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June, 2003

----- 06.25.2003 --------
Although it's not Canada day yet... it's pretty close and I won't be able to update my site at all for awhile. Why's that? Because I'm going camping... so no updates for a while. Webcams will be off since I need them to upload surveilence photos. I love technology :) And if the pics are uploaded somewhere securely offsite, how could anyone destroy the evidence? I can't wait to unplug again. It's this time of year and just like last year and quite a few previous years... I need it. Don't get me wrong... I love the city and I love technology. Just like pizza.... but it still doesn't mean I'll eat it EVERY day :) Mmmm... pizza.... Well, not sure what to say other then I survived this past weekened, although the logs may indicate differently. You'll notice one was shizzolated. Thanks Snoop (& Rob for showing me the site :). OK... that's it. I'll leave it off with Happy Birthday Canada!!! I hope everyone has a great time!

----- 11:00 AM 6/22/03 ----
Well, the concert of SARS was last night. A lot of fun!!! Too bad that ACC stuff was jumbotronned in. I really could have done without that tripe. Oh well... Anyway, just ate breakfast... this weird pureee/omlette thingy. I think we got carried away with the ingredients! Completely raided the fridge and threw in a bunch of stuff.

-----1:25 PM 6/21/03 -----
It's June 20th.
Oh wait a sec,Rob has hand edit some html code. Know what I'm sayin? Rob just made a typo n' shit. - Tha dude had fix that shiznit by hand wit da cursor keys. Does tha dude not know 'bout Micro$oft's advanced text editting features in Front Page? Tha dude is an idiot.

------ 1:19 PM 6/21/03---
It's June 20th. Oh wait a sec,Rob has to hand edit some html code. Know what I'm sayin? Rob just made a typo. - He had to fix it by hand with the cursor keys. Does he not know about Micro$oft's advanced text editting features in Front Page? He is an idiot.

----- 06.18.2003 ---------
Where to start? Well, I might as well start where I left off. It was Sunday evening and I was going to go BBQ on the roof. Not 2 minutes after I uploaded my update, my friend Mel called and asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops. After having just gone on a long blade and had a chance to rest, I was 'Sure!'. First off... I don't really like basketball and haven't played in ages. Secondly, I've had maybe a half hour rest after being on my blades for a couple hours. Anyway, I figured what the hell so we played some 21 and I remembered how crap I was at basket ball. I had fun though and got to catch up with her. I haven't seen her since she got back from her Disney cruise lines job.... and she started back in January I think. Anyway, now that she's back hopefully I can go climbing again. I haven't gone yet since my shoulder injury, but really want to. I thought I was going to go tonight, but that plan got cancelled. Oh well... hopefully next week. Anyway, Monday night I went out blading with Jim & Blake down to the Beaches (Ash Bridges Bay). I haven't bladed that way before... I've always followed Cherry St. Anyway, it's a great stretch along the Martin Goodman Trail. In fact, I like it so much I went out again tonight. I figure it's probably about 16 KM return trip from my place. It was cool... I found the "end" of the trail :) And I know where it is on the West side, just past the Humber River Bridge, where I bladed to on Sunday. So... I know where I want to go by the end of summer. To one end, then to the other, then back home, which is about middle of the trail. It's 22 KM long from one end to the other, so it'll be 44 KM total trip. I don't see any reason I can't do that by the end of summer. I know I said 50 KM's earlier... and I still may do that. But I gotta start somewhere :) Anyway, to take a break from the blading, I gave blood yesterday. I think that playing squash afterwards may not have been the best idea. I got pretty dizzy and had a hell of a time getting up this morning. I was sooo dizzy and out of it. I'm feeling great now though, so all's well. As I'm writing this, I have "An Evening with Kevin Smith" playing in the background. He's "Silent Bob"... but more importantly, the creator of Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Great flicks! Anyway, this guy is funny! So as I'm writing, if you see something like cock master appear... you know why :) Well... I'm going to watch the rest of the show and go to bed. Hope all is well with everyone. PS- If you're waiting for new pics, you'll just have to wait longer. This weather's been too awesome to stay on my computer. Well what the hell do I think I'm doing write now? I'm obviously not carving this into a rock. This is different... it's easy and more importantly, Notepad doesn't crash my machine like Web Album Generator does. I just get so impatient with it all I end up putting things off. Deal with it. Sooner or later, I'll get those Open Eye pics up, as well as whatever others I have been promising. Right.... Later :)

