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----- 05.31.2004 --------
This weekend I'll be participating in the Heart & Stroke Foundation's "Ride for Heart". I've mentioned it earlier, but now I'm actually registered. Anyway, I'll be skating it, not biking it. It's 20 K which is well within my ability. In fact, I wish it were double that length... but I can always just do that on my own. As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on blading yesterday. And that's what I did. Rebecca came over and I tuned up our skates. We were both in need of a wheel rotation. I wasn't sure how she could skate, but she did great! We went 26+ K.... this sunday should be a breeze for us :) Maybe we'll push it a little more on sunday though... really make it burn :) Anyway, the Heart & Stroke foundation does some great research. We all have hearts, right? One of these days you or someone you love will have a problem with theirs. It's almost inevitable. Wouldn't it be great to make sure there's a cure or fix for whatever ailment that may be? Here's your chance to help:
Thanks to everyone who's already sponsored me. I'll be sure to include my thanks to your somewhere on my page. Maybe a new wall of fame? It's about time I had a new content section. Anyway, now it's up to you to help :) Thank you all very much!

----- 05.30.2004 --------
It's 3:15 AM, sunday morning (read: saturday night) and I just finished cleaning. For now. I can't go on. I can't.... :( I've been cleaning for over 7 hours now and I'm sick of it. On the bright side, I did a very throughough job and if I can keep this place maintained, I can avoid these crazy cleaning sessions. My bathroom is sparkling now! OK, sparkling may not be totally accurate, but it's sterile, that's for sure. After 3.5 rolls of bounty, a can and a bottle or two of various cleansers and disinfectants, I can safely say it's clean! I should go to bed, but for some reason I'm not tired. I should be! I'm running on only a couple hours of sleep. Why didn't I stop cleaning earlier and finish it tomorrow? Ahh... now you're on to something :) A girl I met thursday night is coming over so we can go blading. There's no way I'd let her see my place after the bomb I'll call "MAY 24" hit it! This place is actually looking respectable again. Except the kitchen. Although the floor is nice and clean, there's some cleanup to do there. Probably less then an hour. Oh well, if that's all there is, I'm fine with that. No bachelor (without a maid) has a 100% clean home. Unless of course they're unemployed, then they might find the time. Anyway, I'm feeling good about it now that's behind me. I de-cluttered as well. Rearranged a few things. All's good now! Oh, I almost forgot! Today was my first footy match! I didn't play becuase of the splint on my broken finger, but I was a big help! Not only did I get a to finally see a game to get an understanding of it (without being thrown blindly into it), but I got to participate and pull my weight as a team member. That's right... the water boy! :) It's not what you're thinking though, You see, and to my surprise, you're allowed on the field during play, as long as you're not an extra player wearing a jersey. Can you believe that? Anyway, the field is a huge oval, up to 185M long! I'd run out with a couple water bottles and try to water the guys on the field. I had to run away from the plays so many times! When you're not really sure what's going on in the game to begin with, this proved to be quite interesting! Anyway, it gave a really good understanding of what was going on out there since I was right there in it. All I can say is I'm really going to enjoy this game! It's fast paced, a wicked workout, and you get to level people. In my case, I'll be the leveled. But not forever :) Anyway, I better get some sleep or rotate my wheels. On or the other, I've got a long blade ahead of me tomorrow. I hope everyone's weekend has been as fun AND productive as mine's been so far. K. Bye.

----- 05.28.2004 --------
Where to start? It seems like ages since I've last updated! Well, to sum up last weekend, it was a blast!!!! I had a ton of fun... but maybe I was only looking for a couple pounds of fun. Anyway... I'm alive, but I'm not sure how. Once the weekend ended, the last thing on my mind was another beer! I felt like crap for days after. Well, here I am on friday, and I feel grrrreat! I went to the gym today for the first time in just over a week. I'm still wearing my splint on my finger, but only for a couple more days. I took it off to work out and things went well. Actually, I was very impressed. I guess my body got some rest because I could push as much as my best days. And that's after last night. You see, a friend of mine from work, Jeff, had his 30th birthday yesterday. I didn't want to go out, but he played "that card". You know, that card you can't turn down. Anyway, it turned into a late night, but I had a blast! And so did everyone else there. Anyway... here I am at today. I'm sure I had lots more to originally yap about, but I can't remember now. Oh... one more thing. Tomorrow will be my first footy match. I won't play, not only because of my finger, but mostly because I have no idea how the game works and don't want to screw up. I'll see it from the sidelines, go to practice Tuesday, and then hopefully play my first game next Saturday. Speaking of next weekend, it's the "Ride for Heart" biking/blading-athon. I'm going to do the 20K. I still need to register, but check back real soon. I'll have a link so you can sponsor me... online! C'mon.... it's a good cause! Anyway, check back soon. OK, that's it for me for now. Taker cheezy everyone....

