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December 2002

----- 12.26.2002 --------
Happy Boxing day! I wrote this update on the train ride back from Windsor, to Toronto. Since I was typing on my RIM (blackberry pager emailer thingy, in tech terms), there's bound to be a lot of mistakes. But since it's fairly late, I'm tired and gotta work tomorrow morning, I'm just going to paste it in. I gotta warn you... it's pretty long. It was a 4 hour trip. Anyway, here it is: Happy boxing day! For my american friends that don't get that off, now we're even since you get that long Thanksgiving. I think boxing day originated as a day to return gifts, but nowadays, it means huge sales in Canada. Bought a new suitcase today. It was about time... My old duffle bag's in rough shape! The trip to Vancouver this summer nearly killed it. I think an airplane rolled over it. Oh well, it tucked away inside my new one, that has more space then I have stuff to pack it with. Well, right now I'm typing on my blackberry on he train back to Toronto. It was a short trip for xmas to go back to Windsor. But a nice one. They were sold out of tickets for the train to come back today in economy, so I had to fork out the extra backs for first class. What a cruel trick... How am I supposed to ever go coach again? Hold on a second... Gotta pause for the first course of my meal :). Ok, that was good, some wine, a salad and some kind of tart that was pretty good. I'm gettin hungry now... Ordered the veal... Normally train food would worry me, but so far, so good. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did. Its always great seeing the family together. It's unfortunate I could stay longer, but I was my turn not to take all the days off at this time at work. Speaking of which, worked all weekend which really messed with my head. I had a half day on tues. (dec 24) then caught the noon train. I thought it was a friday! It felt like an overdue one atleast. So that made yesterday saturday and today sunday. I'm at work tomorrow (fri.) so let's just call that monday. Woo hoo! 1 day week! Then another weekend, then monday again. What's that? Another 1 day week? You betcher arse it is! I have the 31st off then I go back monday, jan 6. I can't wait! I need a wind-down in a big way! And what will I do in my days off? Sweet f all!!! My plans don't include getting out of bed, atleast not for the first day. Maybe after I will, but only so I can get myself either to my computer to veg out on some GTA III or to make my way to a pool table. Either way, I'm sticking around home for some a serious low-stress, no worries, do-nothing-at-all kinda time. I can't wait! Actually, I will get a little productive. I have some new blinds (roller shades) to put up. They were a christmas present from my folks. Actaully, I ordered them, and was impressed with the service. I ordered custom size online on sunday and received them that wednesday (last week)! Not bad. The site was Northern Blinds.com and not only are there prices and product good, but there service is even better! ---another break... The veal just came and smells great---. Ok, I'm back. The meal was decent... Better then any airline stuff I've had, but not quite up to a nice restaurant. Now what... I'm drawing a blank. I'm full, had a couple glasses of wine & a beer and I'm getting tired. I think I'll put this away for now and throw back a few beers. That oughtta perk me up. Apparently it's all you can drink, but they don't seem to come by often enough. I still have about 2 1/2 hours on the train. Lots of time to take advantage of what I had to shell the bucks out for. I do have to say one thing... I can't believe iv already been on the train for 1 1/2 hours. Time never flies this quick in economy. It helps I have my nomad loaded with tunes. If I have the energy to write in a while, this won't be the last line. If not, take care everyone and I hope you're enjoying the holidays!

----- I'm back, and I'm angered! Nothing fuels the fingers to write like getting pissed off. We just stopped in London, a good halfway marker between windsor and toronto. Normally I would get off and have a smoke here since the trains stops longer then usual. Unfortunately, the guy wasn't allowed to let me off to smoke. Apparenlty he got in trouble last time. He's gotta open the door anyway for new people to get on. What the hell!?!?! They let me get off when I'm riding economy. But what? First class is too high and mighty? What's the diff if I get off and back on before the train leaves? Its not like I'm going to hold it up... Worst case, they take off without me. It's my problem, not theirs. Grrrr... Not I'm jonesin for a smoke! And the fact the beer is free doesn't help! Whatever happened to the days of the smoking car? They should have one... There's enough smokers to fill one! Lemme guess, the employees have to be exposed to it? Offer them gas masks or get a smoker to work it. I really don't get it! Why does everyone gotta bow to these anti-smoking efforts?!?! It's my health, I can wreak it if I wanna. Besides, healthy living is only the slowest way to die! Ok, I think I'm carrying on a little much 'cause "poor baby couldn't have his smoke". Now to contradict myself. It's actually good that its so inconvenient to smoke. It'll make it easier to quit I guess. I actually wanna quit, I just enjoy smoking too much. Squash is good that way... I get on the court and the thought of quitting appeals to me. I still have a whole supply of zyban. Sometime in the new year I think I'll hop back on the zyban-wagon and quit. When I'm jonesin for a butt, instead of having one or two in the evening, I think I'll supplement it with the patch or some nicotine gum. Promisies, promises... What else is new. Well... I'm tired of writing again, and this little rant actually helped me fell better. Yes, this site is just a place for me to vent. It's my therapy... And no, you can't play therapist. Ok, bye for now.

