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----- 10.26.2004 --------
Hey folks, hope all is well. I came across a great site. It's called The Infinite Cat Project. I took a picture of Sleeman, my kitty, and sent him to be posted as Cat #459. Hopefully the pic I took is acceptable, otherwise it's back to coaxing him to look at the screen. I think that site is a great idea! Have any of you seen similar? If so, be sure to send a link my way. Aside from that, my day was much like any other. I went to work, then the gym. I had a squash match and won.... 3 - 2. I really should have taken him 3 - 0, but I've lost my killer instinct! If I'm playing someone that I'm pretty sure I can beat, I usually let up too much after taking the first game. Oh well... I really don't take it that seriously anyway. I go for the exercise and the fun of the game... I just don't have that competetive streak that makes me NEED to win. I've played a lot of those people though! And they just hate it when I win and don't get overly excited :) Ah yes.... I forgot how much I missed squash! I've got another game this Thursday and my final (of this ladder) on Tuesday. The week after I'll be placed into a new ladder... hopefully up a rung. After the squash I went upstairs to the weight room for a bi's & tri's workout. I try to exercise each muscle heavily atleast once a week. I tend to get the bigger ones (chest & shoulders) in twice a week. It's coming along, but this working out stuff is a SLOW process!!! I laugh at a year ago when I thought I'd become a different person if I worked out "really hard" for 3 months! Ha! Here is a year later and I'm still working out "really hard", in fact, I'm working out harder then ever, usually getting in 5 nights a week. And do I notice a difference? A little. I definately feel a lot better and the weights I'm pushing keep going up, but it's definately not the night and day effect I was initially hoping for. Oh well... it's a lifestyle choice and I've got my whole life to get "there", whereever that "there" is. Right now the nearest "there", ie. my immediate goal, is to get up to 200 lbs. I'm at 188 lbs now.... not too much further to go! But to get lean mass??? I'm hoping to get there by summer... that's about 2 lbs of lean mass/ month. I'll probably hit the 200 lbs mark sooner, but I'm really not sure how much of that gain will be lean mass. And to think, a couple years ago (winter/spring 2002) I went as low as 155 lbs!!! That's when it was suggested to me I should hit the weights and try to put some mass on. Last year, when starting my first real program in an effort to shape up before my trip to Australia, I weighed in around 170lbs. I guess it's fair to say I put on about 15 lbs of lean mass over the past year. Maybe that 200 lbs mark is doable after all! OK, the rambling's begun. That's my cue to hang up. Bye.

----- 10.22.2004 --------
First off, I just want to send a out a shout-out to Shawn. Happy Birthday buddy! Well, what have I been up to since my last update? Tuesday I gave blood.... the first time in a year. I'm not sure how it is elsewhere, but here in Canada, you can donate (not sell!) blood as often as every 56 days. Unless of course you get a tattoo or piercing, then you have to wait a year. Well, my year is up since I got my binary tattoo. Has it really been a year?!??! I don't agree with the policy, but I understand why it's there. I guess you wouldn't want some undetectable, dormant diseases from dirty needles or whatever lingering in the blood you donate. I guess after a year they consider you clear. I enjoy giving blood.... it relaxes me and it feels good morally. Everyone's got their charities they donate to and the Red Cross is one of those ones I feel is a worthy cause. Money isn't going to do shit for someone who needs blood! After that I skipped on the gym,b ut I made it there every other night this week. I'm really impressed with the progress I'm starting to make. I've got a long way to go, but it's a huge improvement from a year ago when I started taking the weights a little more seriously. Wednesday I had a lunch date out of nowhere. My friend Antoinette wanted to set me up with her friend Jen so she gave me her number Monday. I called her and we've talked a fair bit and we seem to hit it off. She's left for a week to go on vacation out west, but we met up for lunch before she left on Wednesday. I'll see her when she gets back next week and I guess we'll take it from there. Wednesday night I went to see Team America: World Police. It was absolutely hilarious! I laughed my ass off through the whole thing! I don't think there was any stretch longer then about 3 minutes where I wasn't laughing. My cheeks and abs were sore the next day I laughted so much! Sure, it's a lot of potty-mouth toilet humour, but I liked it! Last night (Thurs), I hit the gym as usual, but also played squash. I'm right back into the Thursday night round-robins. I played pretty good having been out of it for about 5 months! I quit playing to give my knees a break, but unfortunately they're acting up again. I'm trying some natural, herbal remedies to see if that helps. Unfortunately it'll take about 3 months to feel a difference, so in the mean time I'll just have to tough it out. I've got ladder games on Tuesday & Thursday next week and I'm looking forward to them! Anyway, I guess that's about it. Everything's going great and I hope all is well with all of you. I rented Godsend tonight so I'm going to end this here and go watch it. Have a good weekend! Cheers!

