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Archive: October, 2009

----- 10.25.2009 --------
Honeymoon in Turkey
It's Sunday evening and Kim & I have been home a week now. We got back last weekend from a two week trip to Turkey, where we spent our Honeymoon. It was an amazing trip! We spent the first week in Istanbul (another HUGE thank you to Erhan!), and the second week down in a resort in southern Turkey (another HUGE thank you to my parents!!!). The resort we stayed at is called the Loryma Resort Hotel, and is located in Turenc, Turkey. It was beautiful!!

Instead of describing the trip in words, it's best to walk you through it with the pictures and videos that Kim & I took. Ya... about those pictures..... I snapped off over 1200 photos, which isn't uncommon for me, and now I have the huge task of selecting the winners, developing them, and then posting them. I've been working on them for a week now and I'm getting close. I've made my first pass and have selected just over 300 pics. Too many... :( So, next I need to make another pass to ween the collection down. In some cases, it's easy... 2 pics are practically identical, so I choose one. In other cases, I have a ton of pics of the same subject, but all of them reveal something slightly different than the others. One of the best examples of this is a series of water spouts I shot. Mini tornadoes formed over the water. They are very narrow and probably 100 - 200 meters tall. There were 6 or 7 of them one morning when I got up to take some sunrise shots from our balcony. The storm in the distance was fascinating! Anyway, as a result, I have lots of pics of that strange natural occurance that I've never seen before. This collection may be a little tougher to narrow down, but I'll figure out a way!

So, stay tuned... I hope to get some pics up this week. There is also a bunch of video clips to mash together.... a time consuming effort, but one that I feel is worth it. Look out for that in the next couple of weeks.

What else is new? Kim & I went in to see our OB GYN for the first time. She seems like a great doc and I'm happy she's the one walking us through our first pregnancy. One of the fun things was another ultrasound. This one was audio only, not like the visual one that I posted a pic from. I heart my baby's heartbeat for the first time. Very exciting! :)

Well... I'll be posting again soon. That's all for now... I have some more news to share with you, but not until next weekend. I'll leave you hangin' till then.... :) Take care!

----- 10.01.2009 --------
That's right... you read that right... Kim & I are having a baby! On Wednesday (Sept 30), we went in for the first Ultrasound. From what we can see, the baby looks healthy :) From crown to rump, the baby measured 6.18cm's. We've been quitely (and very excitedly!) sitting on the news, but now that we're out of the first trimester, we wanted to share the news with everyone! We are sooo excited and look forward to becoming parents in April!

Kim's going to scan the picture we have and if I get it soon, I'll post it for you. Too soon to tell if it's a boy or girl yet.

Outside of our huge baby news, let me give an update on what else is new. For starters, this may be the last post for a couple weeks. Kim & I are off to Turkey for 2 weeks, leaving on Saturday. It's our honeymoon and we're very excited! A little nervous, but excited none-the-less. I'll have my camera, so you can be sure to expect lots of pics. This week and last have been a bit hectic. I've been trying to make sure everything's in order and work has been extra busy for me... in the good way. I've got one more day to wrap up a few of the things I've been working on. Speaking of work, I was in New York on Tuesday. I flew out on the early flight (6:20am... ouch!) to configure a VPN connection. Day 1 was fine, but day 2 and 3 (yesterday and today) have been flaky at best. The DSL connection is from Verizon and I've never had such crap customer service before. I've spent over 5 hours on the phone, bouncing from one department to the next. WHen I get to people, the response seems to be "let's just wait it out". Wait is out?!?! I'm freakin' down over here! Anyway... I'm starting to think Verizon was a HUGE mistake. I thought going with one of the bigger players might come with some professionalism and SLA's.... but I should have known better! All though some of the little guys are just out there to make a buck and screw you at every turn, most are far more committed than the big guys. Too bad they mostly have to rely on the big guys at the end of the day anyway :( Anyway... one more day of frustration, then I'll leave it behind for a couple weeks and enjoy the Turkish sun... and some Turkish coffee!! :)

Well, it's getting late and I just finished a mean streak of Monopoly City Streets. As pissed as I was that they've been changing rules on the fly, the game is pretty cool and most of the performance issues have been dealt with. I just made a huge mistake I think. I had the option to hit someone with a hazard so I picked on number 1 in the local leader board. The next day (today), I log in to see he struck back. Struck back HARD! He's got FAR more resources than I probably because he had his wealth grandfathered from when the MCS team screwed up on multipliers and let everyone keep their HUGE wins in the first few days after the reset. Anyway, if you don't aim for the top slots, why bother? It's only a game anyway... we'll see what happens tomorrow! I struck back even harder tonight... he's gonna be SO pissed when he finds I demolished a bunch of his bonus buildings and dropped hazards on his huge rent properties, effectively blocking a rent cheque! Good job it's just monopoly money!

OK, Kim just emailed me the scanned pic so I'll post that here and then I'm going to hit the sack. I'm tired and I suspect tomorrow's going to be a long one! Hope you're all doing great! Cheers!


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