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Archive: February, 2010

----- 02.15.2010 --------
Happy Febraury everyone! Wait a sec... February?!? Wow, and it's not just February... it's the 15th, half way through the month! So what have we been up to lately? Last weekend Kim & I (and Thunder!) took off for a weekend in Ottawa. Kim used to live there for a while (~5years) so I got a chance to meet some of her friends up there. We also scored a bunch of gently used baby stuff for a friend of hers'. Back up a sec... in case I haven't explained "Thunder", that's our baby's working title :) Still unsure if it's a boy or girl under Thunder's on the outside, we prefer to refer to Thunder instead of "IT".

Speaking of Thunder, there have been more and more "Thunder Storms" lately. No, not the kind that come with rain and lightening. These are when the baby is hyper-active in Kim's belly and she says "Quick! Quick! Look!!! Feel this!" :) It's happening more and more and it's a very cool experience for both of us. She's the lucky one who gets to carry thunder, but there's a lot of days that she'd swear she's "hardly the lucky one!". Carrying a baby it tough business, as I've found out by watching on the sidelines. We're both very excited for the baby to come and it's become pretty much all-consuming. Everything we talk about going forward is all about us as a family... and I think it's great! I'm a super lucky man and am blessed to be part of this awesome experience! OK... /gush. And for the non-geeks, that's a way for me to say "stop the gushing here (/)".

What else is new? Yvonne (Kim's sister) and her fiance Steve came to visit us this weekend. We had a long weekend... today is Monday, but feels like a sunday... so they decided to make a trip out to see Kim in her full pregnant glory :) Their wedding is coming up this summer in July, and we're looking forward to going. They're pretty busy planning out the details and see to be enjoying it. Afterall, wedding's (your own), don't come very often! And with all the thought and care going into it, I'm sure it's going to be a beautiful celebration!

While they were here, we did a bit of walking around and site-seeing, including a trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Personally, I found the Natural History quite fascinating, especially the dinosaurs, but didn't care much for the rest. I was especially bored by all of the artifacts and stuff from another culture's past. If I want to learn about it, I'll go to that country and visit their museums. I enjoyed Turkey that way, but seeing just a fraction of the stuff here in a glass case really doesn't do it for me. Of the pre-historic monsters, I was really fasinated by a giant Mastedon that was unearthed in Welland, Ontario, which is not far from Toronto. Imagining these giant creatures right here really takes me for a mind trip... in the good way :) Also awesome are the fossils found up in the mountains of trilobites and other underwater critters. Imagining the past and how the earth has shifted and changed some much over the years gives me lots ot imagine for how things are still going to change in near and very far distant future. Like all of the glaciers.... they certainly won't be around forever! OK... where am I going with this....

OK, so the rambling has taken over, so it's probably my cue to end this update. Hope you're all doing well... Kim & I certainly are! Cheers!


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