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As some of you know, I just went on vacation to visit my buddy Shawn in Winnipeg, Manitoba. What a great time! I spent the first couple days (Sep. 28 -> Sep. 30, 2000) in Winnipeg. Then we drove 3 and a half hours west to Shoal Lake and surronding area and spent a couple days out there. Finally, I got on my plane Oct. 2nd, 2000 and flew back to Toronto. Most of the Pictures you see were taken at the cabin we stayed at on Rossman Lake. To view the description, simply hold your mouse cursor over the Picture (without clicking). Click on any of the pics to view them full-size. (I apologize for the quality of the pics... I used too much compression on the jpeg's to keep the file size small, and as a result they're grainy)

The beautiful 3 1/2 hour drive

The cabin we stayed in. Hand built and beautiful!

A bright and early start to monday morning's fishing before we had to leave so I could catch my flight.

Did you hear that? Me neither... some very peaceful fishing away from the city's grip

The first fish of the afternoon! While not huge, he was still fun to catch and ended up being the biggest fish I caught on our trip

Wow! I can see the bottom and there's weeds everywhere! No wonder we pulled up so many grass-basses

2nd fish and final fish of the evening. Needless to say, we threw him back!

This one on my line was HUGE! Or is it one of those cat-tails on my line? I was trying for that strategic cast, right Shawn? lol

Evening finally came, and I was just checking on dinner :)

A very amateur filet job!

What's that? You wanna mess with me?!?!? Look what happens to those who mess with me!!!

Shawn cooking up some mean home-made perogies! We ate steak, fish and perogies for dinner, a meal fit for a king. Or maybe 4 of them!

Just relaxing and letting my stomach settle after eating so much. Above me are some good sized fish that would have eaten any of the fish I caught for a light snack!

1st fish of the morning! This HUGE lunker fought me for hours! Alas, I finally brought him in. Actually, I wasn't sure if I even had a fish or just more weeds on my lure!

Just before we had to go back, Shawn shows off his stuff and finally hooks this nice sized jack (northern pike)

Oh yeah, told ya I knew how to fish! Yeee haaaaw!

There you have it! What a beatiful province! What a great time! And what a great tour guide.... thanks again Shawn!

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