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RECOVERED (and almost lost!) ARCHIVE: November, 2006

----- 11.24.2006 --------
Wow, here we are on another Friday night. How did it get here so fast? Last Friday night was a Street Car party. It was par for the course... which means it was a kick ass time! I had a lot of fun. We start at Beer Bistro, then Drake Hotel, then hit Betty's, then it was off to PJ Obrien's (on college), and finally the Velvet Underground. Too many drinks... lots of fun!

Saturday I went into work a while, then stayed it that night to relax. Sunday I went back into work for a really fun 15 hours or so. Got lots of stuff done... but unfortunately there's still a ton left on my plate so it's back in this Sunday as well. I was really happy to get the destructive stuff out of the way last weekend so atleast I can move forward with other projects, some of which can be worked on during work hours. Hopefully things will slow down a bit for a while so I can re-align myself to be looking foward, not just spinning my wheels.

Monday night was the Xavier Rudd concert. It was awesome! I went with Dave & Cheralin, as well as my friend Peter from work and his friend. What a great show! There's a guy I don't want to miss when he comes to town next (hoping he does!). I guess I blinked at some point and the next thing I know it was Thursday night already and I went to Dave's for a poker match. I actually came out ahead for a change. I had a great hand (2 aces) and 2 others thought there's were really good too so the stakes went way up. It was a really sweet score, bringing my chips from not too many, to more then all the other players combined. I used that position to bullying the others out of their chips.... that's what you gotta do as chip leader! Anyway... just thought I'd post something since it's been a while since my last post. All is well in the world of robgirard.com :) Take care.

----- 11.15.2006 --------
Wow, my Novemeber is just flying by! Things have been very busy on the work front. We've got all kinds of projects going on and a big rush to meet them by the end of the year. So, looks like my weekends are shot for a while! Not totally shot I hope though. This Friday is another Street Car Party! Looking very forward to it, not too forward to working the next day though! I suspect this weekend and the next will be a little hellish at work. Good, challenging work, so I won't complain there... just very time-consuming and lots of it! Oh well... I'll take too much over not finding enough and for that, I am grateful!

So, the concert a week ago Sunday was awesome! Alice in Chains totally rocked the Koolhaus! And I was about 30 feet from them, enjoying every inute of it! I'm going back to the Koolhaus on Monday to see Xavier Rudd again. Another great show I'm looking really forward to! Anyway, just want to make a quick post and let you all know I'm still alive, doing well, and Elvis is still chilling in my basement. Cheers!

----- 11.05.2006 --------
Things have been quite busy lately, which is probably why you haven't seen an update for a while. Although everything I've been up to has been quite blog-worthy, it's kept me from writing. Where to start? Last weekend my lil sis Laura came up to visit. Their trip from Windsor took them a very long 7 and a half hours! It should only be a 3.5 - 4 hour drive... but the weather was bad and the 401 was all backed-up. Eventually she made it and we partied in a couple hotel suites in the Skydome, where someone from Jen's work was celebrating their retirement. It was a fun work party (but not my work :) and we enjoyed $2 drinks! Can't beat it!

Saturday night we went over to Chris and Kiran's to celebrate their anual pumpkin carving contest. I have lots of pics, but haven't had the time to post them. So... fortunately a friend of Kiran's took a bunch. Click here for pics from Dawn & Kat. Great pics and thanks for making the album! After the party... the week was like most others, full of work. On Tuesday eve, my friend Sonal from work and I went rock-climbing again at Rock Oasis. I did much better then 2 weeks prior, but I still have a long way to go to get to where I once was. I was only climbing 5.7's where before I got up to 5.9's. Practice makes perfect... and will also get me in better shape! So more climbing is definately in my future!

Friday afternoon was also very blog-worthy. I took the afternoon off work to go play some paintball with Mark, who is Sommer's husband. Jen & I went to their wedding this summer. He organized it with a bunch of work pals so I brought a buddy along (Bob) to play as well. It was awesome! I am pretty sore today though (Sunday), not so much from the paintball welts, but more from the sprinting and crouching. All fun though! Later that night we went to see my buddy Mike's new band play. They are the "House of Commons". They put on a great show, and best of all, it was free :) That led to an afterparty at Mike's later on and then it was bad home to bed in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Saturday was pretty much write-off material. I did take in a DVD though: Nacho Libre! It's for the kids and you can safely resume life by not seeing it. I like Jack Black, but the movie pretty much sucked.

And that takes us to today... Jen & I just got back from seeing the new movie: Borat! It was hilarious and I recommend it to anyone in need of a good laugh.... which should be all of us. Tonight, I'm off to see "Alice in Chains" play at the Koolhaus with Bob. They are an awesome band that I always wanted to see in concert. Sure, they've been out of it for over 5 years and lost their lead singer to an overdose, but I'll let you know how the band is with their new singer. So, that's about it... gotta run now to grab a bite to eat then go pick up Bob. Later!


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