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    ARCHIVE: July, 2009

    The countdown is on... 3 more days until the Big Day!

    ----- 07.19.2009 --------
    Saturday, August 1st is literally around the corner. 3 more days until Kim & I tie the knot in Alberta! She flew out yesterday morning, and I fly out tomorrow night. All of the planning is coming together nicely and I'm looking forward to the big day, and to making the love of my life my wife :) (Awwwwwww.....)

    I've had a ton on the go lately and I'm looking forward to next week to let out a big exhale. Not only have things been busy, but when one of those things is a move, it leaves your base of operations (home) in a fragile state! A lot of my stuff is finally unpacked, but there's still a ton of organizing to do. But I like our new place, so that makes everything worthwhile. And my new commute to work, that can take an hour some days (but is usually 30 - 40 minutes) has provided me with a lot of opporunity to tear through my audio books I get from audible.com. I just finished One Second After. It's a frightening tale of an EMP going off and send the US back 150 years. Time to buffer my doom and gloom listenings with some uplifting stuff!

    Well.... pics of the wedding and other pics to follow in the coming weeks. For now, I've got some packing and last minute prep to take care of, including the finishing and polishing off of my wedding vows. Tomorrow I'll bring my bags to work with me, and then it's off to the airport after work! My next update will be made with a ring on :) Looking forward seeing everyone at the wedding! Later!

    ----- 07.19.2009 --------
    Wow, busy times in robgirard.com-ville! OK, not so busy on robgirard.com because Rob Girard's busy with other stuff. Like what? Well, in the past month or so, since my last update, I've sold my condo, moved, gone camping in Algonquin, finalized the sale on the property, had a crazy awesome bachelor party.... and more! On top of all that, volley ball on Tuesdays, soccer on Wednesdays... AND I have my dogs right now... a real handful!!! I'm super tired right now, so I can't go into any detail. I was up at the property with Kim and my buddy Mike (AKA Skipper-Chief-Bossman!). The real-estate deal finalized on Friday. We went up and and although I tabled more than I had time for, the main purpose of the trip was to go grab a big 25' x 40' Quonset Hut from a guy up near Sudbury. Mike and I did that.... WOW!!! What a lot of work loading one of those in and out of a truck! We had a big 17' Uhaul for the job.

    Unfortunately, while we were out (ie. away from the property), my real-Estate agent Jim Edgar, popped by with a very appropriate and touching dirt-warming present. The drum of an old washing machine (perfect fire pit!), some cut firewood and kindling, bug spray, fire-starters, and a couple of weenie-roasting forks. Wow! Thank you sooo much Jim! He was very good to work with and if you're looking for anything in the North Bay area, he's your man. I've worked with other agents, but this little touch at the end hands-down made me feel very lucky to have such a thoughtful agent :) The deal went off without a hitch (although it was snag after snag.... but nothing most of that was on my end!), and we're very happy owners of a gorgeous 90 acre parcel of vacant land. Soon to not be vacant, with a big 1000 square foot Quonset Hut on it!

    I have pictures from lots of things over the past month, and stories to tell as well... especially about my bachelor party! But I need to hit the sack now.... I had very little sleep since Thursday and had a very long, hard-working weekend. As much as I wish I could post all my stuff now, I don't have the time. And the next 2 weeks are going to fly by because the wedding is just around the corner (Aug 1st)!! And all this unpacking... moving can be a drag! Will try to get more up very soon! Bye for now!


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