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ARCHIVE - November 2004

----- 11.25.2004 --------
Well, it's been quite a while since my last update! I've been busy! Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room in Jersey City. I'm staying at the Hyatt and the room is pretty nice. It's right on the Hudson River and I have a great view of the Empire State Building and Manhattan. I'm here for work and since it's America's Thanksgiving, everyone is out of the office. And for me, that's great! That means I have free reign of the network. What better time for an upgrade? On paper this sounds great, but in reality, it's one mishap after the next. The biggest being yesterday. I ordered a new server and the drives they sent me don't fit! They sent the wrong drives! So, because today everything is shutdown, I have to wait for tomorrow morning before I can even START the upgrade! On the upside, I got everything prepped and still found enough work to fill my day. Tomorrow will be a long one! I just hope it's not an allnighter. But if it has to be, it has to be. I intend on catching my flight home Saturday.
Where did I leave off last? Oh ya, it was about 2 weeks ago and I was going to do a little home renovation on my solarium. That started well..... and hasn't ended! I came up short on my measurements! I didn't really think it through and messed up. Oh well. The problem is the laminate. It's special order so it's 2 weeks before I can get more! Well, 2 weeks have passed and I got confirmation that my flooring is waiting for me at Home Depot. After I get back Saturday, I'll finish it. And Sunday I'll paint it. I meant to paint it in these past couple weeks, but I just haven't had the time. Jen closed on her new condo last weekend so I was over there helping her. Sunday we painted all day and Monday I helped her move. Tuesday I worked late and Wednesday morning I flew here. I really want to finish it this week.... my living room is a mess! My desk and everything else from my solarium is sitting in the middle of my living room.... and I want it back! Anyway, even though I haven't been updating as regularily, rest assured that all is well with me. I really hope the same holds true for all of you. Until next time, Cheers!


So here I am at the bar, a few hours after my earlier post and I can't help but having to make an entry. I went up to my room to get my laptop just because the funniest thing happened earlier. There are 2 guys beside me. One of them, the "big shot" of the two, orders some shots. He asks for a sambuca for his buddy. Then he renegs and says "What's your best shot". The bartender replies "Louis the 13th". "OK, I'll have one of them for my buddy". I'm chuckling on the inside thinking this guy is in for a surprise. His buddy hints (without drinking anything) that it might cost a bit much. So, hot shot beside me, asks for his bill. He calls the bartender over and says there must be a mistake. He says my bill is $230....... that shot cost $135?!?!? I couldn't believe it myself! But what do you expect? You ask for the best.... maybe you should ask how much it will cost first. So, after much deliberation, the bartender says really quietly (but not that quiet because my big ears picked it up)... "Did you have a sip?". "No" is the reply and he carries the shot and bottle aside and makes it disappear. So I'm thinking.... what a nice guy. And then I'm thinking... If I want the best, does that mean it's the returns from everyone before me that refused to pay?!?!? Not a pretty picture! Anyway, I thought the bartender was nice for doing it but later found out this "big shot" beside me regulars the place and the bartender f-cks with him all the time. In fact, I witnessed him buy 2 shots, one or himself, one for his buddy. He goes to the bathroom and the bartender gives his buddy 2 shots of water and makes the 'big shot' take both shots. When the guy comes back, the bartender says "The 2nd one's on me". I don't know how his budddy kept a straight face. In fact, I don't know how I kept a straight face. Hilarious! OK.... I can put the laptop away now.....I documented what I wanted to. G'nite!

----- 11.12.2004 --------
It's still pretty early friday evening and I thought I'd take a minute to update my site. I won't be able to do it later because my PC will be in pieces. This weekend I redoing my solarium. I'm painting, pulling the carpet, and putting in laminate. The laminate I picked up looks like slate tiling. I'll be sure to take a bunch of before and after pics for you, and for myself of course, for historical purposes. Anyway, on top of this already big project, tomorrow I've got our pool party. My pool team won some money last year and we've yet to have our party. That was back in May. Here were are in November and finally everyone is available! It's been so long it'll be more like a reunion then a celebration! Anywho, we'll head on down to Harbour Sport Grill tomorrow at 4 and let the festivities begin. Sunday I'll get my hung over ass back to work to finish my solarium, which I really doubt I can finish before pool. It'd be nice if I could though! What else is new? Halo 2! That's new! I got it on Wednesday. Pre-ordered it back in September hoping to get one of the first copies when it released this past Tuesday. I was pissed my copy didn't come until a day later! Oh well.... I have it now and it's great! So much fun! After our workout last night, Chris came over and we blew away some aliens :) Fun stuff. Well, I better get moving. I still have to get out to Home Depot tonight before they close. It's 7:30 now but I think they don't close till 10. I better double-check that! I didn't want to leave right away because he traffic on a Friday after work leaving the city is crazy! Speaking of leaving the city, I'm off to Jersey again Nov 24th. It's American Thanksgiving.... which means no users on the network :) I've got an Exchange 2003 server to migrate to and a BES server to setup. Should be a busy couple days, but with no one around, I can get a ton done! OK, that's all for now. CHEERS!

----- 11.08.2004 --------

Sorry folks, I've been neglecting my site lately. I've been busy with a bunch of stuff... some of it including this site. Last weekend it was transferred to a new location on a new server. There were a few changes that needed to be done and while doing them I just never got a chance to update. I'll keep this short since it's just after 11PM and I still need to cook dinner. Lots has been going on lately! Let's see... I had a Halloween Street Car party (yes, I'm off the wagon now). It was so much fun! How do you like my costume? It was a blast to be this wanker for the evening. But more important, I have some great news! If you recall, I met someone, Jen. Things have been going really well so we're now officially a couple. Anyway, I said I'd keep this short and I will. I'm off to cook me some dinner. I hope all is well with everyone. Cheers!


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