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Archive - March, 2005

----- 03.29.2005 --------
Just a very quick update... I'm back in Toronto, home safe from Vancouver. I had a great time and was able to catch up with a few friends I hadn't seen in a few years. I fished, but never caught anything.... isn't that kind of like the tree falling in the forest? If I didn't catch anything, did I really fish? Anyway, I had a great time and got a chance to unwind, take in some fresh air and relax. And the relaxation is definately over! Which is why I'll keep this very short... I'm on my way out. Later this week or on the weekend I'll fill you in more on my trip, as well as root through the ton of pics I took and pick which ones to post. Yes, pics are coming... K, gotta run! Cheers!

----- 03.12.2005 --------
Tomorrow I'm off to Vancouver for a couple weeks. I'm looking so forward to getting out of the city for awhile. Work's going well but it's really busy. More then anything, I'm looking forward to some vacation time! I'm working the first week out there, then the next week is mine. I'm going to meet up with some buddies I haven't seen in a while, fish, and relax! I've been out to Vancouver before, but always for work and haven't had a chance to just hang out there. This will be great! I'll bring my camera and take lots of pics. Hopefully of me holding a big trout or salmon :)

Well, last weekend was Jen's birthday. She had a party in the party room in her condo. We had a great time! Here's a picture of her & her cake.... isn't she pretty! The birthday princess.... ;) Speaking of her, I better wrap this up as we are about to watch "The Forgotten". We just got though watching "Shall we Dance". I know... total chick flick, but it wasn't THAT bad. Anyway, hopefully I'll get a chance to update from out west. Until next update... Cheers!

----- 03.02.2005 --------
First things first...please do me a favour and Fill out my friend's survey. It's intended for folks who live downtown Toronto. Thanks!

Just thought I'd take a few minutes and blog an update. This past weekend was a great one! Jen & I took last Friday off and headed up to her Uncle's up in Orangeville. He's got a beautiful house right on the lake, complete with wood burning stove! Now a wood burning stove may not be your thing, but when there's a ton of snow outside, there's nothing better! Warm and snuggly :) Saturday morning we got up, had some breakie, then made our way down to Windsor. It was a "Meet the Fockers" weekend :) We had a great time, although brief. While we were down there we hit Costco. I rarely get there and when you get used to Rabba prices, that place is insane! I can't believe how cheap everything is! I picked up a bunch of meat for my chest freezer :) It's not going to fill itself! Anyway, Sunday we made our way back up to Toronto. I had 4 garbage bags full of stuff for Goodwill so we dropped them off while we still had the car. Oh ya, I didn't mention that.... we rented a car. We ended up with a full size car.... a Grand Marquis to be exact! It had it's pros and cons. Cons being it's size. An unexpected pro was the fact that many cop cars are grand marquis, so when we were on the highway, it was like Moses parting the Red Sea :) Brake lights everywhere! Then they'd realize we weren't cops and they'd speed up again. Too funny!

What else is new? I had a squash match tonight! I hadn't played in probably 3 weeks. It felt good! I lost, but it was still a lot of fun. My knees are a little tender though, so I'll have to keep up the stretches I learned from my physiotherapist. After my match I hit the weights for a bit and worked out my shoulders. Looks like it will be another 5 workout week for me. I've been pretty good at going to the gym. In fact, I'm pretty damn proud of myself! Since I came back from Australia over a year ago, I think the longest I've been inbetween workouts is about a week. And that was only twice or 3 times. All the other times I've been working out 3+ times per week. It's a little frustrating sometimes. I think I'm at a plateau right now. Time for a new workout. I switched my routine up in October and saw some good gains. Time to do it again... I'm flat-lining.

This weekend is Jen's birthday. She's having a party on Saturday.... it should be a lot of fun! Then on Sunday I'm going to Gordie's Sugar Shack party, like I do every year. It's a great time to hang out with my neighbours. Too bad it starts so early. Drinking cider starting at 11 AM can lead to a wicked hangover come Monday morning!!!! This year I think I'll take it easy though and call it quits nice and early. Anyway, I better get running now. I've got some pics I took yesterday of the snowfall. Look for them on my pics page.... if I post them. I guess it depends how much energy I have, and how much time. K, take care all! Cheers!


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