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February 2003

----- 02.20.2003 --------
Where to start? Well, unfortunately I had to go to Windsor this weekend. My Grandpa died on Friday, February 14th. What a great way to remember Valentine's day?!?! Anyway, he lived a long, healthy and loving life. He was 91... so it didn't come as too much of a surprise. On the bright side, it was great spending time with my family. I got back yesterday and was back at work today. I hate coming back to work after I've been off a few days. I just get sooo far behind. Oh well... atleast I was off. Well, other then that, I've pretty much been up to the usual. Played squash tonight until I thought my heart and lungs would explode. Ahh... now that's healthy! Other then that.. I haven't been climbing yet this year :( I'm still trying to find people to go with. So many people are "up for it", yet actually going is another story. Soon I tell ya, soon. Well, I'm good and tired, so I think I'll hit the hay. Btw, I updated my links page again. The newest links are still at the bottom of each category. One of these days I'll post them upside down so the newest is at the top, like this page. If you're on my links page, be sure to check out the World Fact book again, brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood CIA. It's a great resource, especially since we're on the brink of war. Check out what countries spend on military and the size of their armies. There's a great way to compare all countries in a given category by hitting the button beside the category (list by category). Can't find the US's budget? Neither could I... which is why I posted the "Way back machine" link. Pop the URL into there and see what the stats were in 2001. Gotta love those archives :) Anyway, hope all is well. Later.

----- 02.12.2003 --------
Another week, another update. I completely forgot to mention my good fortune last week. Last monday, I got an email from RIM (Research in Motion) telling me I won $500 US. Sure... I just won through an email... ya right. Well, it was legit and yesterday the cheque came! Woo hoo! That's $750 canadian! After debating what to spend it on, I came to one conclusion from everyone I talked to. Apparently it's bad luck to spend it to pay bills or be responsible with. Found money is exactly that, and should be blown. OK... I'll buy that :) So, I've decided to go shopping. I know, it's pretty boring... but I need it. My wardrobe, if you could call it that, really needs an overhaul. So, bring on the new threads! This is, of course, if I don't blow it on something dumb first. I wouldn't put it past me :) Anyway... all's well over here. I'm back on the squash courts as much as ever and I intend to stay there. Doesn't everyone say that, especially at the start of a new year? Well... throw me in that group, because that's my plan. I played a ladder league game last night and lost 1 - 3. I was really happy to get one (it's best of 5) because the guy I played has been playing longer then me and really was that much better. It took all I had to get one game... and the last game, the loss, was a total right off. My lungs were on fire! Probably because I still smoke. Not as much as before... actually I did quite good last week. I had a couple on tuesday, but then didn't have another until friday. Of course I smoked on the weekend. In a perfect world, if I could smoke on the weekend and not at all during the work week, I'd be a happy guy. I've got some other good news, but you're just going to have to wait for it. I'm sure I'll tell you soon enough. Well, that's all for now. Catch ya later, probably next week considering the trend I've noticed about my updates. Ciao!

----- 02.05.2003 --------
OK, so my New Year's Eve pics are finally posted! Sure, they're a month late. I know. Better late then never, right? For more on New Year's eve, go into the archive and see what I had to say about it then... Anyway, as I mentioned in my earlier update (as short as it was), Laura, my sister, came up to visit me this weekend. Friday night we went out to the Waterfront... which really sucked so bad we had to leave after 1 drink, then down to the Harbour sports grill. Harbour's way better... it has pool tables (that are kept well), people (that don't work there...), great staff, and a couple of great owners. Not to mention everything else a bar should have. So, after shooting some stick, we played some Golden Tee. I really suck at it, and don't really care because I'm so not into golf it's not even funny. After that, we finished up at the Waterfront (because we had time before last call and it's downstairs) with a couple drinks and more pool. Speaking of which, we won 7 - 2 this past monday! I couldn't believe it! The other team was quite decent, we were just ON for a change. It was great! So... the pool's going well. Actually, I'm going to Charlotte Room this weekend. I have a table reserved and I'm going to play some stick. Not sure if you've been there, but it's great! There room all around the tables... so no short cues. You should expect this from ANY pool hall... but the reality is most pack in as many tables as they can. Also, their tables are beautiful! You can get great shape off the felt. It's nice having control on a table... not like crappy ones that don't transfer a spin. Anyway... I'm looking forward to it! Tomorrow night's squash... round robin and a ladder league game. Last week I played 2 ladder games. I lost one of them 0 - 3, then won the other 3 - 0. I guess I can only try my best. Actually, my best is getting better. I haven't completely quit, but I've been doing great on cutting back on the smokes. In fact, I haven't had one today, and I won't. I had a couple yesterday, and too many on the weekend. But, the week before was good, as this one will be. I can really feel the difference on the squash court. It's a strange sensation... breathing. Anyway, I haven't been sleeping well at all lately, so I better try and catch some Zzzz's. Btw, if you haven't checked out my links page in a while, check it out. I'm always adding stuff that I never mention. I should actually reverse the lists... right now the newest is at the bottom. Anywho... G'Nite!

----- 02.01.2003 --------
Just a quick update so say everything's going well. My sister is up for the weekend which is great. We've been hitting the local pubs, and I've bee losing at pool badly!!! Actually, the real reason for this update is to show my buddy dave how to go about posting stuff. So... here goes... Btw, I'll post something a little more substantial after the weekend... and hopefully the new years pics too. I know... I've been dragging my ass. Later!

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