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ARCHIVE: November, 2005

----- 11.27.2005 --------
Well, it wasn't fun, but the move is done. Last Friday, Ron, Chris & Blake helped me move mine & Jen's stuff into our new place. We love it here! I have to get to bed so this will be a really short update, but I'll have some pics of the new place to follow shortly. Maybe I'll post some pics of Sleeman too.... I brought him to the groomer last weekn and he got a "Lion Cut". Very cute! Anyway... more to follow later this week.

----- 11.15.2005 --------
I'm getting ready to move into our new place. We found a great condo in City Place and everyone involved (Jen & I, and the leasor) signed today... finally! This is after a few places fell through at the last minute. So, it's time to move! Not only that, but it's time to sell as well! In fact, as of today, it can be found here, on MLS. If all goes well, I'll have it sold by the end of the month. In the meantime, I've got a ton to do in getting packed up, cleaned up, and moved into our new place. So, I thought I'd post something to state the progress I'm making, as well as to state that the next update very well could be from our new condo! And then it's a couple years of waiting until the new one we bought together is built. Fun stuff!! And scary as hell! Anyway, by for now...

One more quick thing. You may have noticed... the blade-o-meter has been removed from my page. Unfortuanetly I never even came close to my goal of 500 KM. But I did manage to skate 171.6 KM. My only consellation is that those were mostly done in the spring, and at that time, I packed a lot of kilometers into a short time. However, as the summer went on and my schedule filled up, somehow blading dropped off the priority list. There's always next year.... :(

----- 11.12.2005 --------
I can't believe how busy I've been! I've been meaning to post something much sooner but I've been overwhelmed with everything. First of all, I have some pics from Halloween. Take a peak at them by clicking here or access them through my pics page. Now, why has it taken so long to get them posted? OK... I can explain! As you know, Jen & I bought a condo in the beginning of October. Right now, I'm in the process of selling my place and finding a place to rent. Both of which have been consuming a lot of my time & thought. But there's much more. Not only is my personal life busy, but work is as busy as ever! In fact, just last weekend I worked an additional 28 hours! And that was saturday and sunday alone! Not to mention all the next hours during the week! I can't wait till this project is put to bed, and I definately can't wait till I put my bed in a new place! Tomorrow we're going to sign the final lease on our rental in City Place. Not only that, but I'll have my place listed in MLS on Monday, with a proposed first showing on Wenesday and an open house on Saturday! If all goes well, I'll have it sold by the end of the month. So, I guess I better get going, I have tons more packing and purging to do. Bye for now!

----- 11.03.2005 --------
Holy Schnikies.... November already??!!? Well, time flies, and I'm having fun! Tonight I went down to harbour sports grill with a couple buddies and joined in on some "Red Hot Poker". I've never played Texas Hold'em before. Ever. So they were explaining it to me at about 6:45 when the action starts at 7:30. Fortunately there were no real stakes, other then bragging rights. So, sure enough.... beginner luck prevails. I was on FIRE! I finished in 3rd place.... out of 64 people!!!! Many of them were avid players! It was so awesome cleaning out table after table, building a pile of chips, then moving to a new table with an awefully scary stack. It was fun! Unfortuantely there's no such thing as amateur luck and I probably just played my best night of poker. Ever. Anyway, lots going on... but more important, I gotta go to bed. Yes, I'll get halloween pics posted soon. They're funny! But not now.... g'nite!


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