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January 2003

----- 01.23.2003 --------
I just watched "Signs" on DVD. WOW!!! What a kick ass movie!!! If you haven't seen it, see it! Especially before someone around you talks about it and ruins it. No, I won't ruin it... atleast not right now. Just see it! Those of you who have seen it and didn't like it, email me and tell me why. Those of you who did like it, feel free to email me as well about it. I gotta watch this one again! I saw Two Towers on the weekend, like I wrote earlier, and it didn't leave this same wicked feeling in me afterwards. This is a sign (no pun intended) of a great movie! Anyway, onto something else. I played squash tonight, as sore as I was from tuesday's games, and it felt great. I hadn't smoked much today, I can feel the zyban helping me already. That made a difference on the court for sure! I could get air, but unfortunately I was really dry in the mouth. One of the side effects, but I can live with that for a while. Oh, and I hallucinated like crazy with the white walls. OK, maybe not... :) Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you soon. If you want to borrow the DVD off me, just ask. Later!

----- 01.22.2003 --------
I'm happy to say I made it back on the squash court last night. I hadn't played since early december, which made it harder to get back into it. Well, last night I thought I played well considering, however my endurance is shot! So... I'll have to bring that up... tomorrow I play, and then I'll try to keep my tues. & thurs. nights on the court going. I was able to do it all through 2002, 2003 shouldn't be any different. The wall (climbing) is another story. I haven't been in some time now, but that's definately an activity I'd like to get a lot more serious about this year. I'm supposed to go this Sunday and Wednesday... but of course that's dependend upon the partners I'll be climbing with. I've got my fingers crossed that both days I'll go. And my third major activity this year is pool... my long-time friend! We won again on Monday, but just barely. We squeaked out a 5 - 4 win, but we'll take it! The team seems to be nice and consistent now, with the same faces out every week. We've managed to even pick up an extra player or two for those times someone can't make it. And that's understandable... every monday for about 8 months is quite a commitment. Even I've missed one night while I was on business in Jersey City. What can you do, right? That's life... things come up that are just unavoidable. One more thing I'd like to do this year that I just wasn't able to do (and sustain) last year is quit smoking. I started back on the Zyban-wagon and I'm hoping this time I can do it for good. My squash game needs it, if nothing else. And what's good for my squash game, is probably good for my health too. Anyway, enough rambling.. I'm tired and off to bed. One more thing though... I saw Two Towers on the weekend... it's awesome! I really like the first LOTR, but this one kills it! So, if you haven't seen it, go. And make sure you can catch it on the big screen... the landscapes are breath-taking! One more quick thought... I don't go the theatre very often. What bothered me was I could actually pick out the frame rate! Movies are shot and played back at 24 frames per second, TV is 30 fps, and most of the games I play are 60+ fps. For about the first ten minutes, I was getting dizzy because it looked so choppy on screen. It's as if it was time lapse and I expected a couple frames in between. Has this ever happened to you? I guess it is possible to teach your brain to pick things up at a higher rate. Of course, this only lasted about 10 minutes. I'm not even sure I'd want this ability longer then that... like I said, it was making me dizzy. OK, that's all for now... maybe I'll train a little more on a quick game before hitting the sack. Later!

----- 01.14.2003 --------
Just a quick update... we won 9 - 0 in pool last night against the other Waterfront team! In their defense, some players didn't show and they were using subs. Sure... whatever :) Regardless, that'll help our standings! Sean, the captain of the other team, if you're reading this: Told you so :) OK, that's all I wanted to say. That and maybe rub it into to everyone that I had the day off today. I did nothing. It was great. Actually, 'nothing' is not completely true. I did a load of laundry and played a load of GTA III. That's all. Bye.

----- 01.11.2003 --------
Well, I survived my first week back at work since I had some time off. I had a great week! Really productive, and even better, I feel really motivated. Now, how can I keep this up all year? More rests? Longer weekends? I have a bunch of days off coming to me this year, so I'll have to try my best to use them a little wiser. Spread them out so I don't go too long without ample rest. I was really starting to think I'd burn out before the end of 2002. But I didn't, so does that mean I do the same thing this year? Well... we lost at pool on Monday :( We got beat 3 - 6. I don't really mind though... the team is shaping up to be a solid bunch that are commited to making it out every monday. Best of all, I've got enough players AND a list of subs to call when someone can't come. Hopefully the 2nd half of the season will kick ass! I'm sure it will... it's always fun. The only time it's not fun and resent being captain is when we don't have enough players. I like a little warning if someone can't make it, but it's not a perfect world. More importantly, I need to be told. The worst is counting on someone to show, and they don't. I've had that problem with a couple players that did it constantly. Needless to say, they're off the team. Well... I'm about to order some chinese food, online of course. After eating I'm meeting up with a buddy I haven't seen in atleast 3 years! Throw back a few pops, should be fun. Last night I was out for my buddy Chuck's birthday. Or should I say barfday :) It's not a birthday until you've pleased the porcelain gods :). Well... I'm gonna run. Hopefully everyone's doing well. Cheers!

----- 01.06.2003 --------
Mission accomplished! As I stated earlier, I had some days off. I've been off work since last Tuesday and my goal was to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I accomplished that. I managed to sleep in late.... real late! Last friday for example, I didn't get out of bed until 7 PM! That my friend, is how you do nothing! It was awesome! Of course I was back at work today wishing I were sleeping, but I felt good atleast. I really did get that recharge I was hoping for. OK, so I did do some things, but atleast they were all non-productive, such as watch movies (from my couch of course!!!), and play video games. I'm really hooked on GTA III again. It is such a huge game with so much to do! Oh, and the bloodshed helps :) I'm not done it yet, but I've opened more game up. Well, we've got pool again tonight, after having a few weeks off for the holidays. I wonder how my record will stand in 2003? The first half of the season was great! I only lost 2 singles matches, out of about 12 games (errr... 11, I missed a game when I was in Jersey). Anyway, I'm hoping for a big shiny win tonight :) Having said that, I'm sure to lose. Oh well... it's just a game, and more importantly, it's a fun night out. Well... I better get myself together and meditate for a while before the big match. You all meditate, right? I'm not a freak or anything I hope.... atleast not for this. Anyway, my idea of meditation involves beer, and anything that involves beer, makes it A O K ! Cheers!

----- 01.02.2003 --------
Happy New Year everyone! I wish all the best to each and everyone of you this year. New Year's eve was a lot of fun and so far my 2003 has been great! That may be because I'm off work until January 6th and have done nothing but relax and watch movies on my couch. After my little "recharge" is over and I'm back at work, it'll be full steam ahead. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish this year (as with any new year) and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead I will need to conquer in order for these things to happen. You know, having this site is quite useful to me. I can look back at last year quite easily and use it to better this year. Of course, not everything that goes on in my life is up here, but the time reference to certain events makes filling in the rest quite easy for me. Have you got websites of your own? If so, feel free to pass the address my way. If you'd like to be listed on my links page under friends, let me know and I will share your address. Otherwise, I won't put it there without your permission. Well... I don't have too much to write right now... and this typing is really getting in the way of my "do nothing" for my days off. So, with that, I'll end it here. Check back soon for another update.... and quite possibly some new pics. I took a bunch on New Years eve and will review them and hopefully post some soon. And, best luck to everyone in 2003!

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