Various photos I took at the Big on Beagles - Bash for Cash on November 15th, 2009. If you are interested in leaving more, head on over to

bob2009001_small.jpg bob2009002_small.jpg bob2009003_small.jpg food_small.jpg
beggars_small.jpg bob2009006_small.jpg bob2009007_small.jpg bob2009008_small.jpg
bob2009009_small.jpg bob2009010_small.jpg bob2009011_small.jpg bob2009012_small.jpg
bob2009013_small.jpg bob2009014_small.jpg bob2009015_small.jpg bob2009016_small.jpg
bob2009017_small.jpg bob2009018_small.jpg bob2009019_small.jpg bob2009020_small.jpg
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