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Archive - December, 2005

----- 12.29.2005 --------
OK, so Christmas has come and gone and sure enough, we're facing New Year's in a day and change. Jen & I were up at her Mom's place in Montreal for Christmas. We had a good time & Santa treated us well :) I think the most entertainment came from the 3 dogs: Trixie, Mickey & Maggie. As for weather, we couldn't have been luckier. Smooth sailing both ways in the car, but while we were there a bit of a nasty storm hit. Fortunately we weren't driving during it! This time we had a Chevy Impala as a rental. Good car... handles well on the highway. Not the best for gas, but the huge trunk quickly made up for that! I used it to get my stereo equipment from my old place on the friday before we left. It all fit in one load!

Anyway, I think I'm starting to ramble on. New Year's Eve is just about upon us..... have you thought up your resolutions yet? I don't have "resolutions" for say, but whatever I have, definately includes the gym! Like many people, I've slipped out of my routine. A routine I worked very hard to get into.... one that took a lot of disipline. Well, on the bright side, if I could do it before, I can do it again :) Anyway, best of luck to all of you in your resolutions and your "resolutions". Happy New Year and see you again in 2006 :) Cheers!

----- 12.18.2005 --------
Wow, it's almost Christmas! Just in case I don't get a chance to update my site again before Christmas, I want to wish you all a very Merry one! This year I will be heading up to Montreal to spend Christmas with Jen, her Mom & her brother. I'm looking forward to it, but will miss my Family at the same time. So, to compnesate we went down to Windsor this weekend and came back today. And we'll be going back again at New Years. Looking forward to the time spent with everyone.... but definately not the driving! Driving from Toronto to Montreal ON Christmas eve just ain't gonna be fun. And to Windsor on New Year's Eve? Not fun either... but worth it :)

Well, what is new? December is almost gone.... something interesting MUST have happened in the meantime. Well, at work, I received some fantastic news! I was promoted to Manager, Infrastructure. We had a really good (BUSY!) year this year and I'm looking for an even more productive one next year! I've had a lot of energy for work this year... and I have my suspicions as to why. Some of you may remember that I got a CPAP back in March (I think it was...). It's to help with my sleep apnea problems. Anyway, it's amazing what you can do with a good night's sleep! I was sleeping enough hours before, just not getting quality sleep. Not anymore! I can actually wake up to my alarm these days... AND get out of bed :) If you have been accused of being a snorer, this could apply to you and I strongly suggest you check it out! It's made such an improvement in my life! OK, enough's enough. Speaking of a good night's sleep, I had a long weekend and I'm exhausted! Cheers everyone and all the best over the Holidays. The staff at robgirard.com would like to thank you for reading and looks forward to your continued patronage in 2006! :)

----- 12.04.2005 --------

OK, I think November started off with something like "November already?!?!" Funny enough, right as I was about to write "December already??!?", I checked the first entry of November and that's what was there. And now it's gone. These past couple months have flown by! And it's no surprise! I've been pretty busy and gone through a lot of change lately. Speaking of change, now that I'm settled in to the new place, I have some pics to post. It's still pretty unfurnished, but that's alright... eventually we'll get some furniture. Anyway, here are the first glimpses of our new place. There will be more to follow I'm sure as we get it in order.

OK, the rest is for the geeks only. It's a little bit about a problem I was having at work with XMLA. I don't usually bring up work on here, but sometimes I must use my site to post problems and more importantly, their solutions. I've had a few people write me about something I had posted last year saying it really helped. So, when you have a problem, you probably check google as one of your first lines of defense. But, if no one's had that problem and posted a solution, google's going to come up blank. In case this happens to you.... hopefully google will find it for you!

Installed Microsoft XML Analysis Services on a new Windows 2003 box. Was going crazy because the project wasn't working. Kept reporting "Class not Registered". If I pointed the aspx page at another server with XMLA (which happened to be a 2000 box with everything under the sun installed on it), it worked. There were some authentication issues connecting to the SQL box on a 2003 server because some of the SP1 lockdowns, but I was able to workaround that by using a domain account as the "Anonymous" credentials, then gave those credentials minimal rights to the SQL server. This allow the aspx to use the XMLA/msxisapi.dll and make a connection to the database, which then wanted credentials. Anyway, back to where this Class not registered error was pissing me off. After searching and searching, installing every XML parser version under the sun (as per many useless newsgroup posts that didn't solve peoples' problem), I still had this problem I had all but given up when I had a found something that indicated PTS (pivot table services) was the answer. Sure enough, it was!!!! It is located on the SQL 2000 CD, under MSOLAP\Install\PTS\PTSFULL.exe. Maybe it was the MDAC, or maybe the PTS.... but it worked! Anyway, I just had to post this here so google would troll it and hopefully someone searching for my same problem will find it and get it resolved quicker then I did. FYI, the aspx page contains cubes. Here are a few keywords to hopefully lead someone googling their problems to here: MSXML XMLA Class Not Registered SoapException

Alright, that's all for now! Not sure how much I'll be able to post this month as I'm sure it will be quite hectic... but check back and see... sometimes the busiest months are the most written about ;) Take care all...


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