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Archive: March, 2008

----- 03.28.2008 --------
OK, so judging by today's heading (Wow! What a Sandwich!), there can't be too much going on if the highlight of a post is a sandwich, especially since it's been like 2 weeks since my last update! But wow, I just had one of the best sandwiches ever!!! And the place has been practically under my nose for 6 months and not until today did I set foot inside. The place? "Sandwiched", on Church St, just south of Carlton. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if the sandwich they serve you is anyone like the one I had. I was called the "Wanna be Italian" and had chicken, proscuito (amazing!!!!), provolone and a bunch of toppings. And to top it off, like they do all their sandwiches? Fries inside! No, maybe this sandwich isn't gym-approved... but it was delicious. And I just had a good monster workout at the gym, so I felt I deserved it. Anyway, best sandwich I've had in Toronto in a LONG time.... or maybe anywhere else for that matter! And the service? The guy behind the counter, presumably the owner, was so proud of his sandwich and service! He even gave me a piece of the proscuito (sp?) while I was waiting because he was bragging about how delicious and hard to find it is. And he hand picked it from a choice of tons of delis. Anyway, I'd love service like that in high end place, let alone a sandwich shop! They've got a new customer hooked!

So there must be more going on than just a great sandwich in my life, right? Things are crazy, and life is pressing on. I'll be back in the townhouse in a couple weeks and hopefully some of the chaos will die down.... but not really. The chaos is simply life, and I've been taking it head on lately... and it's been refreshing. And to help me on my journey, I've had lots of support and inspiration, primarily in the form of audio books. But there's a new source that just came to me the other day... like yesterday. A friend of mine has masterminded a website with his wife, and amazingly, it all came together in the past month or so. The site is EvolvingBeings.com, and a sub-site called EvolvingWellness. I am right on board with the mindset of these sites, especially the Evolving Beings site and I am excited to see where it goes! I encourage you to check it out.

Anyway, life's mostly been work, work-outs, and sleeping... with a few beers in on the weekend. I just had to post and check-in with all of you to let you know things are going well. I'll see you again in April! Cheers!

----- 03.13.2008 --------
Where did March come from? And how am I already almost halfway into it? Wow! Anyway.... on with an update. So today I had my 2nd fitness assessment at the gym. The first was back in January when I first joined, and this one was my first marker to see how I'm doing. I was pleased with my results. I had lost 11 lbs, 2% body fat, and inches all over, ranging from small 1/2 inches here and there to 3" off my belly... where I want the inches least. Not a bad start... but that's all it is. I look forward to my next assessment, but more so, to the change in my workout plan coming on Monday. I've been in the same routine and I'm starting to plateau... change is necessary.

I guess there's not too much to update on. Work and the gym take up most of my time, and then I come back to my small parkdale room and read/listen to audio books/sleep. I don't have a TV here and it's great! No more cable for me I think. Movies are nice, but I'm finding I have more productive time on my hands without tv shows. We'll see how long this lasts! Anyway, that's all for now. If I don't get a chance to post again before Monday, then have a Happy St. Paddy's day! Oh... and happy birthday to my buddy Kyle out in Vancouver, he's lucky enough to share his B-day w/ St. Paddy. Cheers!

----- 03.07.2008 --------
Here we are in the wee hours of March 7th. It's late (or should I say EARLY!), but I felt compelled to get my pics up. If not now, I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. This way, they're up and out of the way... one less thing for me to carry around on my to do list.

While I was at it, I updated the animated head shot on the left. The other was from August 2006.... it was overdue for a replacement! Unfortunately, this one has the white around it. In the past, I used a different program to animate the gif. This time, I used photoshop and although everything looked find on screen, the border got rendered funny. I even subtracted a couple pixels from every frame and it's still there. That was a HUGE waste of time trying to correct it.... and for nothing. Oh well, it's still a fun pic :) Ever click on it before? If not, you're in for a treat. And no, I don't take myself all that seriously!

Oh yes... the pics. You can find them here or click on the pic below:

----- 03.06.2008 --------
Well, sadly, I'm back from Arizona. As great as it was, you've always got to come back to reality. Unfortunately, the reality in this case includes a ton of snow! But hey, it was awesome to take a few days away from it! I'm just working on getting all my pics together. I took a ton, especially of the Grand Canyon, so it's going to take some time. But wiht any luck, I can get 'em up tonight. So, less updating, more picture sorting and processing, arranging, and uploading. Bye for now!


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