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Archive - September, 2009

----- 09.27.2009 --------
Honeymoon: Here we come! Time's just flyin' along and October is almost here. And with October, comes my honeymoon with Kim! We're off to Turkey for a couple weeks and needless to say, quite excited about it! This weekend I was hoping to get all packed, but that simply never happened! I've never packed a week before a trip before and thought it might be cool to try. Oh well... there's still packing a few days before... that would be something new for me too! However, I fear it will be the same as usual, running around the night before, throwing things in a bag. Atleast I've got a head start by getting a few things out and assemble in one place. Like I said, it's a start!

Tuesday I'm off to NY for the day for work. We're cutting over from an MPLS circuit to an Internet-based VPN tunnel. I've got some Cisco ASA's to reconfigure. It's been a while since I've reconfigured a tunnel, so I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a long day... 6:20AM flight out with a 6PM flight back. Hopefully the important, time-sensitive stuff will all be done in the morning and in the afternoon I can tend to some house-keeping types of work.

This weekend was totally what the doctor ordered... lots of rest. OK, there was no doc's order... but if there was, that's what he would have told me. In fact, I surprised myself with a couple LONG nights of sleep. Last night was a good 14 hour snooze and the night before was 12+ hours. I must have really needed it! It sure was nice not waking to an alarm for a change! Tomorrow, I won't be so lucky. The alarm's set for 5:25 to get up and make my way over to a nearby park for my 6AM bootcamp. Speaking of which, it's going well. I got a new instructor from the last session and she's great! Very motivating and almost makes the torture fun. Almost.

Last weekend was another weekend up at the Nutshell. My buddy Bob came up with me and we got quite a bit done. We dropped 4 big dead birch trees and cut them up for firewood. We also put some irrigation pipe (Big O) into the driveway that leads down to the river. If left alone, it'll washout in the spring. Already, there's quite a bit of damage due to water. Hopefully the piping we put in will help. I also took some measurements of the quonset, in hopes of finding it's manufacturer so I can finally get some drawings for the foundation and complete the building permit to get the go ahead. I'd really like that up before winter, but it's approaching fast and half of October is already gone with our trip to Turkey. Oh well... I guess it will get done when it gets done.

Stayed tuned... in a couple weeks, I'll have our pics from Turkey to post.... and more! Hope you're all doing well... Take care!

----- 09.13.2009 --------
Wow, I've shot a lot of pictures this summer!!! Yesterday I finished sorting through and working on the pictures from Carolyn & Mike's wedding, which was a priority this weekend. I NEEDED to get them done and sent to them.... no one wants to wait too long before they can see their wedding photos! But once done, I got to work on a album for you guys.

I've assembled a collection of pictures of "The Nutshell" (AKA our property up North), camping in Algonquin, a few shots from Alberta, and some from Canada Day. What you won't see are many shots from our wedding, which made up a major part of the summer of 2009! Why? Our photographers' photos do it far more justice then the ones we've received form friends and family. We've seen the proofs, but are waiting on the full sized digitals. Once I get them, I'll post them here or provide a link to them to share them with all of you. They are amazing and I look forward to sharing them! :)

Enjoy the shots! It's getting late and I have bootcamp at 6AM again tomorrow morning. Glutten for punishement, I finished the 4 weeks and signed myself up for another 8 classes. My last class will be Sept 30th, and then Kim & I are off to Turkey for 2 weeks to celebrate our honeymoon. Lots more pics coming! Hope you're all doing great! Cheers!

----- 09.09.2009 --------
Wow! I am totally overdue for an update! OK, it's September now, and my last post was late July. This is officially the longest I've let my site go without an update since I started it, back in 2000! So if you're in the archives looking for August, 2009... it simply isn't there! The irony of all of this is that I didn't make any updates because I was so busy. Busy doing a bunch of things that are some of the most update-worthy events in my life! My wedding on August 1st certainly falls into that category!!!

OK, where to start? I'm not going to be able to go into much detail, however I did get a lot of pictures of the events that have taken place in the last month and change. The biggest event by far was mine and Kim's wedding on August 1st out in Alberta. It was totally amazing!!! Once we get the photos from the photographer, I'll post them and hopefully walk you through some highlights as descriptions in the pictures. I am now a happily married man to the beautiful, newly named, Kimberley Girard. :)

OK, here's a quick summary of events that took place since my last post: Wedding in Alberta on Aug 1. - Hangout in Alberta a few days around the wedding - Bootcamp (3 days a week at 6AM, 4 weeks, last day is tomorrow... OUCH!!! So much pain for the gain...) - Volleyball Tuesdays - Soccer Wednesdays (quit early due to bootcamp overload) - Unpacking from our move (on going) - Shot my first wedding on August 15th for my sister's friend Carolyn (it was great!) - Digitally develop the 25GB's of images from the wedding - Aug 13 Bryan Adams accoustic show @ Massey Hall (awesome... better than I anticipated!) - Movies: District 9 & Inglorious Basterds - Aug 22 "Eastern Reception", wedding reception at my parents' place in Windsor - A surprise visit from my new inlaws for 10 days starting on Aug 22 - 2 trips up to "The Nutshell" (the property we bought up north) - New (used) Motorhome @ the nutshell and some work on it - Built Outhouse & Wood shed up there - Blazed a trail up there - Partied with some friends & Family up there for Labour Day weekend - Helicopter ride from Kim for my birthday with some aerial photography of the nutshell... pics to come! - my birthday yesterday - "The Underwear Affair", a 10K race to fight cancers below the waist - R & D for a surveillance system up @ Nutshell - .....and those are the highlights! In there of course is working a full time job to boot! And did I mention that it's about 4 hours to get to Windsor (2 weekends) and about 4 to get to the Nutshell (2 other weekends!). That's a lot of travelling added to the mix!

So, with all those things in the past month, I'm a little tired and there are still a few things on the go that I will be able to speak about in the coming months. WOW! Married life sure is busy! :) And this is why I haven't updated my site. What I really should have done was stolen a few hours from something else to give some detailed updates, but that time is past and stealing time from the past is out of my grasp.... for now.

Now what? Lots of work to get done up @ The Nutshell: Fix the driveway to the river to stem the washouts, Install a gate, build the quonset hut... to name a few. Our honeymoon in Turkey coming up fast (first 2 weeks of October) and prep for it. And before that, I really need to get some pics posted. So what I'll probably do is mix a bunch together and call it a "Highlights of Summer 2009". That seems best at this point! I may break it out on facebook, which I'm enjoying as an easy way to give short updates as they happen.

OK, so now that I'm given a summary and no detail... time to leave you hangin' till the pics come. Tomorrow night is a "Life-working" event put on by Stuart Knight (Creator of the Evolution Group I joined earlier in the year), and this weekend I plan on staying in town for a change. With any luck (and some effort!), I'll post some pics for you all this weekend. By for now, and come back soon... I'm going to try for more frequent updates. Cheers! -Rob


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