----- 10.17.2004 --------
Ahhh.... it feels good to relax in my new home. Sure, it's the same place I've lived in for the last 6.5 years or so, but it's different now. With a bit of decorating, I've completely changed the feel of my living room. It went from almost industrial with it's white walls, to a new warm, inviting place. My folks came up on Saturday to bring up my new fireplace I got the weekend before while in Windsor. It is soooo cozy in here now! I was just sitting on the couch, watch some TV, relaxing by the fire and I thought "this is home". My place has never been so comfortable to live in. I moved my kitchen table & chairs to storage and my place has opened up. The new shelves I put up have also cleared up some clutter. But it won't end here! I've got some plans to take out this old carpet in the solarium and put in laminate. The design I like is called "Charcoal Slate" and it's tough to tell the difference between it and real slate tiles. As an added bonus, it's 20% off @ Home Depot. Sheesh! Listen to me... how boring and domesticated I've become! OK, not really... it's just for show :) This month has been a funny one. I decided to go on the wagon w/ a buddy and give up drinking for a month. I'm more then half way through and sure, I've missed a few outings & parties, but I'm feeling great! And I'm getting a lot accomplished! My weekend evenings have been filled with home improvement. And weekend days.... well I actaully have full days instead of sleeping half the day away! It's great! Not that I'm out partying all the time anyway, it's nice to stay in for a while. And it sure feels nice on the wallet! Well... that's about all for now. October 30th I'm stepping (not falling) off the wagaon for a Halloween Streetcar party! It's going to be great! I'll be sure to take lots of fun pics and post them. OK... g'nite all.

----- 10.13.2004 --------
I hope everyone, the Canadians that is, had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. I went down to Windsor to visit the folks. I had a great relaxing weekend, and an amazing dinner to finish it all off. I'm bad in the big smoke now and thought I'd write a quick update to say all is well in Rob's world. I'm just in the middle of putting some shelves up in the corner beside my door for some added storage. It was going fine until I hit something really hard. I don't know if it's plaster or concrete, or something else. It's on the wall to the room w/ the garbage chute, but not the chute itself. I'm trying to decided if I push through with a masonary bit, or just move up an inch or two. I've already got the opposing rail mounted to the wall, so I don't REALLy want to back out and move. I'll figure it out... just as soon as I start drilling again. Which should probably be now so I don't keep the neighbours up all night.... I still have 4.5 more shelves to install! Once I get them up and my place sorted out, I'll post some more pics of the work I've put into my condo. I just had the idea to lay some laminate in the solarium. I'm sick of the carpet in here! I want to put down some stuff that looks like slate tiles, charcoal coloured. But, I'm not quite adventurous enough to tackle real slate at this point, so the laminate seems like a perfect idea. Plus Home Depot has it 20% off till the end of the month :) Woo hoo.... more home improvements :)

----- 10.07.2004 --------

I'm very happy to say that I'm done painting. The job is done, and I'm VERY happy with the results. I've decided to put together a few pictures, click here to access them. Anyway, I'm off to bed for what I would call a well-deserved sleep. G'nite!

