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Archive - July, 2004

----- 07.27.2004 --------
This weekend I'm going camping! I can't wait.... I haven't done much camping this year. We're (Ron & I) heading up to Temagami Thursday morning! I can't wait to cast a lure! It's been way too long since the last time I went fishing. Not to mention somewhere north of North Bay :) We're coming back Monday or Tuesday. We're going to canoe in and do a bit of camping. As you may have noticed but all the !!!'s, I'm a little exicited :) This past weekend I was down in Windsor visiting with the folks. I had a great weekend and felt a little productive around the house for a change. It felt good :) Even the razor sharp bits of wood that kept splintering into my eyes as I fumbled with a cordless sabre saw.... :) The roof needed vents... and my rib's pretty much healed (finally!).... it was perfect match! And lots of tools were required, which also adds to it. Anywho... I took a bunch of pics that weekend, but whether or not I post them is another story. I'm thinking I don't have the time for it, especially before I leave to camp. Maybe after, no promises. I snagged some wicked suset pics on the way home! Maybe I'll post one right now... ....maybe not. Apparently I've lost my mouse. Oh well. I've also got a ton of data backing up in the background. My computer's crawling now! If I get the chance to post it (assuming this backup ends soon), then I'll post a pic or two (link added after). Until then.... Cheers and have a good long weekend (for the Canadians that is.... Civic Weekend:)!

----- 07.21.2004 --------
Well, I officially resigned from the Mississauga Demons Footy team today. It's not that I was a very active member of the team to begin with. If you recall correctly, my first game put me in the hospital with a broken rib and a collapsed lung!!! I had every intention of playing again, but a few developments have happened. For one, the guys that were on the team worked with me. That allowed me rides to practices, games, and fun conversation. Since they no longer work at SPG, it makes it difficult for me, especially with no car. The 2nd, and main reason, is my physical well-being. This broken rib has really screwed up my summer. Here it is, 8 LONG weeks later, and it's still tender! It would break again for sure if I played, and there's not much time left in the season anyway. I just can't risk the rest of my summer... I feel like I've lost too much of it already! Speaking of which, I'm really trying to make up for that in the roller blades department. After work, I hit the gym as usual. Had me a pretty decent workout and then came home to hit the blades. I blasted down to the Humber bridge and back. It took me about an hour and is a round-trip distance of 18 - 20 KM. It'd tell you exactly but I'm still awaiting a working speedometer! The one I have on my blades now doesn't seem to be working. I wrote the company (in Germany!) and they assured me they'd send another out, free of charge. I just hope I get it in time for this summer. Here is is, July 21st (technically the 22nd since it's getting late)! Where does the time go?!?!? On a related note, Rebecca's moving to California at the end of the summer for school. In fact, it'll be some time in August :( That really blows since I've really been enjoying my time spent with her this summer. If all goes well, hopefully I'll be able to make a trip out to visit her in the fall. I figure I'll fly into San Fran and go from there since that's the closest airport to the school she'll be attending. I'll bring my camera and snag some pics. I love taking pictures if you haven't noticed! I should be able to get some next week. I'm going camping with Ron, Ryan and his sister. The 4 of us are going to disappear in a canoe for awhile. We'll start our adventure wednesday and end it around monday. Should be sweet!!! I'm really looking forward to it! Well... it is getting late so I think I'll finish this off. Quick: 2 movies I want to see are "I, Robot" (because I'm currently reading the book) and "Bourne Supremacy" (because I just watched Bourne Identity tonight and really liked it). OK, that's it. Bye.

----- 07.18.2004 --------
Friday night I met up with Dave shortly after work @ Vinnie's. We drank a few beers, played some video games and pool, and then set off to Devil's Martini. As the night wore on and Dave was leaving, I left with him. It just so happens I met up with Chris and friends just as we were leaving. I was going to meet them that night, but timing couldn't have been better! We were going to go back inside but one or two in the crew didn't "match the dress code". It's BS, but regardless, we moved on. We went to Velvet Underground and partied it up there until well after close. After that we went over to Jamie's place for a few more late night brews. We left Chris behind since he was off to help out at a camp for a couple weeks. It was a bit of a going away party. So, while at Jamie's, I decided to check out his Mac. Right on screen is a reminder for paintball on Sunday. I'm like "Really??!?". I've been itching to play lately and just never had the opportunity. He's like "Sure dude, but you gotta be here 7AM". No problem! Saturday I took it easy, recovering for the most part, and then this morning got up nice and early and made the hike to Jamie's. We met up with more and more people and then thing I know, we're on the road toward some paintball field in Barrie. It was awesome! We played 12 games and I had a blast! It was my first time playing outdoor paintball, however I'd played indoors 5 or 6 times. We started playing at about 9:30 and called it quits sometime around 3 PM then headed back to Toronto. Jamie, Troy & I hit a patio for a couple beers to go over our "battle stories". What a rush! Sure, I may have some huge welts, but that adrenaline spike is sooooo worth it! Fortunately my rib never got it.... although it's been 7 weeks since and I am close to healed, it still hurts and a paintball would have killed! Anyway... that was my weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well. Cheers!