.... Back again. I've decided this rant is definately for me rather then you, the viewer. I'm just fighting boredom at this point. I tried to fall asleep but thought that might be a bit risky. I can feel myself starting to dream right waya which means in no time that I'll be talking in my sleep. Doing that in my bed is fine, but on the train. Screw that! It's too long a ride to feel that ackward. My sleeps's been nuts lately... So I just better not. I guess I don't yap about this too much on here (if at all), but those of you who nkow me well enough know about my "episodes". Atleast that's what I calll them. For example, if I wake up freaked out in the living room instead of my bed due to some crazy dream... That was an episode. Anyway, I've been an active sleeper (to say the least!) my whole life so this is all normal enough to me. I've just come to believe stories people tell me about what I did the night before. Fortuately I've never left my condo. Atleast not to my knowledge :). Anyway, lately, for about the last 2 months, I've been extremely active with about 3 - 5 episodes per week. Of course I'm tired! What kind of rest is that?!?!? Anywho, how did I get onto this topic? Oh ya, fear of dozing off on the train and writing on my blackberry instead. Fortunately, most of you never made it down this far in this update. I don't blame you... After all, like I mentioned earlier, this site and its updates are mostly for my sake. I'm just letting you in for the heck of it. Anyway, if anyone knows a good site about dream analogies, please email it to me. If you're a dream analyzer yourself, please let me know if you're willing to take a crack at my most recurring ones. The most recurring one, which I'll mention here is about stuff falling on me. Most of the time it's a wall or a pile of baxes and they're about to topple on me. They are the ones that wake me up in a sweat more then any other. And often I'm proping up the wall or shelting my cat or something silly. Oh well. As for the other recurring ones, I'll leave them for another time. I think this'll be a rather latge update. I've run out of space in these email messages from my blackberry a few times now. I have no clue how much I've written since this screen is only 8 lines high and I keep hitting send and starting a new one. Speaking of "starting a new one", my horoscope looks awesome for 2003! Apparently Jupiter's looking favourably on my for the next 12 months, something that hasn't happened to me in 12 years. Hmmm... 12 years ago I was 13. I guess that would put me in grade 8! I don't recall having especially good fortune then. I don't recall (much) bad fortune either for that matter. Oh well. I'm starting to think the typing on this thing may be starting to annoy my neighbours... Like hours ago. And unfortunately my batteries just croaked in my nomad. Should I just doze off and risk the sleep talking? Snoring I can deal with... Especially since I won't even know I did it. Talking, odds are the same thing. It usually doesn't wake me up. Decisicons, decisions. What do I care anyway?!? I don't know any of these people and will doubtfully ever see any of them again. I just wish the guy beside me was awake so I could get past him to get some more batteries for my nomad. This first class stuff is reminding me more and more of coach as the hours creep by. And the all you can drink part of it is atleast true... if you can flag someone down! I I ran this section, that cart would be cruising the aisle non-stop. The extra cost for first class more then pays for what a person is going to drink. They should get this car rockin! Get some drinkin games going or something! That would be a riot! I wonder what a the long-haul, cross-canada trips are like. I know 4 hours isn't the shortest amount of time in the world, but still, most people, me included, will sit the whole trip without as much as a "hi" to the person beside them. Well... This "tick tick tick" from this tiny keyboard must be driving everyone nuts. I've been typing on and off for atleast an hour, if I had to guess. I just ran out of room again. I'm calling it quits, most likely for good this time. I have sometime off next week, so check back, I'll probably have something new up. Maybe this would be a good time to put some serious effort into my site and give it a little overhaul, or atleast a gimic. Naaa... That goes against my "do nothing" time off. Later!

