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ARCHIVE: April, 2009

----- 04.23.2010 --------
Hi everyone, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Kim & I have a new website: TheGirards.com. Does this mean I am discontinuing this site? Heck no! It just means that when you come to my site, it will be more about me and less about my children. Ya right... who am I kidding?!!? Now that I have a child, my life will be shaped by her growth. However, a site that Kim & I can both update about family matters is probably more ideal than one that's named after an individual (yours truly!).

Some day I'll change this site to something more modern and easy to maintain, like the Word Press site I configured at thegirards.com, but that day is not on my radar these days. Kim came up with the design theme at thegirards.com, and I think it looks great! Awesome job, sweetie! :)

Another benefit to the new site is the ability to subscribe via RSS feed, a real plus in my opinion. My apologies for not having that feature on this site... I realize it's a pain to come and check for updates as opposed to having them delivered to your inbox or RSS reader. Sorry... maybe some day though!

I am focusing on a new professional site at http://argeetech.ca (AKA RGtech.ca). Ya, not editing in notepad would be a plus... LOL!

Anyway, just a quick update to share the new site with you, which also has new pics of Alice up that were shot tonight. Hot off the press... err... ummm... digital darkroom! Cheers folks... till next time!

----- 04.18.2010 --------
It's a girl!

Attention World! Kim and I have some great news to share... it's a girl! On April 5th at 1:34AM, Alice Maria Girard was born. She weighed in at 6 lbs 11oz and measured about 18" long. It's been almost weeks now and Kim and I still getting into the newborn parenting groove. Fortunately, I'm between contracts and not working right now, so I've had the great opportunity to spend lots of time with Kim & Alice.

M I wanted to update my site earlier and tell the world about the newest addition to the Girard family, but understandably, I've been a little pre-occupied! For those who of you who haven't already seen some pictures of Alice, here are the pics I had posted on Facebook.

Now that Kim & I have been home with Alice for over a week, we're starting to get some routine going. It's amazing how much attention she needs around the clock! We've been learning to sleep at different times from one another to provide maximum coverage for Alice. The past few nights have actually gone fairly smoothly (knock on wood!!!), but there are still challenges where she'll cry and we just can't figure out what to do for her. We can hold her and she'll stop, but it's tough to hold her for 24 hours a day! Actually, that's not really the tough part...it's kind of easy to hold her since she's so lovable. But it's probably not in her best interest to hold her all the time. She's been sleeping in her crib every night and I only hope we're doing the "right" things that will help her sleep best down the road as she gets older and not form too many dependencies.

Other than the biggest news of my life, things have been going great. I've been very busy, even though I'm not working full time right now. Leading up to Alice's birth, I managed to have a week off after ending my last contract and have done some part time consulting throughout this week. This week coming up I'll ramp up the search for another contract or possibly a full time position, if I can find the right position. I'll continue to focus on IT Infrastructure with a heavy focus on Virtualization. My last contract reminded me how much I love the underlying technology involved in creating a highly dynamic, virtual environment. If you know someone who could use my skills, please feel free to pass my name along :) There's also a link to my resume on the left to see what those skills happen to be. Also this week, I'll try and get a basic website built using the branding that I've been doing my contracting/consulting work under: Argee Tech. Stay tuned for more!

In my last update, I was training for the 5KM Harry's Spring Run Off in High Park. The race went really well and fortunately Alice stayed quiet inside Kim for the duration of the race! It wasn't until the next day that she decided to let us know she was ready to come out :) My time wasn't my best, but I was happy with it anyway. Under 33 mins... if only I didn't have to stop for a bathroom break, I'd have done better! Not kidding! I hate that giant wait as they herd us into the start corals. Atleast this year the weather was nice and I didn't have to stand there freezing, waitng for the gun to go off!

Well, that's all for now. No idea how frequent my updates will be now that we're caring for a newborn! I'll try and get some pics posted here, but there's a good chance most will end up on Facebook since it's easier to manage my albums there. There's another site Kim & I working on to share pictures and stories of Alice, but I'm not ready to give the address out yet. Stay tuned! OK folks, baby's crying... gotta run! Thanks for all your love and support! :)


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