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Archive - May, 2007

----- 05.26.2007 --------
I am entering into a period of major change in my life. I recently resigned from my job as "Manager, Infrastructure services" for an insurance company here in Toronto and Friday will be my last day. It has been really awesome working there for the past 10 years (yes, it would have been 10 in September.... time flies!), but it's time to move on. There have been some change and I don't feel that it's the place for me anymore. So... I plan to take a bit of time for myself this summer to research companies, do some soul-searching, renew some of my certifications, write a resume or 5, make lots of photos, and enjoy the summer! And the first thing on my agenda a camping trip. But not just any camping trip.... next Sunday (june 3rd) I am leaving really early to head up to Algonquin park. I've got a canoe reserved and an itinerary setup. I'm going on a 5 day SOLO canoe trip. I've talked lots about it doing one and have wanted to really bad for a long time.... now it's time to make it a reality. And yes, I'm bringing my camera! You can expect to see a ton of photos on here sometime in mid-June, once I have a chance to sort through them and "develop" them (digitally). It's going to be awesome! Me and 75 KM's of wilderness to clear my mind, reflect, and get together a game plan for the future.

Well, it's pretty late and I'm tired. I wanted to share the news with all of you now that it's been officially announced. And I also wanted to mention my solo trip since I'm so stoked for it!!! Stay tuned.... :)

----- 05.23.2007 --------
Well, I wasn't going to do a post tonight since I'm tired and it's getting pretty late, however since I went through the trouble of putting another photo gallery together, I figured the least I could do is post it. What's an extra few minutes? Anyway, just a real quick update: This weekend I was down in Windsor for Laura's 28th birthday. A fun weekend filled with fire. And fireworks. Yes, it's that time fo the year again so I got my devil sticks out. I'm really looking forward to combining some of my photography knowledge with my devil sticks knowledge to bring you some pics that are unrivaled! The ones in my gallery are just a start... there will be some great ones by the end of summer! If I were you'd I'd clear some space on a wall... you're gonna want one blown up & in your living room! :)

Jen just got back on Monday from her trip out West. She hit Edmonton, Calgary, & Winnipeg to visit some family & friends.

My 3rd digital photography class (PHOT9038 - Digital Photography II) is wrapping up. I have class tomorrow & the next day, then we're done. 7 weeks in 2. Wow... that went FAST! And without any further delay, click here for my latest pics.

----- 05.14.2007 --------
I put some of my pics together from last Wednesday on my walk home from calls, as well as from Saturday, where I had a 6 hour class. We got into the studio and it was great! I guess I already wrote about that yesterday, but here are the pics to accompany the story. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome... do you like a specific pic? Let me know. I'm all ears (& eyes) for suggestions. Thanks!
----- 05.13.2007 --------
First and foremost... Happy Mother's day to all of the Mother's out there.... especially mine! I love you Mom.... you're the best! :)

Jen left yesterday to go out West & visit some family, it's just me & the pups this week. Trixie & Sally have been great company, however they couldn't accompany to see a movie today, so I went on my own. I went to see "28 Weeks Later" and it was AWESOME! I had to see it before I had seen any trailers or heard anything. In fact, last Sunday Jen & I went to go see "Disturbia". Alright movie, but if you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie. The marketers for Disturbia completely ruined the movie for me! Thanks for nothing, dicks! In fact, they showed scenes in the trailer that gave away the ending... things you wouldn't have seen until 5 minutes before the end!!! Talk about a spoiler! I sure as hell wasn't about to let that happen to 28 weeks later so I went out and saw it before hearing anything. I suggest you do the same if you enjoyed the first one: 28 Days Later, you should really enjoy this one!

Photography class is going well. Our instructor is going on vacation at the end of the month, so we're going to pack 7 weeks in 2!!! Wednesday night was a regular 3 hour class... our first one. And then we did a double (6 hours) yesterday, then we'll do Wed, Thurs, Wed, Thurs. Done. Yesterday's class was awesome! We went in the studio and played around with a 3 light setup. I also took some pics outside that were suppose to focus on 1 or more of 3 things: Lines, Textures, & Colours. If I get a chance, I'll post some more of my work. It's really going great and I'm so glad I decided to take these courses. Within 2 weeks, I'll have 3 of the 8 courses done. Whether or not I do all 8 and go for the certificate is still up in the air. I'm working on the compulsory courses now. Anyway, that's about all for now, but I'll have more later :) Take care everyone!

----- 05.08.2007 --------
Mayday! Mayday! May's here already! Wow, what a change... I'm starting off this month's postings with "[insert month here] already?!?!?" I know... real original! But I do it for a reason... each month, I am genuinely surprised I'm in that month. And you know what? I like surprises! Makes for a happy life, don't it? :)

Well, not too sure what to post about, but I'm definately overdue for a post. Last week I took the week off work and chilled. It was great! I headed down to Windsor for a few days to visit my folks and help out around their place. I brought my camera and took a ton of pics. I was especially fond of shooting with a telescopic lens I have (170-500mm). I got some great bird shots, and some great shots of their dogs as well. I haven't had a chance to go through them and assemble a gallery, but if I can find the time, I will. And of course... I'll post them here :) While in Windsor, the highlights were helping out around the house and roller blading. My parents are renovating their kitchen, family room, and stretch in between. The biggest change will be the tile they are putting in, not to mention the 30+ yr old wallpaper coming down from the kitchen. It's this awesome yellowy-brown flower pattern that I'm going to miss :( Anyway, lots of work to be done and quite a bit has been done already.

Also while I was home, Laura & I got out for a blade. Actually, we made it out for 2.... 6 KM & 9KM. I'd have loved to have gone further, but the trail is under construction and our options were limited by that, daylight, as well as the amount we got rained on the one day. Either way... we made it out and it was fun and felt great! Not to mention, I have the season's first notch for the blade-o-meter. And this year? Unlike the last couple years... the blade-o-meter's going to see some progress! My watch currently isn't working... hopefully it's only batteries in it or the puck in my blades. The watch I'm referring to tracks my distance, speed, calories, etc... :)

Anyway, that's about all for now. I'll have more exciting news another time... but for now, this will have to do :) Cheers!


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