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ARCHIVE: March, 2009

----- 03.03.2009 --------
Sort of sad... I closed another chapter in my book of life. Which chapter? The one where I had a fun & cool car. That's right, the lease is up on my 2006 Monte Carlo SS and I returned it to the dealer tonight. A great ride! That car treated me well :) And too bad GM discontinued them. Oh well, there are other cars and fortunately I walk to work and don't NEED a car. Still... I'll miss driving her.

This update will remain short because I'm using a temp keyboard that's hard to type on. I spilled a bit of beer on my other and even though I pooped off and washed all the keys I "thought" were affected (the num pad), there are appear to be others that are striking when I'm not striking them. OK... this flexible rollout keyboard is uncomfortable. Hope your Marches are off to a great start. Later! PS - I knew the Dow would hit 7000 by march! Unfortunately, I didn't want to see 6000, but I feel it's heading our way sooner than we'd like :(


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