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October & November 2002

----- 11.15.2002 --------
Finally, I found myself back at Rock Oasis to go clibing again. I went on Wed. with Mel. I haven't been since thanksgiving, and it showed! I was really happy with my first climb. I got to the top of a wall that I've never been up before. Not that I haven't tried it, I just haven't been able to. So, I did it first so I would have the most energy for it. Unfortunately, my climbing was down hill from there. Not really, but that was the last wall I made it to the top of. Then again, I kept trying ones as hard or harder. All in all, I was fairly happy, I just wish I could have done better. I can't be all that upset, though. I'm just out of practice and shape (if I ever applied to either in the first place). Anyway, it made for a good day. Last night I went to the YMG Classic Squash championship. It was Peter Nicol & Jonathon Power, the top ranked players in the world. After some intense playing, Power, a Canadian, won and took the title. It was the first time I've ever seen pro squash. Man, do I ever suck at that game!!! Atleast compared to these guys... but that goes for pretty much everyone. Well, last weekend I hung out with my girlfriend, Alex. That's right, I said girlfriend :) I'm going to a party with her tomorrow night, really looking forward to it. It's a friend of mine's party and promises to be a good one. Next weekend it's a street car party. Ever been on one? They're sweet! It's like bar hopping with your own private streetcar. Private, shared with about 90 others that is. A friend from work arranged it (again... he's planned atleast 2 that I've been on) and it's going to be a blast! Unfortunately I have to help my sister in London move the next day, so I can't be too hung over. I can... but it's just going to hurt that much more. She's got soooo much stuff to move. Oh well, what are brothers for, right? Well... it's a friday night and I'm updating my site. What does that tell you?!?!? Actually, it's early, only about 6:30 and I'm killing some time before I go out. I'll proabably go down to the waterfront... same ol', same ol'. Have some beers, shoot some stick, and hopefully call it a fun night. I always have fun when I go out anyway... doesn't really matter where it is. Well... I think I've taken care of my guilt about not updating my site enough. I just can't believe how fast-paced my life seems lately. Oh well. Before I can this entry quits, I do want to mention monday's pool game. We lost, but I'm happy to say I won my singles match.. again :) We've only had 5 nights this season so far, but I've got a perfect record. I don't know how much longer that will last, but I hope it's awhile before I have to tell you've I've lost my first singles match. Anywho, what I've written and work is what I've been up to lately. Taker easy, and see you back soon. I can't promise any pics anytime soon since my camera's in the shop. 4 to 6 weeks to fix it. Can you believe that?!?!?! It'll be obsolete by the time I get it back! Oh well... what can you do? Ciao!

----- 11.06.2002 --------
Happy November! Sure, it's almost a week into it, but that's OK. I think I'm a little overdue for an update... but that's alright. This weekend my sister and a couple friends came up to visit me. We went out to Halloween party with my cousin at his old place in Bradford. Good times! Everyone was dressed up and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I don't really have any pics... yet. You see, I took some while we were getting ready to go, but then my camera died. Yes, it's new. Oh well... that's what warranty's are for. So, I didn't get any party pics, but my cousin was going nuts with his camera so I'll have to post his pics. I guess the CCD died because I couldn't get a preview and the pics just turned out black. The display worked because I could see stuff I took earlier. I thought it may have been a setting, but it didn't even work in video. The sound came out, just no images. So, off I go to Henry's sometime in the near future to get it replaced. It sounds like a common problem with the F601 since there was someone who called earlier the day I called with the same symptoms. As long as I get it back before Dec. 6th I'll be happy. What's going on then you ask? I'm off to New York (actually NJ, but I'll make it into the city) for work. I'm hoping I won't have the same hectic plan I usually have when I go... but I'm sure I will. I have a month to add projects to the list of things I already need to do. What else have I been up to? Hmmm.... lots of pool and squash. So far I'm 4 for 4 in my singles matches at pool. Out team's not doing the best, but we're sitting in the middle of the pack, which is good for a new team. It would have helped if all our players could have shown up.... but what else is new. That's the only thing I hate about being captain... you have to babysit! It doesn't matter how old people get, sometimes they'll just never be reliable I guess. I could probably bitch about this a lot longer, but I'll spare you 'cause I'm such a nice guy (and you'll just stop reading). As for the squash, I finished another ladder league level. Unfortunately I may drop since I only won 1 game (out of 4). 2 were close, and 2 I was completely out-classed. Practice makes perfect (or atleast better). And climbing... I haven't been since Windsor. I'm really jonesing to go, I just need someone to climb with. Everyone says they'll go, and you can even book a day to go, but it doesn't mean you'll still make it. Story of my life... as a climber atleast. I'm still looking for people to go with though and once I have enough people to call that I'll find someone willing to go, I'll be happy. Well, I think I'll end this here.

