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ARCHIVE: July, 2008

----- 07.22.2008 --------
Wow! Where does the summer go? This post is going to start like most summer posts do.... in confusion. Time always flies in the summer and most often, the activities that eat up my time keep me outdoors and away from my computer which results in fewer posts. I didn't get a chance to go through my pictures from my last Algonquin trip with my family, and I'm going to have a lot more pics to got through before I get a chance to get through them. Saturday is the start of this year's big trip: A cross-algonquin adventure!

I'm very excited that I can share our location with you in real-time. We leave this Saturday (July 26th, so expect coordinates for the next 10 days after that). I'll have my SLR for still photos & waterproof digital cam for video and should put together a nice trip log for you once I get back. We leave this Saturday and I should be back the night of August 5th... better be... there's a Nine Inch Nails show awaiting me ;) Anyway, gotta run... just had to get this up here so you could keep tabs on us :) Cheers... and wish us luck!

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----- 07.09.2008 --------
I'm back from Algonquin Park now.... and I wish I were still there! Last week was a fantastically relaxing week. However, the week flew by WAY too quick! And although I say it was relaxing, it's not to say it wasn't active, that's for sure! Laura's training for Triathlons so I thought I'd join in on the running, biking and swimming. In face, I even ran a 10K race last Tuesday (Canada Day). It was my first 10K ever and I was very happy with the way I ran it. I didn't walk at all (goal 1) and I finished in under an hour (goal 2). In fact, my offical chip time was 56:10.... and I'm very happy with that!

So, because I've been so active this summer and very little had to do with roller blading, I decided to retire the blade-o-meter. It's really not doing much except making me look bad. And this year, I didn't have any ambitios goals to blade a certain amount. What I should do is colour code one so I can have KM's run, biked, bladed, paddled, etc... but that seems like too much work. Not creating it, or the activities themselves, but monitoring the KM's is a pain.

I think there was quite a bit I wanted to write in this update, but it's late and I'm totally exhausted. Back to work on Monday, work-out on Monday night & tonight, with a soccer game last night. Off to my typical week, the only difference is this time I skipped a week at the gym (camping) and as a result, my body's aching from the workouts. It's a good ache... but definately an ache!

Coming up is a fun weekend. Friday night is Kim's "Surprise" 30th Birthday party. Shhhh.... no one tell her! And on Saturday my buddy Shawn from Winnipeg is coming in for a visit. It must be 5 years since I've seen him last. Looking forward to a good weekend! And on Sunday, I've got a mapping session with Bob, Ryan & Sergey, my 3 buddies I am going to canoe across Algonquin with. We've only got a couple weeks left to make our final preperations! Speaking of which.... I really gotta fire up the dehydrator and make some food!!!

Pictures will be coming when I find time. I took a ton while camping, as usual. However... until I can find some time to process them, they ain't gonna be up here! So... I think I'll leave this here and get a head start on my pics while I wait for my laundry. Hope you're all doing great! Cheers!


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