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ARCHIVE: January, 2008

----- 01.19.2008 --------
Sometimes you just gotta dust yourself off and get back up on that horse that kicked you off. That's how I felt today. This morning I went into work and we moved some people around. On my way home, I was thinking about that fact that I had just joined a gym, and because I hurt myself, I hadn't been in for just over a week. The move demonstrated to me that I had healed up enough for atleast some cardio, but probably more. So I dusted myself off, and got back up on that horse! And I'm glad I did! I went in there today, did 15 minutes on the stair mill, then was itchin' to do more. I went through the circuit designed for me. In some cases, I had to lower the weights, and in others, I kept them where I was. It's a good feeling to get over an injury! You never know how long it will keep you down, and makes for a great excuse to allow yourself to stay down. As James Ray says "Failure plus a good story does not equal success". And although an injury is serious, at some point, it's just a good story and you're "good enough" to get back at it. If we didn't work out everytime we didn't feel great, had a runny nose, a little cough, sore [enter muscle here], or didn't get enough sleep.... or maybe didn't even eat well...... then we'd never hit the gym. 2008 is going to be the year I apply all that I learned in 2007. Every year should be. Knowledge, stacked on knowledge, plus learning to build new knowledge, on which to build new knowledge, on which to build.... you get the idea. OK, so maybe I'm just excited because I'm in "new year's resolution mode", but I am definately going to make the most of it. And by proclaiming this to all of you, there's really no more powerful way to hold myself to it. So thanks to all of you for holding me to my own higher standard, whether you know you are or not :)

----- 01.13.2008 --------
It appears that "frequent updates" of my site may not be in the cards for 2008. Basing this statement on the amount of time since my last post (~2 weeks), I'm thinking this might set the tone for the rest of the year. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it unfolds! And I guess it also depends on how busy/exciting my life is. On one hand, if not much is happeneing, I may update more often, but with less fun content. On the other, I've got great things to talk about, but a perceived lack of time and it just doesn't make it into the circuits of this web server.

OK, so what have you done with 2008 so far? I've recognized that health is a major area of my life I want to kick up a notch or 6. I've joined a new gym, Revolution Fitness, and it's fantastic! It's very convenient and includes training both physically and nutritionally. The good news/bads news is that I've taken action and started to get back into shape, but my first official training session lead to injury. I was doing leg presses and was about to start a 3rd or 4th set, each getting progressivly heavier to find what weight is right for me. I was tucked into a bit of a ball with my knees and my chest, then I took a breath, exploded with my legs and breathed out a bit as I pushed the platform of weight up, away from me. Right at that moment, something in my ride side, around my back, made a small popping sound/feel inside me. At that moment, I last my breath, saw some stars, then settled the weights back into a locked position. Although I have no idea what happened, the pain got worse and worse. A few exercises later, even my pride couldn't get me to carry on. After I showered, I could feel my whole right side seizing up. Every breath in was (and still is) labourous. I went for XRays Friday morning, but haven't received results yet. Hopefully it is not a broken rib, and I certainly hope this heals quick... I have some serious training to do! But it certainly feels like when I broke a couple ribs back in summer of '04... :(

What else is going on in '08? I started a new class at George Brown College: The Business of Photography. I have high hopes for this one! This is my 6th course in photography, and after this, only 2 courses left to obtain my certificate in Digital Photography. This course is great because it will help me get my 3D images business going, and doing it correctly. The course covers all aspects of business, from marketing to tax laws and accounting, and even copyright laws, a topic that is changing all the time in the digital realm. My first assignment is to prepare my letter head. My business name is Argee Images, and I think I've registered it with the CRA (gov't Canada), but their site is so flaky it's tough to know with certainty. After all the steps, I got an error.... so I'll find out soon if I need to repeat everything or not. I sure hope not.... :(

I've been out climbing this year.... a fun sport that I hope to get more into over the year. I'm lucky to have a few workmates that are keen on climbing... there's a lot more incentive to go when you have someone to climb with! I'm hoping my back/rib/whatever heals sufficiently to hit the wall again. It's so frustrating to want to do something, get the motivation, see some results, and then have to ability stripped away. I guess I'll have to push through and prevail.

I guess that's about it for now. Work's going great.... full steam ahead now that I'm recharged from the holidays. It was also helpful to get on top of things when things slowed down around the organization around the holidays. Gave me a chance to be on top of my emails and paperwork and wrap up some small stuff to focus on the bigger projects that will be consuming a huge chunk of my time this year. But it's fun.... so it's not time wasted :) Well, I guess I'll leave it here. I'm doing great and I hope all of you are as well! 2008's going to be a great year! :) Now.... time to play a little Guitar Hero III.....

----- 01.01.2008 --------
Wow, 2008 is here! Some years I wonder where the time went, but not this year. I had a great 2007 and will have a great 2008 as well. Now's the time to start with the list of resolutions, and mine is a lengthy one. I think the first thing I need to do is get a handle on my health. I know, I know.... this one usually tops everyone's list. Yes, I'm unoriginal, but soon to be a very flabby unoriginal. Since moving, I still have my membership at the skydome gym, near my old condo. I need to find a new gym, one that will be just as convenient as the other was. I'll be one of "those" resolutioners in there.... but unlike "them", I'll still be in there in March, April and beyond. For starters, my sister Laura gave me Perfect Pushups for Christmas. Time to start using them.... I'm very excited for the transformation that's about to happen with me. I've done it before, and I'll do it again.

Another resolution (and no, I won't painfully list ALL of them here....) is my photography. My last class, Photography of People, nearly turned me off photography. I guess I just don't enjoy taking portraits of strangers. Or maybe it was the lack of instruction in the class. Anyway, it's done now and today I went out with my camera to remember how much I enjoy taking pictures. So, instead of simply talking about what I'm going to do, I went out and did it. And I'll post the pics from today up here. In fact, by the time you're reading this, you probably see a picture below :) I hope you enjoy these, and I plan to bring you more throughout the year and beyond. And there's more to my photography as you'll see unfold as the year unfolds.

Last night, a few friends (Dave, Cheralin, Bray) came over to celebrate New Year's Eve with Jen & I. We got into the drinks pretty hard core, making the first day of 2008 a relatively low-key, painful one. But it wasn't totally unproductive, as I've shown with my pics. Well, I better got those pics uploaded and get to bed so I'll end my update here. All the best to all of you in 2008. Follow what makes you happy, and try to change the things that make you unhappy. And if you can't change them, you can always change your perception of them. Reality is yours to alter as you please.... it's one of your most powerful tools available to you. Use it :) Take care everyone!


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