----- 06.15.2003 ---------
Happy Father's day Dad! .... and to all of the other fathers out there as well. I just realized that we are halfway through June. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to April & May?!?!? I'll have to check my archive to see why it flew by so quick. Regardless, there's nothing I can do about it now anyway, except maximize on all of the warm days until winter's back. What better way to take advantage of the warm weather then to go for a blade. That's what I did yesterday, and then again today. I went out for about 2 hours today! What a great workout! I'm not even sure where I went... first I bladed to the office to do something quick that needs to be done off hours before tomorrow, then I was off. Nowhere in mind... just started blading. I started going east, but changed my mind around Yonge when I ran into tourists. This may be the summer of SARS in Toronto, and I guess our tourism is hurting for it. But if what I saw was a low tourist count, then I'm glad! I couldn't even fathom having to blade through more people then I have. I avoid congested areas, but leaving my place and coming back is alway a pain. Being in the Harbourfront can get pretty busy on a nice day. All these tourists! I don't mind them mostly, and they're good for the city, and a nice change from the ghost town it is in the winter.... but some of these people are sooo ignorant! People walking (if you could call it that) slower then snails, 4 people wide across the sidewalk. And I'm supposed to blade by them? I say "on your left", so what do they do? Move left! Bunch of idiots! Oh well... I won't even get into how much I hate people traffic. I'm glad I don't drive... if the "road rage" I experience on the sidewalk is any indication to how I would handle the traffic in this city... forget it! Where was I, anyway? Oh ya... blading. I ended up going between King & Richmond, heading west. I looked for empty streets and just zig-zagged my way through. I saw streets I've never seen before. I think I've found a new reason to blade besides exercise and the fun factor... learn more about the city I live in. The one they call Toronto. I ended up heading south at Jameson onto the path along the water and continued west to the humber bridge. I was hauling ass! After the bridge, I turned around and booked it home as quick as I could. For some reason it amuses me to pass bikes. I guess I don't understand the leisure bit of it all. I see it in a blur as I'm hustling to go that much quicker. I'll tell you one thing though... I am glad I quit smoking! I'm actually starting to feel a difference, and it's great! This breathing thing is so cool and under-rated! It's been 6 1/2 half weeks now and I'm now on "Step 2" patches. Another week and a half and I'll be onto Step 3 for 2 weeks. Then that's it! No more patches, no more nicotine in my system! OK, I'm not sure how anxious I am to no longer have nicotine. Oh well... it's for the better and with the price of smokes these days, I can definately do without! Well, it's still nice out and I've relaxed long enough now. What to do? I think I might hit the roof and BBQ myself up some chicken. Ya.. that's the ticket. I hope all is well. Later!

----- 06.09.2003 ---------
Hi all! Well, this weekend was the much anticipated Open Eye Festival. It went great and I had an awesome weekend! Yesterday was pretty crap because of all the rain, but the rest of the weekend was pretty nice and I have the tan to prove it! I can't believe how heavy the rain was yesterday!!! Now I have to dry my tent out... not easy for a condo-dweller without a yard. Well, I guess I'll have to set it up on the roof :) Like I said, other then that, it was an awesome weekend. The bands were good... ranging of course. Some were pretty awesome while others still probably need a little more practice. But that's OK... everyone starts somewhere, right? Unbelievably, I didn't get any pictures! Actually, I got like 2... of our camp site. I guess there's a huge downfall to digital cameras... you don't want to lose them and you don't want them to get wet! So, mine stayed in the test almost all weekend. Not so much for the moisture part, but I didn't want to lose it. I will post the ones I have, as well as some of the setup ones for you though. I'm sure a lot of pictures will emerge and I can always link to someone else's site :) And the bridge? How did it hold up? It didn't. It could have, if people used it for what it was intending... crossing the river and staying dry. But when you get a bunch of guys jumping on it with the intent of it breaking? It's bound to die. Anyway... that's what you get from drunk folk I guess. (???) But, it stayed up almost all weekend and I was happy to see people enjoyed it while it lasted. And it held up great to normal crosssings... as many as 4 at a time. But whatever happened to it was definately not normal wear and tear. Oh well... if there's a budget for next year, we'll build a better one. Considering this one only cost around $100... we got a lot out of it :) Anyway, I'm about to hop on my blades and go somewhere. Not sure where or how far yet... I just have to be back in 2 hours for my groceries to come (grocerygateway.com). Later!

----- 06.03.2003 ---------
Happy June everyone! Well, this weekend I was in Seaforth again with Ron helping Steve for the Open Eye Festival. We finished the bridge. If you didn't read about it early, this thing has been on my mind since we started digging rocks out of the river for it. Well, she's done. And she's purty. I don't have the time to get all my pics up yet from the 2 setup weekends, but I will post the bridge. Here's one pic and here's another. Not bad if I do say so myself! The other stuff, like the soound booth we worked on under lamp and flash light until 3 AM will be posted shortly. I promise. And hopefully before this weekend. Speaking of which... I've got friday off and am leaving Thursday night to get out there to set some more stuff up, including our campsite. Our campsite is sooo cool so far. We've got electricity (by way of truck battery, cigarette lighter plug on aligator clips and AC inverter) and a bunch of lights and tunes to hook up to it. Man, it's gonna rock! Anyway, I had the Animatrix on pre-order and it came today from Amazon. I'm going to watch some of it now while I wait for my laundry to finish. Speaking of which, it just stopped... time to put it in the dryer. One more thing before I go... I just hit 9 weeks of being smoke-free! Yes, completely smoke-free!!! Not as much as a single drag :) Ya me! The patch has been a HUGE help! Anyway...Ciao, and hope to see you this weekend!


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