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Archive: August, 2008

----- 08.26.2008 --------
Wow! The 26th of August?!?!? September is around the corner, on the otherside of this upcoming weekend? Whaddya mean this weekend is Labour Day weekend? WOW! This summer's flying by! Lots going on, so there's no regrets that I haven't been out enough, just wish there was more summer left to play in :) Speaking of this weekend, Kim & I are going camping with some of her friends up at a park I've never been to before: Silver Lake. After the weekend, I'll have camping 28 days this summer... not bad! ;)

Last night Kim & I went to the Ex (CNE). It was a lot of fun! We had ride wrist bands and hit the more exciting rides. I find that carnival rides freak me out more than the bigger ones at Cedar Point or Canada's Wonderland. There's something about knowing the ride is temporary is setup and taken down all the time.... you know, a death factor ;) It's low, but WAY higher than the more permanent rides and coasters found at the big amusement parks.

This past weekend we went down to Windsor to surprise my Dad for his Birthday. The highlight of the weekend had to be the Psychic Expo! Kim & I had readings with this amazing psychic/clairvoyant named Colleen Cook. She's a 7th generation clairvoyant and the things she said and knew were amazing! We got our readings on tape... something that will be fun to review, 10 years down the road... or maybe 8 ;)

Well, I haven't had time to crunch through the video yet from my cross-Algonquin trip, but it's in my "time queue". I also haven't had a chance to get to my pics from the company camping trip the weekend before (Which was awesome!). And haven't gotten to the pics from my family camping trip. And then there's the pics from this weekend past.... you get the picture (or in this case... you don't... not yet!). Sooner or later I'll find time, but probably not until after my move. After almost 3 years of waiting, I'll finally be moving into my new condo... Sept 13th to be exact!

My tuesdays are finally free now! Soccer finished tonight... we had our last playoffs game. And I scored 2 points! We won 5-3 tonight and I think it was our best game of the season. It was certainly my best! :) So I gain a Tuesday, but lose a Wednesday, starting next week (sept. 3). I start a new photography course at George Brown: Photography Vision and Technique. It'll be my 6th photography course... one more after it and I'll have my certificate in Digital Photography. If all goes well, I'll take a course in Night Photography starting in Novemember and will have my cert by the end of the year.

Wow, I guess I'm chatty tonight! It's been a while since my last post I guess. Anyway, just at Kim's on her laptop while she's out running and errand and thought I'd take time to say Hi to all of you. Hope you're all doing great... I am! Cheers... and if I haven't heard from you in a while, drop me an email or poke me on facebook or something. Later!

----- 08.10.2008 --------
[UPDATE: PICS ARE UP!!! Click Here for our Cross-Algonquin Canoe trip pics!]

How was your weekend? Mine was great! Despite the rather crappy weather (which seems like every weekend this summer, especially the long ones!), I managed to have a fantastic weekend. And I guess the week leading up to the weekend was pretty great as well. First of all, it was pretty short with Monday & Tuesday off. Tuesday night was the NIN concert! The effects were amazing! I would have to say the NIN are definately leaders in the visual trickery department!!!

Friday Kim & I went to Nadine's place for a few drinks and then called it a night relatively early... we had to save ourselves for Saturday. What was Saturday (yesterday), you ask? Toronto Beer Festival!!! As years in the past have been... this year was also awesome! Same tips apply.... especially the "only get a half at a time" rule.... because they can't overpour a full and even if they only pour you exactly at a half and no more, you still get what you pay for. But there's lot of room to get much more beer for your buck this way :) I'm not sure we should have started with the Trafalgar 10% meads, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! A great time! After we left to stumble home nice & early (7pm-ish) to meet my parents at my place, who were visiting for the night, we stopped at Fran's and at the most delicious Monte Cristo sandwiches... YUM!!! Good times!

Today we went to see Batman: The Dark Knight in IMAX. Everyone's been raving about the movie with good reason... it really was awesome! I found everything about it was great... the action, suspence, film work... all of it!

Anyway, I had a chance to work on my camping photos! I got the collection down from 461 to 132. Even though I'd prefer to get this lower, I like all my selections and decided I'd share them all with you. Once I get them in an album and uploaded... I'll provide the link. Cheers all!

----- 08.06.2008 --------
I don't have much time to write a long update, however I thought I'd write a quick one to let you all know that we made it back safe & sound. We had an amazing trip and I will describe in more detail via photos and video, and possibly mix some GPS data into the mix to fill out the story. I have a ton of pics and video to process, but I can put a teaser shot up for you. With any luck, I'll find some time this weekend to work on getting together a gallery of sorts, or mix a video. Hope you're all doing great! Cheers!


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