on my deep dives, but there are lots of fish and some coral. On our way to Cuba we met another couple, Mike & Susanne, and ended up spending most of our time hanging out with them. They live nice & close to home (Oshawa), so we'll be sure to keep in touch and continue our friendship. So, if you see a few strange faces over & over, it's most likely them. Anyway, stay tuned and I promise to get them to you ASAP. I hope you're all doing great and I'd like to wish you all a belated Happy Easter. Cheers!

----- 04.11.2006 --------

This past Friday, a friend of mine Michael Shore hosted another kick ass street car party here in Toronto. It was awesome, as usual. I haven't been putting enough pics up recently, so I thought I'd share these. They're not too incriminating to anyone (I don't think) so what the hell. Click here for pics. A real highlight of the night was at the first bar we hit, the Drake Hotel. I ran met Kenny, from the show "Kenny vs Spenny". It's one of my favorite shows on TV and Kenny is definately my favorite of the two. An evil genius, if there ever was one. So, without trying to sound too gay, I asked if I could get a pic with him. So I did (as seen above) and it's a good job I aked when I did. Another guy from our streetcar party wouldn't leave him alone and Kenny left with his date. Good job I got in quick! Anyway... I hope you enjoy the pics!

And what's new with me? Well, I'm finally winding down! I took yesterday (Monday) and today off for a much needed weekend. It's been 6 weeks since I had a weekend, so I thought I'd make it a long one! :) You know, the break BEFORE my vacation! On Friday Jen & I leave for Cuba. It'll be awesome! And why take a break before a break? Simple... I'd rather unwind and get work off my mind here instead of wasting a few beach days to accomplish the same thing. Sure, the beach may be a bit more effective for taking my mind off things, but I was wound up pretty tight and I figure I'll take a few days to get things sorted out here so that when we do come back from vacation, I can slip back into the grind at full speed.

Yesterday I met up with my cousin Scott. I hadn't seen him in a while and he was in the neighbourhood to hook up an LCD screen for one of his customers. We ate brunch @ Cora's and then bowled in my building. It was a great way to enjoy a day off! After that, I met up w/ my buddy Chris at the gym and had an amazing work out! I can't believe how awesome the gym is during the work day... it's dead in there! No waiting for machines, no putting up with peoples' stench. Awesome. Anyway, I've still got the rest of today off and it's quite nice out, so I think maybe I'll take the dog for a walk or something. Hope you're all doing well. If I don't get a chance to post before leaving, be sure to check my site next week. I'll try to post from the Resort. Later...

----- 04.05.2006 --------
And today's date, 04-05-06.... Just wait till May next year, it'll be just as exciting :) K, I'm tired. Work is really feeling like work these days. I took Friday off in an attempt to recharge a bit, and since then, I've put in 65+ hours already. And it's only Wednesday! What's wrong with this picture? I don't know... but I'm going to fix it next week. Take a couple days off to unwind and do some much needed work & vegging around the home front, then go back to work for a couple days (Wed & Thurs), then it's off to Cuba! It feels really far away, but I'm sure I'll be on a beach, and then back on a plane on my way home before I know it. Time... it seems to do that.

This Friday coming up (7th) is another street car party! It'll be Awesome! Jen & I have tickets, plus a couple of her friends she knows from class. If this SCP (street car party) is anything like the others Shore has hosted, it's sure to kick ass. And I have till Wednesday to get over the hang over.... look out Toronto!

K, now something a little more serious: A Hilarious site! That's right, it's time for Rock, Paper, Saddam!. Hilarious! And another site for you to surf: GeoCaching.com. Now that I've got a GPS unit, I'm looking forward to finding GeoCaches. What's a GeoCache? Think of it as a modern day treasure hunt! I'm especially looking forward to finding some of the remote caches up in Algonquin & surrounding area. Anyway, check out the site... pretty cool! Anyway, I was just informed that dinner is ready. Gots ta run! Later!

WOW, I was was just checking my email and came across a funny video my Dad sent me. It's this Grandma skydiving and her teeth (dentures) fall out. But right away, that's not what gets my attention.... what got my attention is the fact that it's the SAME guy that took me diving in Australia!!! She's even wearing the same suit!!! See for yourself:

For the videos, here is the Grandma Skydiving Video and here is MY sky diving video. SMALL WORLD!!!

----- 04.02.2006 --------
OK, I have no idea where to start since my last post.... I barely remember when that was. I've been busy and the time since then till now is pretty much a blur. Work's as busy as ever and I'm getting pretty tired! I need a break... BAD! Fortunately, one's on the horizon! Cuba, here I come... and it's less then 2 weeks away! This weekend I worked... again... but it wasn't supposed to be "just another weekend". This weekend was the first of several disaster recovery tests to nail down processes/procedures/testing for plans that we cooked up in the summer last year. Finally, we've moved the project along far enough to test this beast! The results were quite useful, however not exactly what we planned for. And that's why you test! ;)

Enough about work... did you notice the blade-o-meter's back up? Some of you may remember last year's, which was identical, including the goal of 500 KM. Last year I never came close to reaching it and decided to lower it for this year. And then I realized it's less work to reuse last year's so I decided to keep the goal the same. Long term pain for short term gain :) So I busted out the blades today and Chris & I went blading through the streets of Toronto. 11.7 K, which isn't too bad for my first time out this year, especially considering how busy some of the areas were bladed were. So... it's on... time to rack up the K's! Hopefully the weather cooperates this summer.... (excuses, excuses!). What else? Dave & Cheralin came over last night for a pizza party. We made pizzas and had a few drinks. We also busted out the dance dance revolution now that I have a 2nd pad, it's more competitive. Afterwards, we went for a swim in out condo's facility. All this while I was working on the Exchange server that crash at work. Fun fun :) Anyway, Chinese food will be here any minute, so I better run. Cheers!


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