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    ARCHIVE: June, 2009

    ----- 06.22.2009 --------
    Wow, I'm a little surprised that I followed through with getting this album together even though I already had it up in a facebook album. It's nice to have it hear because one day, facebook could just disappear. Or I may want to disappear from facebook. Either way...


    I'll keep it very short... I'm tired and I'm going to go to bed. Hope you're all doing great! Hopefully I can squeeze in one more post before I go up to Algonquin this weekend, but if not, I'll post when I get back. And I'll have more pics for ya! Cheers!

    ----- 06.21.2009 --------
    First of all, a special shout out to the best Dad in the world... MINE! Thanks Dad, for being as awesome as you are! I hope some day I can be as great a Dad as you! :)

    It's 10:35pm on Sunday and somehow the day got away from me. I got my pics together from my trip out to Manitoba, however I don't have them put together into an album. Well, that's only partially true. I put them into a facebook album, just not a custom one for my site. So, if I get around to doing my album to post on here tonight, great. But if not, here's the facebook photo album to give you a heads up. The album on here will be higher resolution than what facebook allows, however they'll still only be a fraction of their full size. Enjoy!

    ----- 06.10.2009 --------
    It's going to be a late night tonight! I'm pretty tired after working, meeting up with my friend James (recently back from China), and then playing soccer (we won 3 - 1!)... and now it's time to pack! For what? I'm going to Manitoba tomorrow for some canoeing fun with my buddy Shawn and a few of his friends. So, I'm just taking care of some last minute digital details, such as making sure my SPOT GPS device is being shared for you guys @ home to track our progress. It's not anticipate to be too ambitious a trip in terms of ground covered, but you never know! Anyway, here's the shared page:
    Click here if the page below does not load properly in your browser

    Well, better run and tend to the rest of my packing and prep work.... my batteries won't charge themselves you know! Stay tuned... I hope to have some great pics and such up sometime next week. I get back Wednesday. Cheers!

    ----- 06.07.2009 --------
    I have some very exciting news to share with you! Kim & I are going to be Land Owners! We put in an offer on a piece of land we looked at last weekend and after a couple back an forths on price between our agents, we landed on a price and firmed the offer up! So, assuming everything goes well with the condo sale being finalized and with everyone else, we'll take posession on July 17th. It'll start as a recreational getaway, but I plan on building a dome (and then adding on more later) and eventually we can live their full-time. That's still a number of years away, but the seeds are planted! Here's a little video I put together after viewing the land last weekend. Had I thought I'd be making a video and posting it, I would have documented things a lot better, that's another think that I have a ton of time to do over the years. Enjoy the video!

    What else is new? Hmmm... it seems like there's so much going on, it's hard to recap. Last week Kim & I went to the NIN/JA concert... Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction. They played at the amphitheatre and put on a great show. I was especially impressed with Jane's Addiction. Hard to believe, but they haven't played Toronto since 1991.... 18 years ago! WOW.... to both the fact that long had pass and the fact they are still rockin'!

    Wednesday was soccer, which went pretty well. We tied. I hadn't play in 3 weeks because my ankles were giving me trouble from my last game. They're doing alright now, but I don't want to push my right one too hard.

    Kim left for New York on Wednesday night and comes back tomorrow. Her and her bride maids are hanging out, having a spa weekend type of thing. It's her equivalent to my bachelor party, which will be coming up in July. Speaking of things related to the wedding, we're making honey moon plans. My parents have a membership with a resort/time-share company. They've offered us points to stay at a place we like and after going through the fairly extensive catalog of places to stay, we think we're going to go to Turkey! Very excited about that! :)

    What else? Oh yes... planning for a canoe trip with my buddy Shawn and some of his Friends in Manitoba. I'll fly into Winnipeg on Thursday night and we head out Friday morning for 4 or 5 days. I'll fly back to Toronto early Wednesday morning. The route we're doing is the Rabbit River - Cole Lake. YOu can see it on on this PDF. It's located in Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba.

    Other than that, things at work are humming along. And wedding planning is going well. Built out a site for it this week (it's been a busy week!). You can see it at www.mikgirardwedding.com. It seems like my summer is practically all booked up and full and it hasn't even started yet! Hopefully I'll be able to get up to the land for some fun exploration, camping, and to start planning how it's going to look. First things first, I think I need to get a steel shipping container up there to store some tools, camping gear, and eventually a canoe. As well as get a well drilled so I have access to clean water. With proper care of the water, I should be able to drink it right out of the river. I was in MEC yesterday, looking at purifying options for my camping trips and came across the MSR MIOX Purifier. It's tiny... the size of a pen. I found a very detailed review for it here. I'm thinking it might be the perfect thing to have on hand up at the land in the short term until a more permanent water source is available and functional.

    Well, that's it for now. I'm just hanging out with my dogs (Trixie and Sally). I got them Tuesday, before going to the concert and should have them a couple weeks. I miss having them around. We went for a bunch of nice walks this weekend.... great weather! Speaking of walks, I think we'll go for one more now before the sun disappears. By for now!


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