----- 10.24.2002 --------
I hope everyone's doing well... I am, mostly. Besides being really tired and busy, I'm doing grrrrreat! But that tired and busy part is dragging me down. I'm tired from being busy, but I'm thinking it's overly so since I still haven't shaken this cold. I thought I did, and for most of the symptoms, I have. But 3 weeks?!?!? Come on, gimme a break! It's a nasty one, but I'm one of the early ones to get it. I'm watching everyone around me catch and I feel bad, almost responsible. OK, so I'm not responsible, and really shouldn't feel bad, but they (you) just don't know what they're (you're) in for. Sorry... if you're one of the ones that caught it. Of course someone gave it to me, it's not like I cooked it up in my lab. Or did I? Must have been drunk when I did it... then destroyed all of the evidence of my so-called "lab". Here I am again...bla bla bla. Yep, I'm in one of those moods... you may be in for a long read. I guess you'll have a better judge of that since you can see how long this update's going to be. Me, I'm just looking at white screen... character by character making black marks on it. Ya, that's cause I'm in notepad. I guess if I changed the colours to mimic my site, I'd fill the blue in white piece by white piece. What??!?! Has Rob lost it? Is he really yapping about this? You bet I am. Welcome to my outlet, and I'll use it how I like to. In breaking news, sounds like the snipers were caught. Now on to our next story.... K, got me. There's no next story. Btw, maybe I should have filled you in much earlier. I played squash tonight and then went out for a couple pints with the crew I play with. Not that I'm loaded or anything, just a wee bit off. And did I mention tired?!?!? Is it just me or did the world spin up, making sun-up and sun-down much quicker? Time is just flying. If I didn't know the date, I'm sure I'd say earlier october (on a late estimate). And here it is, October's nearing end and I can't seem to account for where the time went. Is this normal? You get older and time just goes by quicker? Things never seemed to go by so quick even 5 years ago. Does this mean it's only going to go by faster? Slow down... there's some roses I'd like to smell if you don't mind. And then your leash is yanked and down the sidewalk you go. Yes, you may have guessed it... there's absolutely nothing relevant to come from this posting. Except those few minutes you just killed (and longer for me, the one writing this tripe). OK, some real news. We won at pool on monday! Finally! It's only the 2nd league night, but it feels like a big win, even if it was only 5-4. That's OK... the game before was a 4-5 loss. Which means on Monday we'll get a 6-3 win, assuming this pattern continues. Yes, I can pick a pattern, even from just 2 games. We're not really in it to win anyway... just to have fun, shoot some pool, and win. Wait, is that my goal? OK, maybe we are in it to win. Watch as the Waterfront #1 climbs to the lead. Click here to watch the action unfold :) Anyway, those are my final thoughts, I'm off to bed. Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz G'nite!

----- 10.16.2002 --------
I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving this weekend. I went to Windsor to see the family. It was a nice weekend... a good mix of going out and staying in. I've been pretty run-down lately, mainly due to a cold I think I've finally kicked, so a weekend like mine was just what the doctor ordered. And my Mom cooks like no other... HUGE meal on sunday! And then left-over turkey for monday. I've had my share this holiday! On Saturday I went climbing with my sister Laura. It felt good... I hadn't been in too long. Over a month I think!!! I better find some more people to climb with, because I'm not going to improve much with the amount I'm going. Although, I was able to get around a big overhang that I couldn't last time I was in Windsor. That's improvement I guess. I'm still not ready for the upside-down stuff yet. All in good time :) On a completely unrelated topic, I saw the funniest thing on my parents' street. A guy has a boat in his driveway... painted pink! Yes, pink! Apparently he's colour-blind and thought he painted it brown. Poor bastard! Anyway, to top my weekend off, we had a flat on our way back. We were on the 401 around Oakville when my friend's tire blew out. So, being the manly man that I am, I changed it. First time I've had to change one, although my dad showed me how when I was a kid. Most importantly I could hear his words in my head: "Make sure you have the jack positioned right". That's all I need.... crank her door off or something! Anyway, it was a small detour and we made it back in one piece. I've been pretty busy since I've been back, and keeping up with my squash. I play tuesdays and thursdays indefinately, plus any ladder league matches or fun games in between. I'm not great, but I've improved TONS this year! Oh well, most importantly I do it for the fun and exercise. Well, that's this week's update. It seems I'm updating about once a week. Maybe if things slow down I'll update a little more often. Anyway... that's all for now.

----- 10.10.2002 --------
Well, I'll keep this update relatively short. I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm going to Windsor this weekend and thought my site needed an update. Since I won't be around, I guess it's now or never. Well, my updates have become less frequent and I apologize for that. I've been really busy lately, @ work and @ home. I'm happy that I'm back into squash 2 - 4 times per week, but unfortunately it's been too long since I've gone climbing! I think it's been over a month!!! Oh well, I'll fix that this weekend in Windsor. My sister and I are planning on going to the place there. Should be fun.... but I'm out of practice. I gotta fix that! Monday we had our first night of pool league. Unfortunately we lost, but not by much (4 - 5). It's really a shame since we were much better than the other team... they just lucked out since everyone who lost their singles games beat themselves. I can proudly say I was 1 of 2 of us that won their singles. There are 6 of us on the team. We'll get 'em next time. Well, I gotta run off to a squash match now. Check back next week for a recount of my adventures down in Windsor. Have a good long weekend (for the Canadians atleast). Oh wait, one more thing. Be sure to check out the links page on my site. I update it with sites I find, but rarely make a note of it in my ramblings. So if you haven't seen that page in a while, it's probably grown. Cheers!

----- 10.02.2002 --------
Finally, I've posted some new pics. It's the pics I took from the boatcruise a few weeks back. I've been holding off posting until I found an easier method than what I've been doing. So, if they're up, I must have found something, right? Yes! I went searching for a tool to do it, and just couldn't find that perfect tool. Today I got my lockergnome newsletter and there was a link to Chris' pics from his vacation. I really liked the layout and could tell it was generated. Well, there was a link to the site that has the software (and you'll see it on my pics page too) so I downloaded it. It's called "Web Album Generator" and it's great! And it's FREE! It's exactly what I was looking for! So, no more excuses with slow pic updates! I did run into one problem with it and that is that it can't handle the .jpgs my camera produces correctly. When I say correctly, it's because it can show a pic one time, and thing it's corrupt the next. My workaround? I used Adobe Photoshop's Web Batch, like I have before. I used this to cut down the image size (and quality unfortunately). The format it produced worked just fine in Web Album Generator with no errors. So I need an extra step... no biggie, it's an easy one. Well, enjoy the pics and if you can find an even better tool out there, let me know! Cheers!

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