----- 05.22.2004 --------
Here we are at the May 2-4 long weekend again. I'm actually staying in the city for a change! This is the first May 2-4 long weekend I can think of where I never went camping. Oh well... that's alright. For one, it's cool to experience the city during a long weekend. It's like the twilight zone at the bars! Last night was weird... but great! I had a great night out at a few bars. The second reason I'm around is that my buddy Shawn is in town. I haven't seen him in about a year! He's always fun to party with and speak geek. Speaking of geek.... what's a geek doing trying to play footy?!?!? I should know better! I enjoyed my 2nd practice, and it was a great workout, but my tiny chicken-bone fingers aren't designed for such a game. I jammed my pinky finger trying to catch a ball, and then again during a drill. Now that's my fault since I don't know how to properly catch. I'll get the hang of it. In the mean time, I'm stuck with this splint and it's a painin the ass to type with! To my surprise, my finger was actually broken! Oh well... my ring finger will have to pick up the slack and hit ENTER and BACKSPACE for a while.... lol. Well, I'm just killing some time right now waiting for my groceries. They're running late, but that's fine because I can't leave anyway. I'm waiting for my new bed to come! That's right, no more futon! 12 years was tooooo long! So I ran up to Bad Boy and my cousin, who's manager there, gave me a sweet deal! They're delivering my bed today.... I can't wait to sleep tonight! Or maybe tomorrow night or the next night. With Shawn around I won't get much sleep. Look out Toronto! And if any fierce viruses or incidents happen this weekend... it's not us! We've got alibies... :) Cheers folks, and enjoy your long weekends! Canadians that is... you yanks can have yours next weekend. Enjoy it then :) GO FLAMES GO!!!! The cup's coming home to Canada!

----- 05.17.2004 --------
Well, it's Monday night and I don't have pool. How awesome!!!! I'm sure these "boring" monday nights will get repetitive and I'll itch for pool or something else to fill them, but for right now, it's great! After work I popped by Sleep Country Canada. I think I'm in the market for a new bed. I've been sleeping on the same old futon for about 12 years now... I think it's time for a change! I haven't been sleeping well and I just couldn't put my finger on it. But this past weekend in Jersey, I slept great (or what little sleep I had was great). And finally I realized it's the bed! I sleep way better in Hotel beds then I do in my own! Well, that'll change! My cousin's a manager at Bad Boy, so I'll pop by and hopefully he can score me a good deal. If not, I'll just have to shop around like everyone else and barter the best deal I can. I tried one of the beds in the show room... I almost fell asleep right there!!! I couldn't beleive what I've been missing!! It's something to look forward to in a week or two. After that, I went to the gym for a workout, which is pretty much what I do after work everyday. Tomorrow I've got another Footy practice, so although I won't be in the gym, I'll still get a good work out. Hopefully my foot & ankle have toughened up so I don't bruise again from kicking the damn footy, but I doubt it. You take whatever punishment is dished out I guess. This past weekend was a good one. My buddy Sean (Hotel Sean... I seem to know a lot of Seans & Shawns) is moving to Vancouver. Actually, he left yesterday. He's found a girl out there and decided she's worth pursuing. So, he loaded up the truck and he moved to Beverley. Hills that is... errrr... I mean mountains. In Vancouver. Not Beverley Hills. OK, I'm losing it. Anyway, we had a bit of a going away party for him at the Dodger. What a fun night! I didn't get there till later because I had another party to go to first. And that was a blast... too bad I had to leave around midnight. If only I could figure out that two places at once thing... Anyway, I don't have all that much more to say. I hope to hear from my lil sis in Australia soon. I was just on the phone with my Mom tonight when I found out she got robbed! I'm glad she's alright!!! Apparently it happened between about 4:30 and 6am.... while she was sleeping! That's pretty scary! I got robbed once before when I first moved to Toronto. It's a horrible feeling! But, I guess she happens and I'm glad she's alright. Well, I guess I better sign off and enjoy the rest of my pool-free monday evening. Cheers all!!

