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Archive - October, 2005

----- 10.28.2005 --------
Well, I did it! I passed my VMWare exam today with an 83%. Not quite the 90% I was hoping for, but I'll gladly take it :) 70% was a pass. So, I'm now a VCP... a few more letters to add to my growing alphabet of certs. All I say is.... "Phew!". I am sooo relieved. Things have been crazy busy lately and I wanted this off my plate ASAP. I just finished the course 2 weeks ago and last week gave me know opportunity to study, followed by a weekend in the office. That left this week.... with some late study nights! I guess I can finally sleep. At this point, there are only about 2000 VCP's... WORLDWIDE! OK... time to go get drunk! This weekend should be a ton of fun. Tonight is a pumpkin carving contest over at Chris & Kiran's place. Laura & Tom are coming up this weekend and will partake in tonight's festivities as a bonus. The main event is tomorrow.... a halloween street car party! It's going to be so much fun! And our custumes are pretty funny! So, within a week or so, expect some pics. OK, take care and ahave a great weekend. Oh, and happy halloween!!!

----- 10.23.2005 --------
OK, I just blinked, and here we are, a week later. This week at work was really busy and I've been working a ton of hours. In fact, I put in 18 this weekend alone. Yes, I know there are more hours in the weekend, I just chose not to use them for work.... this time. But busy is good and when you like your work, it doesn't feel so much like "work". Anyway... I'm off work now and I'll be going to sleep very soon. May a ton of changes at the office over the weekend and hopefully tomorrow morning when everyone comes in, everything will be humming fine as tested. That's always the hope! OK.... on with any update...

Jen & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Thursday. Wow... a year already? Yep. A good one? Oh ya... and I'm looking forward to many more, especially once we get our condo. Speaking of which, I met my real estate agent this week to talk about listing mine. If I can kick things into high gear, hopefully I can have it listed by mid November. Easier said then done! Especially with everything going on at work right now. And on top of all this, I have my VCP (vmware certification) exam this Friday so I better dedicate any free time to studying. What else is new? Trixie had a trip to the groomers yesterday. We got her a schnauzer cut and she looks adorable! I'll have to get some pictures and post them soon. Anyway... things are going really well, and sticking to the theme of this update, I guess you could say I've been "busy". g'nite....

One more thing before I hit the sack. A buddy of mine sent me this link. The game is called Motherload. But I have to warn you.... the game is highly addictive!!! Best of all, you can save and come back to it! Enjoy!

----- 10.16.2005 --------
It's Official! The adoption went through today and we are officially Trixie's permanent family! I took these pics of her tonight. She's always got this cute look on her that sometimes can be tough to get a picture of, but I must say, I think I've caught it :) And while I'm talking about Trixie, I think we've found out her origins. After seeing a schnauzer, Jen & I were conviced that she must be part schnauzer. So, Jen coined the term "Schnorkie" (yorkie + Schnauzer). Sure enough, a search through google showed that the term already exists. I found this Schnorkie profile on dogster.com. She looks just like Trix! While on Dogster, we made Trixie her own dogster profile. Click here to see it. Anyway, here are the pix I just took tonight:

In other news, I've made a lot more progress digitizing our new condo. I have a full 3D model now complete with walls, closets, windows, flooring and bathrooms. I still have to model the kitchen and then work on lighting, furniture & decoration. It's a fun process though. A lot of work, but fun. OK, I guess that's it about it for now. I hope you're all doing well. Later!

----- 10.13.2005 --------
OK, just wanted to update realy quickly before I leave for class (VMWare training, which is going really well). I was in the condo office last night and snapped this picture of the model. It's our unit on the corner, the one with the terrace :) The terrace is on the west, and the south facing balcony is ours too, off the 2nd bedroom. I've digitized it in 3D, but got the dimensions wrong, mostly because it was my first time using the program. I've started redoing it and have the floor plan imported.... to scale this time! Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can have it fully digitized and upload a rendered pic or two. Here's my early rendering, but keep in mind the dimensions are off. K, gotta run!

----- 10.10.2005 --------
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well, the Canadians atleast. US Thanksgiving isn't until some time in November I think. Anyway, I was just playing with a new program: "Home Architect". I'm trying to build a 3D model of our new condo so we can work on planning stuff for it. Pretty exciting, even if it is over 2 years away!!! Anyway, I just thought I'd take a break from it and update you on my weekend. Jen & I went up to Montreal (or just outside of it) to visit her Mom & brother for Thanksgiving. We brought Trixie with us. Hopefully we'll find out if we can adopt her.... the process is "pending". Anyway, we rented a car and drove up on Friday night. The drive was brutal! Traffic was bad and the weather & conditions were even worse! Rain and fog! Anyway, 8 hours later, we finally go there. It should have taken 5 hrs. Anyway, once we got there all was well. We relaxed, did some shopping and spent time with family, including the dogs. Mickey is Jen's mom's dog and she also had a little 8 month year old she was doggy sitting, named Maggie. She was a real pain in the ass! Cute, but a tireless puppy none-the-less! Even tried to sleep with a little pup running laps ON you? Yes, very tired now! Anyway, here's a pic of Trixie, Mickey & Maggie (even though Maggie didn't want to pose for the camera!):

Aren't they cute? :) Anyway, weekend was good. Headed back home today and traffic wasn't too bad. THere were tons of cops pulling people over and fortunately I wasn't one of them. Although I guess you'd have to be speeding for that ;). So, tomorrow morning I have class. I'm taking a VMWare course this week for work. It should be great, but I'm expecting my brain to explode after the 4 days are up. Or maybe that's what I'm hoping for. I'm really hoping it's worthwhile and very technical, and then I hope to write the exam to become a VCP (VMWare Certified Professional). Something to add to my other letter :) Maybe before I die I'll achieve the alphabet. Well, I better start hunting for certs with Z & Q in them... I think they might be the toughest. C & P are pretty much gimmes :) And M. Anyway, I've stopped making sense a while ago so it's back to trying to design the 3D layout of our new condo. Maybe "design" is not the right word... more like Digitize. Anyway, if I get it done, I'll try & post a screenshot or virtual walkthrough. By for now....

----- 10.04.2005 --------
I have some big news! On Saturday Jen and I were walking past the sales office for Rezen Condos,a new condo going up near her place. She loved the finishings in the model kitchen & bathroom they had setup so we went into so I could see them. The next thing you know, we're talking to a sales associate. It's the opening day of sales and there are a bunch of bonuses offered, not to mention pick of the better suites. So, we decided to get one! That's right!!! It's a south west corner suite... with a balcony AND a terrace! Not just any terrace, but a 200 sq footer! Big enough for a patio set! Anyway, it's a 2 bedroom condo: Q1 is the layout (not posted on their site). Very similar to the Q (which is posted, under 2 bedrooms), except the 2nd bedroom is on the right so that the living room leads out to the terrace. We're super excited about it! The downfall? It won't be ready until December 15th..... 2007!!! And that's their estimate date! So, now it's time to scramble and sell my place, find a place to rent for awhile, and then we can move it. Exciting. Scary. Hey, this is how life is supposed to feel, right? lol Anyway, be sure to check out their website. I'll get some pictures sometime over the next few days and post them to keep you all posted on the progress. As it stands, construction isn't scheduled until June, 2006. Anyway, I'm off to try and get some sleep. Take care all!


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