----- 10.06.2004 --------
Finally, I'm done painting! Unfortunately I'm still not done the reno job as a whole, but it's close now! Tomorrow after work I'll finish. I'll finally be able to take the last bit of tape down and move my furniture into place. I think I'll keep it mostly the same, but move a table or two. I still have those shelves (5) to put up by the door, but they can wait till after Thanksgiving. Anyway, check back tomorrow night and I'll have pics of the finished project. Plus of course, some before & after shots for comparison. Well, I better hit the sack. I'm getting tired! Paint, sleep. Paint, sleep. Work, workout, paint, sleep. Conference, workout, tape, paint, Sleep. Work, workout, tape, paint, *update site*, and very soon.... SLEEP! OK, g'nite.

----- 10.04.2004 --------
The home renovation that I undertook this weekend is still progressing.... slowly! I feel like I never got anything done tonight, but I did. I spent 3.5 hours on something, but if you look around, my place is chaotic! Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I can finish this all off. What I did finish tonight was the edging where the walls meet the ceiling. Lots of taking tape down, and lots of putting it back up. I'm all taped up & ready for tomorrow's next step: the trim! Unfortunately I'm out of the thick tape I was using, so I may need to double up with the thinner stuff I have. I guess I'll find out soon! It'll be really nice to have all this plastic off the floor, my furniture back in place, and finally post some before and after pics! Soon. Well, I better get to bed. Tomorrow I've got a Cisco Technical Symposium. I think it'll be fairly heavy so I better get my rest. And clear these paint fumes from my head.... :) Cheers!

----- 10.03.2004 --------

Here it is, Sunday night and the job's not done. The wall are done.... finally! They took 3 coats. I think I could have done 2 coats if I put the first coat on a lot thicker, but I've never worked with sandwash paint before. It's a little trickier then normal paint. I love the texture though! I've got sandpaper walls now :) Anyway, I still have all the trim to do, some shelves to put up and paint, not to mention putting my furniture back! I've also got to touch upt he ceiling from where I got paint on it. I should have taped it from the start. Instead I tried to use an "EZ Edger" or something like that.... As see on TV of course!. It thought it was great at first, but then it just didn't get it close enough, or spread this paint well. I'm sure it would be great for normal paint. Anyway, I needed to use a brush. I really should have done so from the start w/ tape. So now I've taped it and got in close. Once I remove it, I'll tape the top of the wall to protect and get the ceiling with the original paint. I went down to my storage locker tonight and got it. I still have some left! Is paint that's 6.5 years old still good?!?!? I guess I'll find out! Anyway, I really hope it looks good, otherwise I'll have to go over the whole ceiling :( Anyway, I've got a lot ahead of me.... but for right now it's bedtime! Tomorrow's going to be a long day @ work.... I feel like I didn't get a weekend! Oh well, the place is shaping up to look great! Cheers!

----- 10.03.2004 --------

One coat down, one to go! For those who haven't read yesterday's update (actually earlier today since it's already 2 AM!), I've decided to repaint my place. Anyway, the first coat is done and I'm a little worried, but hopeful. The 2nd coat should make everything look even. Anyway, here's a pic of the current progress. WAY DIFFERENT FROM THE WHITE!!! More to follow....

----- 10.02.2004 --------
Well, I've gotten sick of my white walls. Sick enough to actually get off my ass and paint this place. So, that's what I'm up to. It's quite a job ahead of me! Right now I've got all my furniture pushed into the center of my living room. I'm cleaning and prepping now. The moulding on the base boards need re-caulking... that's my first step. Then fill in any holes & dents in the drywall. Then I can finally start the actual painting. I've decided to go with a Sandwash textured paint. The colour is "Hot Lava". It's kind of a red colour with black sand bits in it. I really hope it turns out! After that, I've got the trim to do, and then some shelves to put up in the corner beside the door. Busy weekend! But hey, what else am I to do? Fortunately it's rainy and kinda crappy out.... I'm couped up inside anyway. Well, I better get back at it. I've got a LOT to do and the clock ain't stoppin' for me. I'll be sure to post some before & after shots. Cheers!


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