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Archive: December, 2008

----- 12.24.2008 --------
Twas the night before Christmas and all thro----- Night before Christmas?!?!?! Where did Christmas come from?!?! So I'm enjoying my november, and the next thing you know Christmas is here!!! Wow, 2008 has been a flurry of activity and it seems to have left me a little dazed and confused. Wow! WHERE does the time go?!?! OK, on with an update... and your Christmas greetings...

The staff at robgirard.com would like to wish you & your families a Merry Christmas! I hope that 2008 has been an exciting and prosperous year for all of you. Wait a sec... it's only Christmas, not New Year's yet!!! Catch my New Year's greetings NEXT week...

Christmas can be a tricky time when it comes to arranging time with Families. My folks are down in Windsor, and Kim's are out in Edmonton. Attempting to do both this year, we headed down to Windsor this past weekend. The weather was not ideal, in fact, we couldn't leave Friday as planned. So we left early Saturday morning and enjoyed a lovely pseudo-Christmas with my Family. They're in Windsor, about 4 hours from here (Toronto). That's not too bad. Now Kim's family... they're a little further! I flight out tonight to meet them in Edmonton. Looking forward to it! It should be a great trip... a short one, but a great one. Unfortunately, I'll be heading back on Sunday, only giving me about 4 days out there. That should be enough to explore a province I've never been to before, right? Never been to... unless of course the Calgary airport counts! OK... time for me to finish packing, shower up, and get to work! All to best to you and yours!


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