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Archive - March, 2004

----- 03.28.2004 --------
OK, so maybe it's not totally blading season yet, it's close! I went out on my for the first time this year. It felt great, like it was yesterday that I bladed last. I didn't push it much, but I figure I went about 12 KM today. It was really windy, or I probalby would have gone a little further. It's till pretty cold too.... sure, it looked sunny, but in the shade, it was barely above freezing. But, it was above freezing and things are only going to warm up more. Hooray! :) Well... I better get back the Sopranos... don't want to miss any of it :) Hope all's well with everyone... cheers!

----- 03.25.2004 --------
For those who have been following our pool team, Harbour Sports Grill #1, it's all come down to this Monday. This Monday marks the first night of play offs. We play against W.C. Fields... a team I feel we can beat. It's single elimination, so a win is a must. Either way, I'm so happy it's almost done. I say this every year, and every year I end up roped in it again. I think I need a new strategy for next year.... one that keeps me OUT! :) On the topic of pool, our end-of-season banquet was this past Monday. It was awesome! Great people, great games.... and free food! Yeah! Oh, and the Labatt's Sterling girl in the silver tube top? WOW! Anyway... it was an awesome night. Tonight, after work, I had my first ladder match since I've been back from Australia. Also, it was my first time playing squash with contacts. I got some on Monday... wow, what a difference! Did you know there's lines that mark when it's out? OK... they're not that bad! Anyway, I won my ladder match 3 - 0! The guy I played cleaned the court with me about a year and a half ago, maybe 2 years. Payback is great :) After that I started playing a game with a guy that hasn't been around the club in the last 6 months or so. He's a great player and if I were to ever beat him, it would have had to been tonight. I was up 3 - 0 in the first game when my ankle rolled over on me and I went down. I've got some ice on it now and I'm hoping it'll be fine by next week. I took all the precautions and think I've salvaged the best I could out of what could have been a potentially disasterous injury! So, since I was off the squash court, it was up to the weight room to work out with Chris. It was a good day as I hoisted new weights. I'm up to 60 lbs dumbbells for a flat bench press (sets of 6+). I was hoping to have hit 65'ers by the end of this month, but I guess I'll just have to do it next month. Oh well... lots of time and it feels good to see my improvement since I started out in September. Summer's coming soon so I better keep at the pace I am now, which is 5 days/week. Besides, it keeps me out of trouble. Mostly :). Anyway... I think it's time to end this and go watch the Leafs game that's in the background. GO LEAFS GO! They're up 2 - 0 over the Bruins... they better take this! GO LEAFS GO!

----- 03.21.2004 --------
How does a week fly by so fast? And how is the weekend over already?!?!? This year is just flying by! I can't believe March is almost behind us! WOW! Well... what's been going on since my last update? St. Paddy's Day? AWESOME! I went to the Madison Ave. Pub (aka The Maddy). What a wicked night! I had soooo much fun! That place was packed. I heard there were about 2000 people there! If you've never been to the Maddy, it's some old houses converted into a giant pub. It's got like 4 levels and I don't know how many rooms and patios. It's absolutely huge! Like I said, it was a blast! That brings us to Thursday. I took the morning off... booked in advance so I could sleep in. What a great idea that was! That night I played some squash. About 2.5 hours of it! It felt great! Friday, I went down to Hakim optical and ordered some contact lenses. I've never had them before and I'm really looking forward to being able to see clearly without my glasses. I do pretty well without them since my prescriptions's a weak -.25 and -.5, however it's nice to see details. And glasses really are a pain in the ass. Maybe if my eyes normalize I'll think of laser eye surgery, but not until then. It'd be a real waste to get them done only to need it again in a year or two. Moving on... Friday night I went to go see "Dawn of the Dead" with my buddy Blake. Unfortunately it was sold out so we saw "Secret Window" instead. Crap. Don't see it. Save your money. I don't even think it's a renter. What a waste of time. Oh well... I'll have to see "Dawn of the Dead" another time. I've heard it's got some good ratings. Looks like "28 days later", which was awesome. I like an doomsday, EOTF type movie. Well... I think it's time to end this here and get back to watching Jackass. I just watched "Viva la Bam" before it. What a funny show! The whole show was about Bam's dad, Phil, not eating for 24 hours. Bam put "Don't feed Phil" posters everywhere and told every restaurant around not to feed him. It was pretty funny! Anyway, gotta run! They're boxing on stilts on Jackass. :)

