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----- 03.25.2003 --------
Well, this weekend turned out to be quite a bender. Went out Friday and Saturday, but it was Sunday that stung me. A friend of mine who I play pool with, Gordy, just turned 50 on the weekend. So, a bunch of us from the neighbourhood went to celebrate @ the Peel Pub, then continued on at our home bar, the Waterfront. I got pretty loaded, but I guess that's what I get for going out in the afternoon! Oh well, atleast I got to bed at a somewhat decent hour. Needless to say, Gordy couldn't make it to pool on Monday. That actually surprised me a bit... he must have been really hung over! Speaking of pool, we lost :( It was a good night though, and could have been worse (3 - 6). The team is one of the top ones, and next week, we play the top team. It should get easier after that one in the playoffs... until we play them again :) It's single elimination... who knows, maybe they'll get knocked out early. So, next week is our last of the regular season. Should be fun! As for squash, I played tonight in a ladder match and won 3 - 1. I'm improving, but the smoking really doesn't help. Oh well... better to smoke and atleast get excercise then to smoke and do nothing. In fact, I think smoking and playing squash is better then not smoking and sitting around on my ass. Tomorrow night I'm going climbing with Dave again, this time to Joe Rockhead's, where I've never been before. It's Canada's largest indoor climbing facility, so I'm looking forward to it! We plan on climbing every Wednesday... I'm hoping for some serious follow-though, on both our parts. Anyway... I'm tired and going to bed. I've got a an early meeting tomorrow morning :( If I can find some time, I'll post all the links I've been holding back and reorganize that page. As well, I've got a lot of new pics from the weekend and the week before. Can you say St. Paddy's day? :) Check back sometime next week... Ciao!

----- 03.19.2003 --------
Well, I finally hit a wall... in a good way! I went climbing with my buddy Dave tonight. It felt great to finally climb again. I haven't been since November! It was a little disappointing because I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but what can I expect? It's been over 3 months! I did however make it to the top of one run I've never been able to do before. They changed the holds, as they always do, and it was now a 5.7 to make it to the top. That just meant bigger holds, because it sure didn't do anything against the incline, which was steep! Anyway, enough about climbing. Quick pool update.... we played St. Paddy's day and won 6 - 3. It was great because the team was good, and ranked higher then us, but we took 'em out anyway. We had the luck of the Irish on our side. This weekend a couple buddies from back home (Windsor) came up to visit. On Sunday we went to a kick ass concert. It was Disturbed, Chevelle, Taproot, and Unloco. It was wicked! I was deaf after for a day or two, but it's a small price to pay. I was in the pit for a while as well, but that didn't last more then a couple songs. It was just too hot and I couldn't even pay attention to the music with the chaos around me. I kinda regret leaving, but I was hot and had to go to the washroom. I would have gone back in, but there were way to many people to squeeze past. Anyway... like I end most updates... it's time to go to bed. See you back soon!

----- 03.13.2003 --------
As promised, here are the pics from about 2 weeks ago when I decided to shave my head. Yes, it was a spur of the moment thing. Yes, the idea came to me over a few (few?!?!?) beers at the bar. But, I got some funny pics out of it. As an added bonus, I've loved having a shaved head. I hope you don't like hair on my, cause I'm not sure I'll let it grow back. Anyway, finally one (of many) promise that came through. Now... if only I weren't so tired, I'd update my links page. Unfortunately it just feels like way too much work right now. That page needs an overhaul... some more categories I think. For example, any links to games should be under "Games", not sites of interest or humour. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics! I'll have a new spinning head at some point, but like I said earlier, I'm tired, so not now. Check back soon... You know, I spend all day on a computer. I mean, you kinda have to enjoy them if you're going to make a career out of them. I definately do, but sometimes too much is too much. Well, outside of computer this & that, I played some squash tonight. It felt great! I felt I was playing at a higher level tonight. That may explain why I'm so tired. Speaking of which, time to hit the sack. Later!

----- 03.11.2003 --------
Hey folks, hope all is well. I just got home from a squash game, and thought I'd write a quick update before I run over to a friend's to help him with his computer. Ah, the life of a techie. Anyway, last week I put in my longest work day ever... a record I hope I never beat! I was 15 minutes shy from a whopping 27 hour day!!! I was upgrading one of our servers last Thursday night and things went wrong... really wrong! I took all the precautions, even ran the upgrade on the mirror dev server. Anyway, on one of the reboots, I didn't get the "Control-alt-delete to log on". I had a mouse cursor, but that was it. No problem... last known good. Wrong. Alrighty, safe mode. Nope, try again. Recovery console? Nope. Reinstall... ah crap! Even that couldn't bring it up!!! So, I had to install a new instance of the server.... and rebuild the config from scratch!!! It sucked! All my preps, backing up the metabase for IIS, etc etc... and it was all useless! Because I had just gone NT 4 to Win2K (on a PDC, of course!!), the IIS 4 files were junk. Oh well... I stayed till she was done. Or almost done atleast... I was for the best, I wanted to get rid of that domain anyway. Plus the server needed some serious re-config to move to our new DMZ so it all turned out well. I just wasn't expecting my day to run that long! Well... after all that, I went to the bar for a few pints and then home to pass out. I was pumped, I'll tell you that much! There's no adreneline like the kind you get when you say "oh shit" to yourself. Saturday I got up, went shopping for some new clothes (much needed!) and ended up buying an XBox as well. You can guess where the rest of my weekend went :) I love Halo! That brings us up to last night, pool. We won 5 - 4 and had a great night! Then tonight I had squash, after that, I'm updating my site. Unfortunately I gotta run, but I do have a list that's growing too quickly titled "Things to do on my site". I've got some funny pics, a new spinning head to add to the collection, and a bunch of great links. Stay tuned... there's stuff coming... sometime! See ya later....

----- 03.04.2003 --------
Happy Mardi Gras! Oh, to be in New Orleans right now. But I'm not :( I went out tonight for Mardi Gras, but it was pretty low key. Went to Al Frisco's and I expected a little more. They renovated up there and it just isn't the same anymore. Not really my type of place... Anyway, that's a good thing, because it's relatively early, I'm home, and I'll get some sleep tonight. This weekend was a good one! Friday was a going away party for a friend from work and Saturday night my buddy Jamie & I went out. Saturday night turned out to be pretty funny.... long story, but I ended up with a shaved head. It's a great change! I can wear a toque in the cold weather, not to mention my shampoo and gel bills have plummeted ;) I have some funny pics from when I did it. Why else do I do anything? Of course, it's for content for my site :) I'll get the pics up soon, so stay tuned. Sunday was Gordy's Sugar Shack party. What a blast! I'm not a big cider fan, but if it's once a year, I can handle that :) Last night was pool, and we won 6 - 3. OK, I just realized I'm not all that talkative afterall. A few weeks back I said I got some good news that I'd share. Well, it's gone from good news, to no news, to me just not being all that happy. Good times and bad times, right? That's what makes the world go 'round. If you wanna know more, I'll fill you in with the details. Anyway... I'm off to bed. G'nite all.

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