----- 05.12.2004 --------
Well, I'm back in Toronto and it feels good to be home. Last Thursday I flew out to our Jersey location to do some work. I was pretty worried about it because there was a ton to get done. And after a weekend from hell, it's done. I don't want to get into all the details, but a 16-hour day followed by a 23-hour day is NOT my idea of fun! I have to admit, it feels good when it's out of the way! Finally, I'll be able to sleep again! This was a huge monkey on my back as the job approached, and now with it mostly behind me, I can set myself at ease and think of the next project. Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you about the great skate I just came back from. As I mentioned, I was going to participate in the Inline Marathon in Ottawa the last weekend of May. Well.... because of a number of reasons, I'm no longer going to do it. The main reasons are $$$ and the lack of support. A couple buddies were going to go with me, then they were on the fence, and then when I was checking out the site today, I was on the fence. So, we discussed it and decided not to bother. As for $$$... what a rip-off! Because it's a late registration (mostly because I never new it existed earlier), it'll cost us $75 each! And if that's not bad enough, we'd have to rent a car for the weekend, drive 5 hours to get to Ottawa, and then fork out the dough for a place to crash. And for what? A T-shirt that says I bladed 42 KM ?!?!? With that in mind, I still want to acheive the distance, and why not on my terms, in my city? So tonight as we set out to "train" for the marathon we still thought we might have participated in at the end of the month, I was feeling good! We (Blake, Chris & I) started at my place on Queens Quay (just south of the CN tower) and headed East. Blake turned around at about Cherry st. because he had something he had to do. Chris & I continued on down to Coxwell, right were the beaches start. We turned around there and started heading back. We turned at Leslie street and followed it around to the trail at Cherry St. Beach. From there, we came down Cherry St. and headed back towards my place. Chris had a pool game to get to so he had to split. I still had plenty of energy so I thought I'd keep going, heading west. At this point I figured we'd probably bladed about 14-16 KM. The weather was so nice, and I fell right into a groove that kept me pumping away. The next thing I knew, I was at the humber bridge!!! I figured I should "push it" at that point and turned around and headed back. The round trip to the bridge from my place is 16.5 KM. So... I figured I did atleast 30 KM, maybe as much as 35 KM. It felt great! I got home, sat on my couch and took off my blades. I felt like a million bucks! I hopped in the shower and it felt great! There's no better feeling then a nice shower after a vigourous workout. After I got out of the shower, I could start to feel it. As I write this, I'm in a numb state of contentness. Just what I needed after a weekend from hell! So, if you're asking "how are you doing?". Quite simply: "Great! All's good... :)" And there you have it. I hope all of your are doing great as well! I almost forgot, I want to congratulate my cousin Scott and his wife Ederlyn on their new baby, Caitlyn Hundey! All the best!!!

----- 05.04.2004 --------
Happy Luke Skywalker Day! You're going to groan when you here this, but "May the Fourth be with you". Sorry... but it's out of my system now. Where to start? Well, Happy May everyone. May already?!?! Sweet! The weather's not totally there, yet, but it's shaping up. I still want to do that Inline Marathon in Ottawa at the end of the month, but I'm sure going to have to start training soon! If the weather won't cooperate, I can't train! Speaking of training, tonight I went to my first "Footy" practice. That's Aussie rules football, and it's totally new to me. Those of you who know me well enough know I'm always up for something new, especially if it's active. This seems like a great game to get into. The guys on the team were pretty cool and receptive to me as a rookie, so I've got my hopes high. Practices are tuesday nights, and most games are Saturdays. I won't be able to make the next practice unfortunately, but atleast I've got a good excuse. I'm off to Jersey Thursday morning for work. I'll be back Tuesday night. I've got a huge project set out for myself and my coworker. It's going to be one of those weekends from hell, but atleast it will be hell with a change of sceneary :) If all goes well we may be able to hit Manhattan one of the nights we're there. Hmmm... what else is new? For some reason it feels like forever since my last update. I think it's realistically only been a week though. Right now (today & tomorrow) I'm out of the office on a course. The course is called "Excelling as a Higly Effective Team Leader". And since I'm new to the Team Leader position, it's coming in really handy. Obviously I want to do a good job, but the skills are definately different then my technical skills. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's session. Hmmm... what else have I been up to? Oh ya, this past Thursday I played some heavy squash and got the new roster for ladder league. I've moved up again and am now in level 8. Man, I'm going to get rocked! I can't believe I pulled out the wins I did in level 9 to move up.... hopefully it wasn't a fluke :) This past Saturday I went out to Burlington for a house party. It was a ton of fun, and then we hit "Emma's Backporch", a local bar. What a blast! Well, that about sums up what I've been up to lately, I think. Now that pool's done, I had lots of time at the gym last night instead of having to rush. It felt great and I'm really looking forward to mondays again :) well, I'm going to call it quits and watch what's left of possibly the last Leaf's game of the season. They're down 2 - 1 and there's about 9 minutes left in the 3rd. It's 3-2 for the Flyers in series, so they've really gotta do something and quick. Go Leafs Go!


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