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Archive - December, 2004

----- 12.05.2004 --------
Again, it's been awhile since I last updated. There's a couple reasons for that. One reason is that I've been busy. Another is because my computer is still in pieces at my place. And that's because I haven't finished my solarium yet. The floor's finally done, but I still need to do the quarter round and paint. I think I might take a day off sometime this week to do that. I just can't get the energy to do it after work. And I haven't really had any weekends to do anything. This weekend, for example, I'm in London. I came here to help put in a hardwood floor. For the most part, things went well. The floor looks great! Atleast 95% of it does. The other 5%? Dunno.... it's not done! "Bruce", the company that makes the hardwood, short-changed us! We had 6 boxes that are supposed to cover 30 square feet each. In reality, they were each about 1 square foot short! We had 176 square feet to cover and came up about 3 square feet short! What a piss off! And of course it's special order, so you can't get anymore until 2 weeks! Oh well.... we did what we could. We were just starting to do the quarter-round when I had to leave to catch my train back home to Toronto. I'm soooo tired.... I can't wait to get home! We used a nailgun to put down the wood. 3" piece at a time. I liked it much better then the gluedown that we did at my place. No mess! Atleast not a gluey one. But I didn't have the option since I was installing straight onto concrete. We had a subfloor to nail to, so that helped. Well, I better call this quits because my train will be here soon. If you happen to find this online before 4 PM sunday afternoon, then it means I've found a wireless connection. I found one, but now it's gone. Where is it when I want to upload?!??! Oh well.... Cheers!


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