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Archive: July, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work I go.... :)
----- 2010.07.21 --------
Wow, long time no update! Unfortunately I don't have much time for a long update, but I figure a brief one is better than none. This week I brought an end to my parental leave. Bitter sweet, but the short of it is it's time to get back to work! I am very happy the way Kim & I have adjusted to life with Alice and am especially pleased with Alice's progress! So much that I feel Kim & her should be good on their own during the days, so I'm back to work. Where, you might ask? I am very happy to annouce that I've accepted a postion with WWF Canada (wildlife, not wrestling!) as their Infrastructure Architect. There are a lot of projects ahead of me in the coming months and I'm stoked to be working on them! It's been 2 days now, but I can already feel myself getting totally consumed... in the good way! :)

What else is new? The family camping trip was up @ the Nutshell this year instead of Algonquin... that's a huge shift in tradition! And it was awesome! I'd love to write more about it, but as I mentioned earlier, time is tight. Why? Well, for one, I need to get up for work in the morning! Big day tomorrow followed by a busy evening, and then a super early Friday morning when I get up to head out to the airport to fly out to AB for my sister-in-law's wedding. Yvonne & Steve are tying the knot this weekend and I'm excited to be a part of it! It's also Alice's first trip out west to meet her Opa, aunts, uncles and other relatives.

Anyway, a great week ahead of us and I hope to have another update for you soon. If not here, then on TheGirards.com. Hope all of you are doing awesome and are enjoying your summers! Cheers!


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