----- 12.18.2002 --------
Do you smell that? Something smells stale... oh it's just my site. I apologize... I've been busy and my site's been one of those things getting a lower priority than other things. Oh well. So... where did I leave off? Jeez, that was a month ago! Anyway, last week I was at our Jersey City office. I had an app to deploy, a router to upgrade and some encryption to tighten up, along with a host of other odd jobs to do. I was supposed to come back a week ago, on Wednesday, but the package containing a laptop and a new IOS from Toronto got stuck in Customs so I had to extend my stay until Saturday. It was a nice change having enough time to do everything I wanted to vs. going crazy doing too much in too little time. So now, I didn't work the 12 - 16 hour days I usually work there. So, I got back on saturday to find everything in Toronto like I left it. Right now I'm sitting at work, it's 8 PM and I'm waiting for some data to export before I can start another export. As much as these machines "simplify things", they just aren't fast enough for my Neo-like brain speed. Hardly, but still.... I got a need for speed! Wings are on the way (YUM!!!) and I hope to be outta here by 10. So, what better way to play the waiting game then update my site. Well, Christmas is around the corner, and for a change, I have all of my shopping done. This year I did it all online. I really hate crowded malls and stores. Sitting at home with a Visa in hand is much nicer! I bet the "store clerk" didn't even know I was in my underwear. Too much info? Too bad. Next week I'm off to Windsor to spend Christmas with my family. Unfortunately I won't be there long at all and have to come back to work on the 27th (friday). I have some time off coming up in January that I'm REALLY looking forward to! Not sure what I'm going to do... probably sit around and do as LITTLE as possible! Speaking of which, I haven't gone climbing since my last update and I've barely played any squash... maybe only 4 or 5 matches! Oh well, I'll change that tomorrow. The squash part that is... climbing probably won't happen again until the new year. Speaking of which, if things go like they have been, I may not get a chance to update, so I'll wish everyone a Happy New Year now in case I don't get around to it. Man... I have a lot of pent-up words just waiting to jump onto the screen through my finger tips! Here's one for you... I got to play "Plumber Rob" yesterday morning (much to my dismay!!!). When I finished my shower, the hot water wouldn't turn off! Not what I need to start my day! This has happened before, so I figured I'd pop the cap off the knob and tighten it with a screw driver. No such luck this time! So, after finding where the main hot water was (remember, this is a condo, so it's not as easy to find as it would be in a house... I didn't even know if I had control over it!). Anyway, found it and removed the thingy (that's the technical term, in case you were wondering) and bought a new valve to install last night. Of course, I couldn't find the same knob, so I had to get a 2nd for the cold to match. Oh well. So while I'm buying the parts, I see this sweet showerhead. -----HOLD THAT THOUGHT, WINGS JUST GOT HERE. Mmmm.... WING MACHINE! ------ ---I'm back! Of course, through the magic of the internet, you didn't have to wait. Wing Machine makes awesome wings!!! It's just after 9 now and that data's still chugging away, so here I am. Killing time, and wasting yours :) Back to the showerhead... I got this fancy one that's supposed to do magic with water. I have tons of pressure in my building, but these new showerheads suck! Stupid low-flow water-conserving showerhead can't pump nearly as much as my old one. So, when I get home, I'll have to replace it with my old one and return the new one. It's a shame... I was so excited to take a shower this morning. And that excitement ended quickly because I had either burning hot or freezing cold! I couldn't get enough water through the damn thing for it to mix right. Lesson learned. Be warned... old showerheads are much better then new! Well... I think I'll end my rant soon. As soon as I finish ranting about my camera! Still don't have the damn thing back! 4 to 6 weeks.... it'll be 6 in 2 days and they don't have it back yet. I'll be really pissed if I can't get it before Christmas!!! Anyway, you've read enough for one sitting, so I'll give a break. Come back for another update... and hopefully in the new year, I can update more frequently with shorter updates. Cheers, and happy holidays!

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