----- 03.16.2004 --------
Hey folks, Happy St. Paddy's Day! And Kyle... Happy Birthday if you're reading this. What a great day for a birthday! Wanna trade? OK... where to start? I guess anywhere is fine. I just got home from the gym and I'm in a nice, relaxed mood. I've been going a lot lately... actually every week night now for the past 6 weeks. I may have missed the odd night... but I can't remember when the last time that was. It seems to be going well. Although I'm not physically seeing too much progress, I know I'm making it. All my weights are going up and I'm just pushing it until that next plateau comes. Hopefully never :) It's funny, once you've got a routine going, giving 5 nights a week to the gym doesn't even seem like much. It's just "normal". Amazing what you can get your body to do with the right motivation! Anyway, besides the gym, I've been trying to carry a life. Work's going really well. So are my weekends. And pool? Well it's finally done! Atleast as of last night, we're done regular season. Next Monday is the banquet, which should be a blast!!! The following Monday will be the first round of playoffs. We actually pulled it together in the end and feel pretty good going into it. Check out the Pool League's Website. As I've mentioned before, we're Harbour Sports Grill #1. Man, playing out of that place was great! It took quite a bit of effort and convincing on my part, but finally the owner agreed to sponsor us. It worked out great for the both of us! It's with mixed feelings that it comes to an end. It's been a too demanding having to go out every monday, so I think this will be my last season. Besides, I've lost my game and play pretty crap nowadays anyway. I'd still beat you, but that's besides the point! As you can see, I may have lost my game, but not my cockiness :) What else is new? Snow! I haven't seen snow in a while... and here it is, blowing and snowing outside. I can't really say I missed it all that much! I'd much rather be in tropical Australia!!!! :( I miss it already! Well... I think I'm going to make some dinner. I bought a new frying pan over the weekend that I want to try out. Barnes & Castle at the Eaton sale had a huge sale on! Up to 80% savings on pretty much everything!!! If you live in Toronto, go check it out! They've got what you need for your kitchen. Before I call this entry quits, there is one more thing... time for a renovation! Nothing huge, but I think I'm going to paint my place. Assuming it turns out well, I've got plans to brick a couple walls too. I have any idea in my mind that I think would look great in my place and really "warm" it up in here. When I do it, I'll fire up the webcam and either broadcast it live (some of you may remember when I did this while installing my hardwood floor way back in Oct 2002?). And if not live, I'll try some stop-motion footage :) I just love the way those work! And they usually turn out great for painting a room in 30 seconds! Anyway... that's all for now. Cheers! And enjoy your green beer... I know I will! :)

----- 03.10.2004 --------
I just got home from going to see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with a couple friends Jamie & Chris. I felt pretty beat from my workout earlier and actually fell asleep sometime during the first half hour or so! I was so wiped! Anyway, I quickly woke up and watched the rest. I forgot how LONG it is!!! That ending is just too long. As I sat in my seat trying to get comfortable, all I was reminded of was my trip back from Australia. Sitting there, knowing I'll be sitting there for hours longer... :) Don't get me wrong... it's an awesome film, I would just rather watch it at home. However, it was playing in the IMAX theatre. Sure, it was still 35mm (instead of IMAX's 70mm), but the sound made it worth while. Actually, the picture itself was pretty bad! There were lines and marks all over it! We almost went to ask for our money back. We decided not to bother since it's kind of tough to convince someone you sat through 3.5 hours and want a discount! Well... that's my take on it. What else is new? Sugar Shack (Cabane a sucre) was a blast on Sunday. We had a great time and I got to bed at a decent hour :) Last night I can't really say the same since it was a pool night. We won 6 - 3. Yeah! And I won my singles match for a change! Next Monday is our last night (FINALLY!!!!) and then the following Monday is the pool league banquet. After that, play offs begin. Single elimination. We've done well in the past... I'm hoping we can pull it together again. All year long you play for positioning in the play offs... but that doesn't mean anything in the final outcome. So... keep your fingers crossed for us! Btw, here's the Monday Night Pool League Web Site if you're interested in knowing more. My team is Harbour Sports Grill #1. Well, I better hit the hay! That nap during the movie just isn't going to cut it. I all is well with everone. Cheers!

----- 03.07.2004 --------
I'm just waiting for my buddy Chris to come over, then we're going to head over to Gordie's for his annual "Sugar Shack". He throws this party every year, and traditionally, it's a sunday. Everyone's drinking cider. I'm not sure what the history behind it is, but I'm pretty sure it's a french tradition. Anyway, it should be a ton of fun.... it has been previous years. Anyway... Chris just got here, so I'll have to get back to this later. Cheers!


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