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----- 09.30.2002 --------
Well, I'm slipping with the site updates. Why? I'm busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm tired. Oh well... what can you do? And here I am with an update, and no, still no pics yet. Then again, no one's suggested a good program to script my pic pages. To be honest, I really haven't given any effort to look. One day at I guess. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did... saw my buddies' band on friday (Peyote Kings) at the 360. It was good show... but the turn out could have been better I think. Saturday I went out to Scarbourough to hang out with Noel and Gail and friends. We drank Guiness all night and shot pool. My idea of a good night. Actually, I don't think I've ever had more than 1 guiness in a row, I usually switch to something else. I stuck through it and it grew on me. I think the fact that it's not as bubbly made them go down smoother than a regular beer. But after a few (too many), I need a regular pint to clean my pallet. I gave it a shot, but I just don't think it's my beer. So all you guiness lovers out there, no worries, I won't drink your beer :) Yesterday I went over to Ron's and went swimming. He left his pool heater on all night... it was 102 degrees! It was bath water! Just what you need in the fall :) Last night was the Captain's meeting for our pool league. We went over the rules and then played some killer pool. I actually took the 2nd pot, I couldn't believe it with all the good shots there! Wasn't much, but there was a lot of pride at stake. Anyway, we play our first game of the season next monday. I can't wait! It's nice taking the summer off and getting back into it. This summer my game's been horrible, but I think I'm starting to get it back. So look out, we just may play sometime. Well.. I'm watching a retarded show on TV and I'm going to return to it. It's celebrity boot camp and it's pathetic. What's more pathetic is the fact I can't turn it off. And I mean it's really bad! So I'll lose a few IQ over it... maybe I'll OD on the discovery channel or something to regain some of my senses. Well, back to the dumb show. Later! ..... I just uploaded the page and had the energy to atleast create an archive section. I guess I feel sorry for those with dialup. It needs work, but it's a start.

----- 09.18.2002 --------
The page seems to be getting longer and longer! I don't think it would take much effort to archive some, I just haven't. I apologize to any dialup folks. Having said that, now that you're here, I might as well add a little more. I had a great weekend! I went to the boat cruise on friday with Alex and had a great time! We were on the "River Gambler" celebrating the end of summer. Throwing it an amazing goodbye party. Well, there's always next year. Then, Saturday night I went to a party at Mike & Mel's. It was a wicked bash! I took some pics of both, I just don't have the pics up yet. I really need to figure out a way to automate the process to bring them to the web quicker. I guess what takes the longest is matching each page to my site, then captioning. Adobe photoshop automates the page creation, but it spits them out in a default white page. If anyone knows a great automation program that will do the trick, please email me and tell me about it. You'll get pics quicker that way :) Well, I'm pretty tired.. it's been a busy week so far and I've got to get up early tomorrow. Take it easy, and check back soon for the pics. Oh, and I have some video too... I just need to shrink it down. No one should have to download 30 MB's for a 30 sec clip! Well, take care all. Ciao!

----- 09.12.2002 --------
I don't know where to start... which is probably why I left the headline up to you. Just fill in the blank. I'm in that kind of mood... I dunno. Anyway, I had a great weekend. A rough one, but a good one. Friday went out on a tear... got home at 7am. Not quite the rest I was hoping to get for my birthday partying on Saturday. Oh well... I made it to midnight when I actually turned 25. Thanks to everyone who came out, I had a great time! I got a new digital camera last week (Fuji F601) and love it! I was playing with it over the weekend and think I got some good pics. I haven't posted them because my monitor's currently screwed up so I can't really view them or do too much. In fact, I have to write this in the bottom quarter of the screen because the rest is too distorted. Sunday turned out to be wicked. I thought I would spend it hungover on my couch, but to my surprise, I got a call from Noel & Gail to come out to their new place in Whitby. They moved there about 3 weeks ago and I finally made it out there. What a great day! Lounged by the pool all day and enjoyed some prime BBQing. And I can't forget to mention Bubba. He served us the beer :) Thanks bubba! Anyway, crashed there and took an early train home monday to shower, change, and get to work. Like I said, it was a packed weekend, but I survived. This weekend promises to be great as well. Tomorrow night I'm going on a boat cruise out around Toronto harbour. That should be a blast! Then I'm off to a friend's 30th Bday party on Saturday. That'll be a good one... it always has in the past. Hopefully this sunday I'll get the rest I need. I'll bring my camera on the boat and to the party and hopefully I'll post some pics up. Promises, promises. And maybe I'll get my first video clip up too since my new camera does video. It'll work out well since it's digitized and almost web-ready. Well, that's about it. Catch you later. PS- Nancy, I know you're spying on me :)

----- 09.04.2002 --------
I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I know I did! As mentioned earlier, I went camping this weekend at Guelph Lake. It was a lot of fun. There were 6 of us that went... a few less than I thought, but it turned out great. Our site was in a meadow and was pretty cool. It was grassy, but it seemed to be cut out of tall weeds and other plants that peoples' allergies just love. So, we were in this circular site that felt secluded from the others. Fortunately I didn't have allergy problems, but the problem we did have was skunks. Yes, skunks. I'm usually worried about keeping food and garbage away from bears and raccoons, but skunks? Yep... they'd come to visit at night, right where we cooked earlier. At 1 point we had 3 there. They didn't smell, and fortunately we didn't piss them off. One night I was going to my tent and one was right there! I'm glad it just ran and didn't need to spray me... that really would've sucked! The other animal we ran into fairly frequently was a pair of groundhogs. I woke up on the chair by the fire one morning and one was RIGHT beside me. Scared the crap out of me! I guess I scared it too cause it took off running. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but my sister took some. Hopefully I can get them from her to post. As well, we fished this weekend. We didn't catch anything worth keeping, but the little ones were biting like crazy! Anyway, I'm just trying to plan this weekend and figure out what to do. I've invited some people down to the Waterfront to celebrate my birthday. Come on down Saturday if you want to join us. Even though my Bday's not till sunday, I can still celebrate starting at midnight :) After the waterfront, we'll probably come up to my place and party some more. So, if you have no plans and are in the area, come on down. Well, I guess that's about all I gotta say for now.

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