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Archive: September, 2004

----- 09.28.2004 --------
Well, summer's gone.... but atleast it doesn't feel that way! The weather's been amazing lately! In fact, all September has been absolutely perfect! This weekend was no different however I didn't go blading. I don't know why I didn't, I guess I was just too beat. From what? Who knows! Friday night I hung out with Sean & Antoinette, who I hadn't seen since the Beer Festrival. They bought a new condo on Adelaide. They've got a party room with a pool table so we had a few bevies and shot some stick. I was shooting pretty good for a change! I guess the break from pool was pretty necessary! Saturday my Dad came to visit me with my Uncle Ray. We went to Armadillo's and I had some wicked fajitas! Mmmmm.... Fajitas....! Saturday night I was beat & stayed in. I watched "Man on Fire", but fell asleep before it ended. I actually went to bed before 10:30.... on a saturday night?!?!? Man! I must be getting old or something! You turn 27 and I guess it's all downhill from there. LOL! This week's started off well.... and so far so good. I hit the gym last night & tonight.... a pretty normal week so far. Tonight I did a leg workout... something I've been neglecting for months! I figure all the blading I had been doing was sufficient. I'm sure it was, but my legs are aching now! I was happy with the weight I was pushing, but I forgot how exhausting a leg workout is!!!! Anyway, I got home, hit the roof to BBQ some sausages, ate, and here I am. It feels like forever since I wrote an update! I guess it's only been a week though. Anyway, I got a new game for the Xbox... it's called Fable. You probalby can't hear it, but it's calling... and I gotta go. Later!

----- 09.20.2004 --------

Well, I took some new pics on Friday night and posted them here. I took these from my roof of my condo. What a view! I've taken hundreds of pics from up there, but sometime I just need to take more! I was walking home from the gym and the sky was just too perfect. I couldn't wait to get home, grab my camera, and seize my window of opportunity. A sky like this doesn't stay all night! Enjoy the pics!. Anyway, I'm not sure when you'll actually get this update since my Rogers connection is currently offline. Service has been great and it's rare that my Internet goes down.... but right now it's down :( It appears to be more then just me though, since all the wireless signals in my place aren't getting me online either :) I love a wirelss backup connection.... but why can't I find someone connected to a different ISP? :) Anyway, Friday night was pretty tame. I took some pics, relaxed, then picked up my cousin at the airport. He was away in Jersey for some training. After we got back, we had a couple beers and I called it a tame night. I was supposed to climb on Saturday and a hangover definately would have gotten in the way! So, with my tame night, I got up Saturday ready to climb! So I threw my blades on and made my way there. I figure it't about 4 KM, and it took me about 20 minutes. Some of it was pretty rough, but I made it :) I met Dave & his roomates there. I actually attempted a 5.10 this time. I made it about halfway up, but that was it. I guess I'm still a 5.9 climber... but that's fine with me! Last year I was a 5.8 climber :) One of these days I'll take on a 5.10.... and win! Anyway, after 2 hours of climbing, I threw my blades on and headed up. I had a ton of energy! So, I dropped my bag off and decided to keep on blading. I went down to the end of the Martin Goodman Trail in the Beaches. From my place, that's 11.2 KM.... one way (assuming you take the Cherry St. path). Was I ever beat when I got back! Around 30 KM of blading and 2 hours of climbing? I think I was allowed to be tired! So I stayed in Saturday night & relaxed. Yesterday, my buddies Chuck & Rob came over and we played a little guitar and had a few beers on the roof. The weather was awesome!!! I sure am going to miss it when it's gone, which is unfortunately soon :( Anyway, my Internet connection still isn't up so I'll have to post this when it is. I think I'm going to play a little Doom 3 on my other PC now... Cheers!

----- 09.14.2004 --------
Congratulations Canada on us taking the Hockey World Cup! Yeah! We ROCK!!! Nothing really to update, I just felt like writing something. Something positive. And something to the tune of CANADA ROCKS! :) I'm so happy we won! I watched the game tonight w/ my buddy Blake, his girlfriend Mandy, and her friend Cheri & Crystal. It was wicked! He brought a small 14" TV up to the roof and we watched it up there with a few beers & a BBQ. Now that's how you enjoy some world cup finals! Anyway, I think I'm going to hit the hay. Before I do, I came across a great quote I want to share with you. Not sure who said it... but here it is: "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"". Now those are some words to live by! Take care!

----- 09.12.2004 --------

Wow, where to start? I can't believe how fast this past week or so has flown by! I guess it's best to start where I left off. Last weekend, I went to visit to visit my folks. While I was there I helped install some new solar heating for the pool on their roof. It took a little longer then anticipated, but we got the job done. All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend and I really enjoyed myself. After I got back on Monday, I decided I'd install a glass shelf in my solarium. I got the glass in Windsor at cost through friends of the family. I had it custom ordered to fit the entire length of my window. I picked up brackets at Ikea and I was ready to go. While visiting my folks, I went out to Colasanti's. Colasanti's has a ton of huge green houses and sell Tropical plants, among other things. If you've never been there and you're in the Essex County area, you should check it out! Anyway, I picked up a ton of plants there. This little greenhouse project I wanted to do in my Solarium was finally ready to come together. I borrowed a jigsaw from a friend and I was ready to go. I had to cut into the window sill so that the brackets could be mounted so the glass would fit flush to the window sill and bracket. Anyway, the above pictures are the finished product. Now it's a matter of upkeep. I'm sure some will die, especially with my cat's interest in eating them. I checked, all the plants are non-toxic to him.... Anyway, I'm setting up another PC right now to replace my current one and I'll try to get my webcam going again. I used to have it avaiable 24x7, but since I upgraded to XP, I never reinstalled the software to do it. No point doing it on this computer... I'll do it on my new one.

Moving on in the week, Wednesday, which happened to be my birthday, I went Climbing with Dave. We went to Joe Rockhead's Climbing Gym. I'd been there twice before. In fact, I also went climbing the week before, which was the first time in about a year! Ever since I seperated my shoulder back in March of 2003, I never got back into climbing. That's about to change! I was really happy with my climbing! I managed to get up 3 5.9's and a bunch of 5.8's & 5.7's. I think once my fingers toughen up a bit, I'll be able to push to 5.10's! I've yet to ever do that! In fact, I don't think I've ever been able to bang out 3 5.9's in a day before. This working out's finally paying off :) Like I said, it's my fingers that are my bottle neck right now. Moving on through the week, Friday was our Charity Baseball game at work. I had a blast! They invited a bunch of our brokers and a lot of staff came out from our company and our sister company and we played ball. Although my team didn't take any medals, we played great together. We lost our first 2 games (to the 1st & 3rd ranked teams), but won our 3rd. At that point we had our shit together and I think we could have beat any of the teams. Either way, it was a great day! The weather was amazing and we weren't couped up in the office. Could I really ask for anything more? I was sore yesterday! Not sure if Baseball was 100% to blame... in fact I think it was less then 50% to blame. My buddy Ron@ron was moving so I went out to Burlington to help him out. We rented a UHaul and moved him to Oakville. I don't ever want to climb another flight of stairs again!!! Anyway, that just about brings us up to speed. This afternoon I went out with my cousin to the airport. He's off to Jersey for some training for a week so I drove his car back for him. On the way back I went to Canadian Tire to pick up some more soil and finish transplanting my plants. Having finished that, I sat down to update my site. OK... now we're up to speed. Well, I think I'm going to go mess around with my new computer. I just got an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card and I'm anxious to push it in a few video games :) Cheers!


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