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Archive: November, 2008

----- 11.28.2008 --------
"I Decide"
Wow, looks like my updates are getting further apart from one another. Strangely, the time between seems to be shortening. Lately things have been driving forward at warp speeds. No compaints here, but sometimes you want to see some detail, not just a blur and you speed through life. OK, where to start, and what have I been up to. I was in Boston last week and spoke at the Institutional Investors Financial Technoloy Forum". Specifically, I gave a short speech and then lead and moderated a breakout session called "Virtualization in Small Firms". Small firms means 50 IT personel or less.... which could be companies of up to about 1000 employees. I have a webex recording that I am working on capturing in a non-proprietary format that I can post. So far, I haven't had much luck (or time). I think I know how I'll do it, but just need the time. The trip to Boston was great! Kim & I left on a Friday and stayed at her friend Andrea's place in Cambridge. On Monday we moved from there to the Ritz Carlton hotel, which was where the conference was taking place.

We got back into Toronto late Wednesday night (a week & change ago). Fast forward to tonight: Kim surprised me and took me out to a show. It was a musical/spoken word event. It's called "I Decide" and it was excellent. The ideas weren't new to me, but might be to some. And although I didn't really learn anything new from it, it was a great little reminder/kick in the ass to keep pushing for the life I want in Plan A, and not slipping into the rut that many are stuck in.... the "Plan B" that has you going through life with less enjoyment then you should. This includes doing something you don't like, usually just for a pay cheque. Being with the wrong person. Not chasing dreams... etc. It was quite inspirational and I strongly suggest it to any of you.

Well, I am pretty beat! A Friday night, it's only about midnight and I'm about to call it quits and go to bed. Hope you're all doing great! See you back here soon, and I'll see what I can do about adding some more exciting content, like pictures or video. Cheers!

----- 11.09.2008 --------
Well, I'm back in Toronto. From where you might ask? I just spent this past week in Chicago. To be more precise, I was in Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago. I was there for work. There was very little around the office and fortunately I found a hotel that's very close. It's less than a 10 minute walk, which is kind of amazing considering how pedestrian-unfriendly the area was. There wasn't even side walks! Every morning, I get up, go down to the restaurant in the Atrium of the hotel for a complimentary visit to the omlette bar, grab a bit to each, then head out the door. When I leave, I cross several very large parking lots and then arrive at the office. Must have looked funny seing me come out of the bushes from seemingly no where when I arrived each morning. Short-cut!

The hotel I stayed at was the Embassy Suites. Decent rates and a huge, unexpected bonus: Happy Hour! From 6PM to 8PM daily, they offer free beer and snacks. No, not cheap beer... FREE BEER! To a Canadian, this is quite amazing because our laws forbid free beer for some crazy reason I have yet to figure out.

So what have I been up to lately? Not really sure, but time sure is flying by fast!!! I'm finally feeling settled into the the condo, which is a nice feeling. Work is ample busy and now that we got a new 3PAR SAN, I'm able to start working on some of my grander visions I've had in mind for over a year. So far, I'm extremely pleased to go with 3PAR as our vendor. They've been great to work with and I truly believe their product is next-generation compared to any of their competitors. This is how virtualized storage SHOULD work! OK... enough geek speak.

What else is new? Last night Kim & I went to Sabreena's place, a friend of ours. We had a few drinks, played some Rock Band and hung out with a bunch of cool people. It was a great night! I'm pretty sure there's something else that's new and exciting, but it's not coming to mind right now.

This week will be pretty busy. I have my first class of my next photography class tomorrow night. It's called "The Art of Night Photography". What's most exciting is this is the last course I need to accumulate enough credits for my Digital Photography Certificate at George Brown. It's been 2 years in the progress, but I've gotten a lot out of it and it is really starting to show in my work. Speaking of which, I need to get a recent portfolio together one of these days. I haven't been posting a lot of my better work and I really need to share it with you. Put that on the "gonna get to it" list. It's certainly not alone on that list!

On Friday, Kim & I are going to Boston. We'll stay with a friend of hers over the weekend and then I've got a conference I'll be speaking at. I'm doing a session entitled "Virtualization in Small Firms" at the Institutional Invenstor's Technology Forum. Should be fun! That's taking place on Wed, Nov 19th. Well... that's all for now. Take care and hope you're all doing great!


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