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Archive: June, 2008

----- 06.27.2008 --------
It's Friday night and I'm currently waiting for my sister Laura to arrive. Tomorrow morning, we're heading up to Algonquin for the annual Girard Family (+ friends & others) camping trip. This tradition runs quite long... atleast 25 years, so who am I to break it this year? Anyway, before I go (and also to assist with my packing procrastination!), I thought I'd post an update.

Last night I went and saw Filter at the Guvernment. "Opiate for the Masses" and "10 Years" opened up... and they did a great job. It was a very solid show... one of the best I've seen this year! It and The Raconteurs may be a tie.... both beating out last week's Dave Mathews Band performance.

And Tuesday, I flew to New York for the day for work. It turned out to be a very long day and it was 2:30AM before I was back home. But it was mission-accomplished.... took care of what I went down for :) And as an added bonus, I met up with Nikesh, a guy I used to work with at Travelers. I had never actually met him before, but we spent countless hours on the phone deep in network config & discussions. We ate in Hell's Kitchen, on the west side of Manhattan. A small Italian restaurant... amazing! I had some "home-made ravioli" (which I'm sure were probably made in the restaurant!) and a delicious Ahi Tuna steak. After getting back in Toronto, I picked up the dogs and have been chillin with them since. They finally complete a new off-leash dog area around the corner from me in Alan Gardens park... the girls love it!

Well, before I leave you for a week & change, I want to leave with a video I just found on YouTube. I found it looking for something else.... someone stole a video label from a popular series I like ("You suck at Photoshop"... watch it!), but the message is good so I'll excuse them for the trickery. Please take 10 minutes out of your life to watch this, and if you agree with it... please pass the link along. I can't stress how important it is for us to have a shift in consciousness... EVERYTHING depends on it! Enjoy!

----- 06.22.2008 --------
This weekend was great! With some last minute planning, a few of us went up to Sabreena's cottage outside of Huntsville for the weekend. She's got a gorgeous cottage on a private island and it made for an awesome weekend! This was really my first cottage experience, and it was a great one! There were 6 of us... Kim, Sabreena, Mike, Mykalos, Christina and myself. We all got along great! Lots of great food & drink, playing around, hot tubbing, devil sticking, and tubing! The tubing was a definate highlight. Depending on the clips I got out of my camera, I may post something. And I may even post some pics too!

I'm sure I'm going to be super sore tomorrow. The tubing took a lot out of me physically. And on top of that, I managed to gather my fair share of bruises (and then some!) over the weekend. What else is new! Back in the city and I just thought I'd write a quick update while I'm waiting for my pics to download.

What else is new? This week (Wednesday), Kim & I went to Dave Mathews Band @ the Molson Amphitheatre with Blake & Mandy. It was a good show... bordering on a great show. However, for some reason, I just didn't feel the vibe of the crowd as intensely as I have at other concerts. No goosebumps. Oh well... it was still a lot of fun and the sound was amazing. Maybe I'm just bitter that he never played Crash into me. Anyway... time to call this update quits, finish up on my puter and hit the hay. Next weekend I'm off to Algonquin for a week... really looking forward to it! :) Oh, and before I forget, Tuesday I'll be in NY for work. Just a quick daytrip to take care of some things in our office down there. This week's gonna fly by.... ----- 06.15.2008 --------
First, let me start with a shoutout to my Dad! Happy Father's day! I hope you're having a great time in Banff! Lots of love from your son over in the T-dot.

Secondly, way back in May, I took some bird shots while I was down in Windsor visiting my folks. And I am finally getting around to posting them! Click Here for the gallery.

----- 06.10.2008 --------
Wow, June's here already! Where does the time go? And it's been a couple weeks since my last post. Lots going on, but not too much to report. Last week I went and saw the Raconteurs play at the Koolhaus. Awesome show! This weekend was full of fun and excitement... and too many beers. Hmmm... what else? I'm sure there's lots more, but I'm really tired and want a quick post to break into June so I wasn't stuck way back in May! I suspect my posts may slow down this summer since it's summer and the weather's great and I shouldn't be on a computer if I have a chance to be enjoying the nice weather. I have tons of winter for computing!!!

Tonight's soccer match went well. We lost 4-2, but it was a very honourable loss. This team beat us 9-0 the last time we played them and this time we did SOOOO much better! I'm proud of our team, we're really coming along! Not bad for a bunch of rookies!

Something kind of ironic (for lack of a better word!) happened at work last night. There were a couple printouts in the printer of pictures of trees. They were unclaimed and ended up in the recycling. How ironic! So, I thought of a picture. Here it is:

You like? Me too :) Anyway... I'm off to bed! It's getting late and I'm tired! More to follow another time.... Cheers all!


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