----- 07.13.2004 --------
Where to begin? Well, since my last update, I've been out on my blades twice. Once tonight, and once last night. I went about 8 - 10 KM last night (after the gym), and then about 15 - 16 KM tonight, again, after the gym. I am feeling so much better these days! It is such a relief to have this rib just about healed. OK... enough with the standard banter. Sunday I went to the Molson Indy. It was awesome!!! I was right in the Molson booth! It was really awesome! And, not only did I remember my camera.... and not only did I take some pics, but I've actually posted them! I figured I owed you guys something after forgetting my camera for all the Canada day weekend festivities. And not just pics either! I got some video too! I've compressed it a lot, so if you want the full 640x480 version, just let me know and I'll get it to you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you want any of them in full 3 megapixel format, just let me know and I'll gladly send them your way. Just let me know which ones. Well... I'm beat! It's off to bed for me! Cheers!

----- 07.09.2004 --------

Well, here I am on a Friday night, sitting at home, fixing up my blades. Why? Well, for one, they're not going to fix up themselves! And I don't have much time otherwise. Wow, what a project! I'm really anxious to get back out on my blades and they were good as they were.... but.... I bought a new toy for them. I picked up a Microsport Speedometer. Now, the wheels on my blades are 78MM wheels. So what size computer should I get? I figured a 78MM one of course! It came this week and I put it together and the thing was way too big! All my other wheels had worn down too much! So, yesterday I picked up some new wheels... some Kyrptonics Adrenalines: 78MM 82A's. I was going to transfer the bearing over and I figured that while I'm at it, I might as well go all out. So, I pryed open all the bearings (with the help of my friend Kiran... THANKS!!!!) and am just waiting for them to dry. After they dry, I'll lube them and put my blades back together. It's 10:30 now... I figure it'll be another hour or so before I'm done. Did I mention I started all this around 8 or so? Anyway, when I'm done, not only will my blades be like new, but they'll be better then new! I think the new, harder wheels will be an upgrade. There are some trade-offs, but it's worth it. The "82A" in the wheel is the durometer rating. I'll give you a real quick lesson. The durometer generally ranges from 74A to 88A. There are extremes beyond both ends of the spectrum... but these are generally the different ones. Hockey inline skates generally go lower, racers go higher. You can break it down into 4 major categories: Wear (lifetime), Grip, Ride and Rebound. The higher the number, the longer the wear. This is good for imperfect surfaces... such as the streets of Toronto! A draw back is the ride. A lower durometer rating will give you a smoother, more absorbed ride. In other words, you won't feel every imperfection in the pavement! I'm about to feel every nook and cranny with these puppies! But, it also means I'll go a lot FASTER! As accident-prone as I am, this may not be a good thing!!!! But I like speed :) Grip... lower number is better. And finally, the rebound, lower has a higher rebound. As for the size of the wheel, mine are the same as my old ones at 78MM. In retrospect, if I knew I'd be buying new wheels anyway, I'd have gotten the computer in a size 80 and the same with the wheels. I can always upgrade later once these wear down. Now, what about this computer for my blades? It's a wheel that keeps track of the speed. It wirelessly sends it to a watch to give speed, distance, average speed, calories burned, etc... Anyway, I think the bearings are dry and I want to go check out the DJ's playing electronic music across the street. Free show! Sweet! The sooner I can go, the better! Have a great weekend everyone!

----- 07.05.2004 --------
I can't believe this, July already?!?!? WOW! This past weekend was great! Last Thursday, for Canada Day, Rebecca & I made our way up to Ottawa. What an awesome time we had! The fireworks were great, the company was great, and what better way to spend Canada's birthday then in the Capitol? The weather was even great, although apparently we just missed a huge hail storm! When we got to the Hotel, the fire alarm was going off. Apparently it was the 2nd time within the hour that it had gone off. Sure enough, the elevators were all stopped because of it. After waiting for about 1/2 hour in a packed lobby, we decided to take the stairs. Our room was only on the 11th floor, which normally wouldn't be a big deal. When's the last time you carried a cooler of beer up 11 flights of stairs?!!? What a pain! But we did it, got settled and then hit the streets to get to a party. After that, we left the party, which mostly consisted of Rebecca's rugby teammates. We headed downtown for the fireworks. It was nuts! All the streets were shut down to cars and packed with people wearing red and white. It was truly awesome! I'd love to say I had pics for your, but I don't! I was so mad at myself! I accidentally left my camera at her friends' place and realized it too late. So, no fireworks, no festivities :( Trust me, I was pissed! Oh well... there's always next year for photos! Friday I caught a train to Cobourg for some more great weather and good times. I hung out with Chris and a few of his buddies around Ryan's boat all weekend. He's got a nice 27 footer that made for one great party! Needless to say I was feeling a little beat today. Oh well... what can you do, right? Anyway, I better run.... it's pretty much bed time. Just thought I'd post and say all was good. Cheers!


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