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Archive: September, 2008

----- 09.26.2008 --------
The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, to say the least! However, I am very please to let you know that I am finally moving tomorrow! And I know this for certain... this time I have the keys to the new place! I closed on the new condo on Wednesday. It was not without drama getting to this, and there are a lot of legal issues to sort out, but it's a step in the right direction! And I can finally unpack the boxes that I have been living out of for over 3 weeks now. That will be a huge relief! As for the "issues", until the lawsuit(s) is settled, best not to discuss.

The condo itself is beautiful now that it's been cleaned up and in a livable state. And the terrace? Awesome... buggy... but awesome! There's all kinds of tiny flies out there, presumably from sitting water that probably got there during the construction phase. I'm sure winter will kill them off and hopefully they disappear next season. The next step is to figure out how to get a hot tub out there! Lots of room for one... I have a "Soft Tub" in mind. Lower maintenance than others, it's Canadian-made, runs year-round, and most importantly, can fit in the elevator to get it up there!!! I'll need to have it approved by the building I think... but those are just details that will work themselves out.

This week I went on a whirl-wind tour of our offices in Chicago. What a sweet view from the office!!! There will probably be quite a bit more travel coming up, and I'll talk about it and maybe get some pics up as everything unfolds. First things first... I've got a new condo to move into!

OK, less procrastination, more packing and stereo/computer disconnections. I just thought I'd get a last post up before I am computer-less & internet-less for an unknown amount of time (probably a day or two in all honesty... lol). Bye for now!

----- 09.16.2008 --------
First of all, I apologize that I've been a little reluctant on the updates lately. There's been a ton going on and the next thing I know, we're well into September! Times flies when you're having fun.... and apparently it flies when things are hectic! A quick recap on some of the stuff that's been going on since my last update:

  • Camping Labour Day Weekend:Kim & I, and some of her friends went up to Silver Lake Provincial Park to camp for the long weekend. We had a great site and a not-so-great site. Fortunately, they were across the road from one another and we spent our time on the more private site (AKA "The great one") and only slept in tents in the non-private, not-so-great one. A great time! Pics are up on Facebook, but I haven't had the time to get them posted here. Realistically, I probably won't, so if you're interested in the pics, let me know and I'll direct you to them another way.
  • Condo Closing: This is a very misleading event. Why? Because I haven't actually closed on the condo! After a 3 year wait and lots of delays... apparently there are more delays. There were some screw ups and the short of it is I didn't close yet and the move was cancelled. I'm letting my lawyer deal with it. He's been fantastic so far.... and the builder? No-so-fantastic! I don't want to name any names until everything is settled. Fair to say: Dissapointing!
  • Birthday: I turned 31 last Monday (Sept. 8th). Because I was planning to move this weekend, this was a pretty low-key event. We went for some drinks on the Saturday before at the Charlotte Room and shot some pool. Then it was back to packing :(
  • Living out of boxes/Upcoming move: This has been especially interesting! Ever have a move fall-through? Not too fun! And to add to it, something has to happen by the end of this month since my lease is up on the townhouse. So this is what it's like to live on the edge? lol
  • Photography Class: I'm enrolled in a new Photography class at George Brown College. This one is called Vision And Technique, and I have it every Wednesday night for 3 hours. So far, so good! It's nice to be putting more focus on my photography again...

    So that's the past little while in a nutshell! Super brief, but I don't have the energy to elaborate. I stayed home sick from work today and have a nasty cold/flu. I had a sense of it yesterday and started with the Cold FX and chloroseptic spray for my throat. Too little, too late maybe because last night, all the symptoms came and hit me hard! I took some nyquil and hoped for the best and woke up a mess this morning! I stayed in bed in hopes of sleeping it off and giving myself a quicker recovery in the long run. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I really hope I'm better by the weekend because Kim & I are heading to one of my friend's wedding up in Jackson's Point. Never been there,but it sounds beautiful!

    That's all for now... hope you're all doing great! Cheers!


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